The Anthony Bourdain Thread (RIP)


Fame, power, and money. Once you have it why use game? I don't even think game can be used as it was intended for the average man because unless the girl was living under a rock all her judgment of you will be affected by your status. It's a different type of game, probably a type that one only learns through experience or chance mentorship from someone like yourself but those guys are few and far in between.


Echovoid_52 said:
People like ridicule Weinstein for being some ugly beta creep and imo Trump is beneath him.

I don't know, man. We can play the "where would their game be without money/fame" game all day - it's always something to ponder with celebrities - but Trump in his day at least kept trim and could rock a good suit, and even people who dislike him will admit he has natural charisma and force of personality. Staying off alcohol as long as he has also speaks to a sense of self-discipline that rich and poor guys alike have trouble acquiring.

That surely nets him ranking over Hurricane Harvey, who went from looking like a chubby extra with goofy hair in a bad Will Ferrell comedy in his youth, to something out of a Lord of the Rings movie from about 1998 to today. A lot of the #MeToo crowd have claimed he had charisma too, but just as many have talked about how much of a slob he is and has always been. Sure, some women will forgive a belly and a bad face on a guy if he's got the right swagger, but pigging out in front of them, belching and farting, making gross pig noises - I don't know any amount of "Alpha" or bulletproof game that offsets that.

Take away Trump's cash and connections, and I can still see him bagging some hot women in his 50s and 60s. Take away Harvey's cash and connections, and, Jesus, I can't imagine the kind of chick who'd actually agree to...


Never mind.
puckerman said:
Rose McGowan is calling out Asia Argento on her double standards. Apparently she was getting nudes from Jimmy Bennett when he was twelve.

I think what happened is that Rose McGowan is dating someone who was also introduced to Argento, who then sent this person texts. Those texts were highly incriminating, Argento basically admitted having sex with the boy. Therefore those texts were made public. No doubt because McGown feared the impact of being associated with Argenton, now likely to be committed of sexual crimes herself.

Argento has now threatened to sue McGowan.

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Beautiful piece from the DM (horrible source so I will quote, but here is a link).

Asia Argento's new boyfriend reveals they made love on a table for an hour on their second date - as Anthony Bourdain's close friend Daniel Boulud says the chef died of a broken heart

Asia Argento has opened up about her new relationship with Fabrizio Corona, a paparazzo who recently served a year in jail for blackmailing celebrities
Corona said in an interview earlier this week that the pair made love for an hour on a table during their second date
'We talked for hours ... Then I stood up, I took her head in my hands, we kissed, I laid her on the table and we made beautiful love for an hour,' said Corona
Argento, who has admitted to having open relationships, was dating Anthony Bourdain when he took his life in June
Bourdain's close friend Daniel Boulud is also opening up and saying he believes the celebrity chef died of a broken heart
'I don’t know exactly but I know … I know that what he did was something that was a shock to everyone, absolutely,' said Boulud

And the Chad who was cleaning her pipes:



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"I doubt he switched from banging models to bang this thing:"

Unless he thought Argento could be used as a door stop in order to open doors into the entertainment industry.
Jokes on him though. He wasn't young enough for Argento.


The Bourdain witness theory never made sense to me. How was he a witness despite being in a different room? Was Schiff raping this kid with the front door wide open?

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The Bourdain witness theory never made sense to me. How was he a witness despite being in a different room? Was Schiff raping this kid with the front door wide open?
Everybody talks to the kitchen staff. Theyre the ones who can make you a sliced prime rib with melted fresh mozzarella on parmesan garlic bread instead of the chicken fingers or burger your supposed to get on your break. A guy like Bourdain could have seen something simply being a guest and afterwards got the story in detail from the kitchen staff.