The Biden-Harris Administration

Biden Administration's staff after saving Biden:



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Someone explain to me like I'm five years old how

1) Hunter's business associates got over 80 visits in the Biden VP office

2) Joe took 20 phone calls with Hunter associates on a speakerphone

3) Hunter got 15 AF2 flights and afterwards he often met with business associates

4) Hunter's 'one job' was taking heat off of Burisma

5) Joe personally met with a Burisma executive in the same year he calls for firing the prosecutor

6) Joe personally met with the Moscow mayor's wife who wires $3.5 million to Hunter's firm and then she escapes Russian sanctions under his presidency

7) Hunter wanted "10 held by H for the Big Guy"

8) Burisma's CEO called Joe Biden "the Big Guy"

9) Firing the Ukraine prosecutor now appears to have been Joe's idea

10) Hunter complained about giving Joe 'half his salary'

11) Hunter often paid random bills for Joe Biden for no particular reason

12) A "trusted" and "reliable" FBI informant says the Biden family ran a $5 million bribery ring

13) Joe Biden disguised his name with three pseudonyms to hide copying his son Hunter on official government business, including that involving Ukraine

14) Two IRS investigators attest the Biden DOJ directed a cover-up of an investigation to protect Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden

15) Joe Biden sent 44 aid packages to Ukraine in an unconstitutional proxy war

And Joe Biden isn't 'compromised'?

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The Romieke family is a White, Christian family of 9 who fled Germany 15 years ago b/c the German government punished them for homeschooling their kids. After they were initially granted asylum, Merrick Garland's DOJ fought the decision & won, and is now seeking to deport them.

It won't take a genius to spot the immigration policy hypocrisy & anti-White hatred emanating from the US Gov on this.

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I heard about this story earlier and instinctively knew Jews in the administration were involved in specially targeting this family, and likely others like them. Jews have an otherworldly hatred of both Christians and Germans (and so many, many others, as I have learned through direct personal experience), so this was something the DOJ couldn’t let stand.