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This whole charade served 2 purposes for the satanists. One was to have antifa crash the rally and get the whole “antisemitism” horse s..t happening again. The other was to get Moira Deeming kicked out of the Liberal party. Moira is a really nice Christian who attends the same church as my wife and I do, with her husband and 3 children. She gave a magnificent 27 minute opening speech to parliament a month or so ago, talking of her Christian values and her efforts to work with women in the community and to stop having trans “women” invading sports, toilets etc etc (if I can find the speech I’ll post it later). Anyway I got talking to her a little while back after the church service and congratulated her for being so bold. She said thank you, but I don’t think I’ll keep my job for long. I asked why not? She said my own party will hate what I’ve said and will find a way to oust me. She wasn’t wrong. Please pray for her.
The state religion is Judaism. The quicker you can understand that, the clearer everything becomes. Look around and you'll see almost every person and organisation living in accordance with the Talmud rather than the Bible, unknowingly or otherwise.

In reality the only Western country in which Judaism is not the state religion, is Russia. Which explains everything geopolitical since the early 90s.


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NSW has fallen! All Radical Left Wing Parties (Labour) run all states in Australia now.

How bad is this Chris Minns? Is he as bad as Dictator Dan from Victoria?

Doing well to win an election, when the average NPC would have had no idea who he was three months ago, before the campaign.
I'm thinking this Clown essentially won by default.
Whereas the NPC's were instead, voting to get rid of the existing Clown.


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Lidia Thorpe's extreme list of demands exposed: From $12.50 weekly rent payments to Indigenous Australians to writing a treaty, tearing up the 'white' constitution and starting a 'Black Republic' that has 'REAL power'​

  • Lidia Thorpe calling for change for First Nations people
  • She wants rewrite of Australian Constitution
  • Also calling for treaty and Aboriginal-led Republic


It is never about gay rights.
It is never about black rights.
It is never about climate action.

It is only ever, to do with absolute & Sinister control, while They tear down & subvert everything they can.

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This popped up on the ABC website of all places last weekend and is a chilling read. Prisoner Island lives up to its name yet again.

Prisoner of the state
What happens when the state rules you’re incapable of looking after yourself?

By Anne Connolly for ABC Investigations and Background Briefing

Published 26 Mar 2023, 5:25am

We can’t tell you this man’s name or show you his face.

You’re not allowed to hear his voice, we can’t tell you what his job was or who his family are.

We can’t even tell you about any of his hobbies or political beliefs.

If we publish any of this information, the ABC faces fines and for the author of this story, a year in jail.

We’ll call this man “Dan”.

Dan is in his late 70s and, in 2021, he was diagnosed with suspected dementia.

He is being kept against his will in a nursing home at a cost to him of more than $75,000 a year.

He’s been denied access to his own medical and financial information — all in the name of protecting him.

“I can’t believe I live in a free country in Australia and I’m treated like I’m living in Russia or somewhere,” he says.

“I’ve got no rights at all and I haven’t done anything. I’ve been in business all my life. I’ve paid my taxes and done everything.”

This is what happens if the state rules you’re incapable of looking after yourself, and if you don’t have a family member or friend to look after you.

It’s happening to thousands of Australians.
It's alarming the precedence this sets: Government and medical experts working in tandem to deem you mentally incapacitated, seize your private property, and deprive you of liberty (and charge you for the privilege). If "dementia" is currently a sufficient mental condition to warrant this, how long until "conspiracy theorist" also is deemed a mental condition to enact likewise?

It's also terribly ironic that having suspended the rule of law for 3 years to 'save the lives' of the elderly, we now revert to treating them like crap. Perhaps the powers that be only wanted to save their lives just so they could fully control them?


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  • ANZ bank is stripping back some of its services
  • Some banks will no longer carry physical cash
  • ANZ said only eight per cent of customers use banks
One of Australia's biggest banks has confirmed that some of its branches will no longer allow customers to withdraw money over the counter.

ANZ bank is stripping back some of its services, with certain branches no longer carrying physical cash.

Instead, customers will be directed to ATMs if they wish to withdraw money - even though these machines are also being cut down across the country.

ANZ said that only eight per cent of its customers rely on banks for their money as more and more Australians switch to internet banking.

However, critics have warned that this could cause significant harm to older people and those with disabilities who still rely on physical cash.


NSW has fallen! All Radical Left Wing Parties (Labour) run all states in Australia now.

How bad is this Chris Minns? Is he as bad as Dictator Dan from Victoria?

Well, the Labor SA government and the new NSW Labor government appear further to the right than the Liberal governments they replaced. In NSW I think it'll depend on if he's beholden to the Labor left wing or Greens party to get anything done.


People voted for this and there are no refunds.

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Correction: No one voted for this.

The same is happening all across Europe. Polls indicate that the vast majority of people in any given country do not want more migrants.

Even Politico, which is not exactly right-wing, stated in 2018 that in over 10 countries in the EU over 50% of respondents wanted fewer migrants, while 10% wanted more.

We are told that we live in a democracy and that our votes matter. However, that's not the case. What we are living in is better described as an oligarchic kleptocracy, a system where power is held by a small group of people who use their authority to exploit the population and the country's resources for personal gain.

In Hungary, there was one referendum on migrants.

In 2016, 98% of participants expressed that Hungary should have the right to decide who is allowed into the country.

Democracy is joke. Going to "vote" every four years is not a demonstration of power; it legitimizes the existing power structure.

These periodic elections serve more to reinforce the status quo than to provide a genuine opportunity for change, thereby cementing the power of the oligarchic kleptocracy.


Does anyone know of a decent church in WA?
I will be around the Perth area for work soon and am hoping to find somewhere promising.
Feel free to DM me if there's such a place.


Monash council have drag queens reading to children now.

How mentally ill are the people working for the Monash council.