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RE: Ben Shapiro on Anti-Leftist Tactics

John Michael Kane said:
Ironically, Lil Benny acts hysterical just like the Marxists that he condemns if you but give the mildest of criticism towards Israel, neocons or associated factions. He's a Conservative, as long you believe in the Conservation of Tel Aviv Uber Alles.

Indeed, one should never forget his true motives, which is have America be the big dumb golem for Israhell.


Leonard D Neubache

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RE: Ben Shapiro on Anti-Leftist Tactics

gework said:
Seems Ben lost his money from AIPAC.

Translation: "I pay a lot of money to put my kids in a fancy private school so that they don't have to endure the destructive agenda my co-ethnics are rolling out for the filthy blue-collar goyim, and if you force my kids' fancy private schools to teach the same garbage then I'm going to raise the pitch of my voice several octaves.


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He's the most popular conservative podcaster on the internet, and yet he only has three pages on this forum.

This is an insult even the saintly patient Kona cannot ignore.


There are some things I like about Ben Shapiro, but it has been harder to respect him after he threw Roy Moore under the bus. He called on Moore to withdraw from the Senate race over sexual harassment allegations from 40 years ago, calling the allegations "credible".


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Howdy fellow cowboys.

Benji is relocating from LA to Nashville.

Together with the rest of the Daily Wire.
The Daily Wire, the conservative media company started by Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing and Caleb Robinson, plans to move its headquarters from Los Angeles to Nashville.

Boreing said that the move was being made due to a declining quality of life in the city, including high housing costs and homelessness.

This is why cities need walls. And a policy of sinking the ships. Ten years from now, when Nashville is as bad a hellhole as Los Angeles, Shapiru will be talking about moving to Idaho.

After all, that systemic pedophilia isn't going to spread itself.

"It is disturbing how Ben defends the intentions of the movie."

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Well...Ben is extremely unpopular around here in RVF Land because he is:
1. Pro-Neocon.
2. Pro-Israel . Israel comes first; America's last.
3. part of Con Inc.
4. a wimp & coward for refusing to debate Nick Fuentes.


I think the wimp and coward part was more proven by his advocating multiple wars over 20 years since the age of 19 but never having enlisted. I guess the messy work is for the goys.


Somewhere out there are MAGAs who lost money on the wall grift only to lose more money paying Shapiro for a film that mocks them as Nazis for wanting a wall (BTW, if your curiosity is piqued, do not try to view Run Hide Fight for free, as that would be unethical. This link, for example, is one that you should absolutely not visit).

On Jan. 4, the mainstream trade publication Deadline ran a softball promotional piece on the Daily Wire’s pay-per-view presentation of Run Hide Fight. Not one word about the child rape that derailed the film, not one word about the movie being a distressed property. And when Boreing waxed Breitbartian about how he’s creating a “conservative Hollywood,” not one word about how he was the guy who personally dissolved Gary Sinise’s Friends of Abe in 2016.

Deadline “reporter” Andreas Wiseman refused to answer my inquiry about why he didn’t ask Boreing “if your aim is to create a safe haven for Hollywood conservatives, why’d you destroy the last one?”


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While I don't agree with Ben Shapiro on everything, he does point out a lot of serious issues and I like his approach of speaking directly but using professional and respectful language overall. Here is a recent video regarding a female athlete who is claiming she is oppressed as a black female in America (and of course she feels so oppressed she wants to play for the country that oppresses her).

American Olympic Athlete PROTESTS U.S. National Anthem