The Average Dudes Worth Following Thread


One thought that occurred to me is that I've at times recommended people follow a few smaller or lesser known names. Not every good source of info or insight is someone with a podcast begging you to like or subscribe.

A few are regular joes with small followings consisting of people in a specific interest community, profession-focused audiences, or smaller towns.

Here are my two suggestions

Johnathan Pollard (LinkedIN) - You're looking for a non-compete lawyer from Florida. on LinkedIN, NOT the better known name. His LinkedIN activity is outstanding and well worth a follow. He's specialized on how insane non-compete law is (which has a lot of lessons relevant to other areas going on) but also addresses PC insanity, "oppression" narratives, and corruption in general. Very much a hard hitter, tends to piss people off, and does it while being a minority himself which flusters the people who come into his comments angry.

Joe Fitter (LinkedIN) - Former business school professor. Not as red pilled as some and will copy-paste some diversity stuff, but he's specialized in China and their businesses issues. He's also COOF-aware and has risked some backlash by posting studies to the effect that the disease is aeresolized and not stopped by masks.

Uncle Grandfather - This guy doesn't have his own page. He is an admin who posts on the ZeroHavens Facebook page (a troll-posting group), and signs his posts with the tagline "Uncle Grandfather". He's one of those wise beyond his years redneck types and has a gift with words.