The Biden-Harris Administration [Ladies]


American Families Plan Fact Sheet via the Whitehouse website [link].
Section on students 3 and 4 years age.

In addition to providing critical benefits for children, preschool has also been shown to increase labor force participation among parents – especially women -- boosting family earnings and driving economic growth.

Who will be raising the next generation of children? Indoctrination starts in Universal systems.
Proverbs 22:6 - Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Within the American Families Plan the following study [link] was provided to address the [issue] when

a parent drops out of the workforce, reduces hours, or takes a lower-paying job early in their careers—even temporarily—there are lifetime consequences on earnings, savings, and retirement

The "supporting" study states:

child care providers, 93 percent of whom are women—disproportionately immigrant women and women of color—earn poverty wages for doing essential work that allows our economy to function and our communities to thrive.1 In fact, even prior to the pandemic, 16 percent of child care workers lived in poverty—twice the rate for workers overall, with many struggling to afford care for their own children.

Investing money into a broken system.

Women are being scared into leaving their children in the care of inadequate (possibly mentally unstable) strangers in a public school system. How? The study goes on to use the scare tactic of retirement:

By the age of retirement, a lifetime of affordable child care would mean that women with two children would have about $160 per month in additional cash flow from increased private savings and Social Security benefits.

An additional figure of $160.00 per month ? Is it worth it? How well did the universal child care work out with the child's early years of development?

There are data out there to support the importance of early child development; and an on going question for families is "what value does pre-school serve the development of a child?"


The coherence of individual development: Early care, attachment, and subsequent developmental issues Study [link]

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