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Biden tours Rome with 85-vehicle motorcade ahead of ‘climate’ summit​

President Biden on Friday cruised through Rome with an 85-vehicle motorcade — drawing criticism for the poor optics ahead of a global warming summit in Glasgow, Scotland, to which Biden is bringing about a dozen top US officials.

“Biden arriving at the Vatican. His motorcade is lonnnnnng,” tweeted Washington Post reporter Chico Harlan, along with a video of the procession.

“#Decarbonize this,” one person captioned the video.

“America’s Marie Antoinette class is Washington’s elites – and that shows it,” another person responded.

Biden routinely says there’s a “climate crisis” caused by fossil fuels. It’s unclear how many of the motorcade vehicles are electric plug-ins or hybrids, but they appeared to be standard gas-guzzling limos, SUVs and vans.

A different Washington Post reporter, Seung Min King, wrote in a White House pool report that “we are told it is 85 vehicles” in the motorcade.

The president’s domestic motorcade usually features only a couple dozen vehicles, not including those used to block off traffic.

Video of the unusually long motorcade in Rome shows the presidential Beast limo and a decoy followed by a stream of other cars — some with flashing police lights.

It’s possible that the White House was not responsible for the massive protective detail. Offering security generally is the responsibility of the host country and US law enforcement provides protective motorcades for foreign leaders in DC.

Biden departed for the trip Thursday after unveiling a $1.75 trillion framework for social and environmental spending that includes $555 billion in green-energy and anti-pollution spending that he wants Democrats to pass.

Biden said the legislation would “turn the climate crisis into an opportunity.”

“Folks, we all have that obligation — that obligation to our children and to our grandchildren,” Biden said of curtailing the use of fossil fuels.

After reaching the Vatican in the massive motorcade, Biden said he and Pope Francis discussed climate change.

Biden said he and the pope discussed the “moral responsibility to have to deal with this.”


Gee, sure would've been nice to lead by example and conduct this horses**t meeting over Zoom since the rest of us were forced to Zoom for school, court hearings, doctor's visits, weddings, funerals*, and the like. Would've been, I dunno, Presidential.

(*Exemptions for black criminals who died in police encounters)

Coja Petrus Uscan

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It seems to me that the project of installing a dementia outpatient who cannot go a day without bumbling into incoherency, having to be bailed out of a tongue-twisters by Don Lemonhead and having Anderson Cooper stand by helplessly as he tries to make out what Biden is trying to read off a TelePrompter or recall from some of his little flashcards; is coming to an end.

The Bad Orange Man conquered his opponents by driving them up the wall, calling for violence and celebrating enactments of his death. They feared the Bad Orange Man, because they instinctively knew that he was a human hand-grenade against their pedantic bed-wetting safe space they have constructed over society. They spent years telling us how he was the new Hitler, come to send half the population off to death camps.

No one fears Sleepy Joe. He is attacked by simply daily posting videos of his increasingly bizarre blunders and memeing him in the place of that one teacher at school who could never control the class. People don't think he is a new Hitler. They point out he is being subjected to elder abuse.

- The top 5 rap and five of the top ten songs on iTunes were euphemisms for "**** Joe Biden"
- Every day there are new videos and stories of mega-stadiums ringing with "**** Joe Biden", pilots declaring "Let's Go Brandon", kids mocking their communist school boards with Sleepy Joe
- Anti-COVID lockdown protests around the world are adorned with placards saying "Let's Go Brandon" ; the dementia sniffer is the poster boy for the entire demented global system
- Yesterday the top four political trends on Twitter treated Biden as the Three Stooges-level joke he is, topped off with #PoopyPantsBiden


And all this in the one-party state with wall-to-wall Democrat/deep state control; where if you oppose the illegitimate regime, you will be told you are a domestic terrorist.

Viktor Zeegelaar

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