The Andrew Yang thread


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Andrew Yang is starting a new political party - the forward party. I'm skeptical of the party platform - it fixates on extremism within the parties rather than corporations and special interests controlling both parties - so it won't actually solve core problems. However, it's interesting the way he's expressed openness towards Bitcoin.

I'm not sure if he really gets it though - back in 2019 he had a good game about caring about the left behind white working class and those displaced by technological disruption. These are actually the same groups that would be helped by Bitcoin, since its adoption would take away the advantages of the big corporations, banks, and political insiders that have first crack at the money printer.

However, I don't think he's fallen fully down the rabbit hole and still has a distributionist mindset which is generally against Bitcoin's libertarian ethos. The below interview shows some of his nascent socialist and politically correct mindset and he keep making awkward jokes to paper over the strong arguments from Jeff Booth and the more Austrian (economic school) perspective. Either way I think it's a positive that there's another major voice talking about how the system is broken and speaking in favor of crypto.