The Biden-Harris Administration


Maybe it’s going to be a Pyrrhic victory getting Trump out by any means necessary and denouncing the clot shots as the Trump vaccine before mandating them for everyone apart from congressmen and the migrant invasion once (s)elected.

Could Trump be president for three terms as long as they’re not consecutive?


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The only one they seem to have lined up is Booty Judge. Probably him because they’ve been giving him more media coverage.

Some of the other contenders like Cuomo have fallen victim to the intro-party power struggles.

The Democrats are gonna have to voter-fraud the hell out of the 2024 Election to make it look like the blacks and Hispanics voted en masse for a Homo.

What makes it funny is that Kamala would do maybe 10% better.

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Biden is going to run again in 2024, dashing Harris' hopes. Harris has support among lefties, so she might force an open primary. Either way, its a disaster for Democrats in 2024.

It cannot be a disaster . If they don’t have enough votes they will just come back with more absentee ballots again until they have enough


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Muh norms .

The FDIC is chaired by Jelena McWilliams, a Republican and former bank executive appointed by former President Trump in 2018. McWilliams, however, leads a board consisting of three Democrats: Chopra — who is automatically a member of the FDIC board as CFPB director — as well as Gruenberg and Michael Hsu, who as the leader of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is also a default member of the FDIC board.

Chopra and Gruenberg’s decision to release the document on behalf of the FDIC without the agency’s formal approval is a remarkable breakdown in trust among leaders of the bank regulator. While members of the FDIC board have often sparred over regulatory proposals, agency officials said Thursday that the release of one on behalf of the agency outside of the formal process is unprecedented.

Several Republican lawmakers accused Chopra and Gruenberg of orchestrating a “coup” at the FDIC.


And riddance.

I think I did earlier express some skepticism that the Democrat's donors would stand by this once they learned that she wants to eliminate all private banking activity. Wall street likes the current corrupt partnership between themselves and the fed. They don't want to stop existing entirely.


This should not be a shock to ANYONE.... Biden is from Delaware and made his bones via corporate financier donations and support. He is THE representative of big banks and corporatism and there was a reason THEY chose him

Finally some common sense... he actually is from PA but was a carpet bagger to DE, which at the time was the #1 place to form a financial institution. He was a grifter from day 1. I tried to tell the millennials this, none would listen.