The Biden-Harris Administration


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This is actually very concerning. It's an admission that our elites have calculated that the country will not survive as long as they want it to with borders as weak as they are. They want to throttle the valve, or at least have the ability to control which people invade us, probably preferring Indian tech migrants over ostensibly Catholic low skilled labor from south of the border.


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Daily Mail drops Neutron Bomb reply to Hunter's New memoir...

Amazing this was squashed by the MSM and had zero impact on Old Joe's election.


Anyone ever hear about the new cabinet position - the US Anti Semitism Monitor.

I guess ADL having the back pockets of every politician was not enough. Nor is it enough to stop calling Trump an "anti-semite"
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S.C. is already packed 7-2 in favor of the left.

At this point I'm 100% accelerationism. The frog needs to feel the water getting hotter.

If tomorrow the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments were thrown out, just openly disregarded, repealed, or wholesale gutted by the SCOTUS, and a nationwide street by street gun confiscation announced, it might spark a revolution/civil war.

I think the American people are, as a class, profoundly worthless in the spiritual sense and that they will largely do whatever the TV tells them to do. Any popular revolution requires a homogeneous population base of virtuous people willing to engage in self-sacrifice, and this generally means they must be suffering under material deprivations with the idea that they have much to gain and little to lose and that their potential future prosperity depends on a revolution. We don't have that.


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The deep state can stave off any civil war or domestic rebellion from patriots by ratcheting up hostilities towards Russia and/or China, in which case the rebels will fall back in line.

This angle tells me that a hot war in the next few years is likely, it will be the perfect cover for the gutting of the US Constitution.


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They already blatantly stole House, Senate and Presidency from you, now going for Supreme Court
I don't think there is any more boiling to be made, either the frog jumps/turn the pot NOW or it won't survive 4 years

When a coup gets loyal judges and military on their side it's over
Not to sound black pill, but you are saying it’s over?