The Biden-Harris Administration


I think it has to be Hillary again. Theyll just plan to use the brrrrrrrrr voting system again to ensure shes installed. Its going to be Hillaryous

I think Coons is a strong contender. He's a former Biden lackey, has the right heritage, and is extremely good at delivering the DNC talking points while sounding coherent.


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The people who are really running the country are having a good laugh at our expense while mocking, trolling, and gaslighting the so-called most powerful nation on earth on a daily basis.

We have a corrupt senile old fool installed as the president and a cackling imbecile as the VP. An entire roster of freak shows are in charge of various agencies and departments. And now in the latest episode, we have a batsh*t crazy, certifiably insane woman tasked with running the new Ministry of Truth.

The southern border is wide open and hundreds of thousands of third world vermin have poured in over the last year, with many more expected over the coming months. The economy/stock market is crashing as the Fed leads us into a recession. Crime is out of control especially in blue jurisdictions all over the country.

This is some serious “end of empire” stuff happening all at once if we just go back and study some history. And in many ways, it looks like a carefully coordinated and planned demolition of the United States.


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The US is very entertaining. Like a banana republic or one of those Russian satellite countries that believes itself to be a free and open place but beneath the veneer is absolute carnage waiting to spill out.


Which Batman had Beetlejuice in it?



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Granted, it's Pedo Joe, but that Brandon joke actually isn't bad. Trump did something similar with the Michelle/Melania speech.

Except that "Lets Go Brandon" isnt really a Republican rallying cry as it is a cry of pain by average Americans who are frustrated at the seemingly senseless destruction of their way of life and children's' futures. That this clown (and his handlers) can somehow find that funny is symptomatic.

F_(!< Joe Biden


The Roe V Wade thing is a tactical hit for the Mid-terms. I can just imagine the screaming harpies putting their pussy hats back on and going on marches. To say this has come out when the Dems were on course to get slaughtered and the weather is becoming better is just a Cohencidence.

Although I dont believe in either side has an answer as we're played by their masters. But this could get juicy.


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Ultra MAGA.

The Great MAGA King.

What are their spindoctors smoking? If their intention was to give their political opponents badass nicknames then they are definitely on the right track.

I don't know, but they smoked it for six months to come up with that malarkey.

Biden Push To Turn 'Ultra MAGA' Into Disparaging Epithet Came From 6-Month Study, Was Not 'Organic'​



Pretty sure a country such as the USA would take the word ultra and use it in a way the opposition didnt intend. Just look at energy flavour drinks or fast food. The whole American psyche is built on that way of thinking.