The Biden-Harris Administration


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Biden to address the nation tonight. My guess is he wants to discuss disarming the American people as the country implodes from within.

Covid is played out in terms of scale. Not much meat left on those bones...just some stink

Russia / Ukraine is stale like a movie thats been in the theaters a few weeks

Roe v Wade is locked and loaded but not yet fired

Guns...Thats gonna have to do for "The Thing"

...Meanwhile gas has reached $8 a gallon in Los Angeles
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Other Christian


Other Christian
This is the gal that grifted off of white liberals by holding dinners where they would pay her $2500 to tell them they're racist and have them confess their racist acts while they ate. She deserves the full brunt of Brandon's destructive policies.
Part of me respects her for using white guilt to her advantage. Any woman that voluntarily paid to attend such a dinner deserves to be fleeced. These women are dumber than anyone falling for the Nigerian prince scam. She votes democrat because it is great for her business, the more divisive the better.
After Biden fondlers her, she's looking up at the adults for help.

They ignore her pleas and let the sacrifice continue...

In all seriousness, the way he stroked her cheek was completely inappropriate and is there any man on this board that would let some creepy old mfer or anyone for that matter touch their little girl like that without immediately having the urge to serve him a nice uppercut?