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I developed a rough draft for a 3 year dollar cost average plan to get into bitcoin. I used 1 million as an example for total net worth. How's my plan?

3 Year Bitcoin Plan
Total Assets:1,000,000.00

Note: The plan is to allocate up to 2% once every 6 months for 3 years. The Column on the right is the estimated total BTC in $. So if the BTC is going up, then I wouldn't necessarily need to add anything. I can adjust my contributions based on the total balance on those dates....I would cap out my max contribution around 2% of net worth per 6 months, or around 1 % per Quarter.
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I also wish I'd sold when DD and CPU more or less advised us to and then bought back on the proverbial dip. Might do it next time, if I understand what they're saying, but on the other hand with my luck it'll probably just moon. Feels like I can push a coin up single handedly by selling sometimes, or down by buying.
Probably that is because the whales do what is counter-intuitive, etc. buying at the lowest point and selling at the highest point. I definitely want to hold the vast majority of my crypto for at least another 5 years, but I think trying to sell a portion (maybe 25% or so) at what I predict as the top of this cycle might be a good move. Even if I miss the exact top, I will still make good profits and likely have options to buy back in at lower or similar prices in the following few years. Of course, there are no guarantees with BTC.

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What will you do if the plan does not go as you've expected?

Basically it's based on my balance of Bitcoin, and my total Portfolio Value, and the DCA allocations that I have preset. So if I put in the first 20K and Bitcoin is going up really fast, then I could hit the target allocations without buying anymore BTC quite possibly.

Example: If I look at my total Assets in my Portfolio on June 1, 2022 and the total value is 2 million, and my total bitcoin is around 10K, then I can allocate up to 2 % at that time, because the bitcoin is low. So that's like 40K.

If though, let's say my total Assets was worth 1 million and bitcoin allocation was worth 100K on June 1,2022 , that's already at 10% total. So I don't need to add anymore. My target % of bitcoin at that time is only 6%. I'm way up already.

I'm looking to rebalance my portfolio semiannually or annually. Let's say after 3 years I want to have 10% Crypto, 20% bonds and 70 % stocks. I can move the money around tax free in my Sep IRA.

Some guys have a more aggressive portfolio, it might be like 33% crypto, 33% real estate, and 33% stocks.

I can just rebalance once a year at that point.....Especially if a non taxable account....
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Buy the dips and hodl.

if you believe in an investment and you see it dip, you buy more of it, if it dips further you buy 3 times as much as you did on the first dip.

This is what I am doing now. The amount of one acquisition is not large, but it's nice to see it adding up over time. I plan to invest also in stocks starting 2022.

Some guys have a more aggressive portfolio, it might be like 33% crypto, 33% real estate, and 33% stocks.

I am not into real estate, but I have to think of a balance between savings (liquid cash), stocks and crypto.


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A gent requested LinkUSD Graphs - further confirms major ALTs follow BTC and we did a .618 LINK High to Low with lofty Primary Wave 3 1.618 Targets BTC, ETH, LTC, LINK

Gentlemen THIS IS THE DIP prior to the impulsing Wave 3 Highs later in the year early 2022 then another Wave 4 retrace, Wave 5 High and another Primary ABC retrace similar to this one.

Enjoy the ride if you DCA into this Primary Wave 2(ABC) .618 Retrace DIP!


Left Graph Fibonacci 3 Data Points Extension starting with 2019 $).20 low to Primary Wave 1 Swing High and Primary Wave 2 Swing Low... 1.0 Fib Ext = $66, 1.618 Fib Ext = $99.00 Most probable Primary Wave 3 target then after Primary 4 and 5 waves eventually 2.618 = 151.00, 3.618 = 203, 4.236 = 235.

Right Graph Swing High to 2019 Swing Lows .618 Candle bodies retraced with wicks testing but failed .786 retrace now bottom turning to Primary Wave 3 UP to Fib Extensions:


chance vought

Is anyone here even remotely concerned about the 3-5 year horizon on BTC? Curious if FUD has seeped in.
I think there are a few scenarios.

1) The hard left that has infected the west will attack with taxes and regulation once it becomes obvious that BTC is gaining adoption (5-10 trillion).
2) There may be some adults in the room (intelligence and DoD) that will advise the elected buffoons that a global dollar is toxic to us and most of the world, and allowing BTC to gain adoption is the best way to stop the spread of China.
3) When the markets break at some point, EVERYTHING is going to crash... Gold, crypto, assets... Cash or treasury call options would be a good hedge in this scenario I think.

A few experts think governments won't give up that power, (Mike Green... Communist sympathizer) but hopefully things will be so dire that they won't have a choice.
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One of the biggest threats to BTC is Tether/USDT. Plenty of info out there on how it artificially presses BTC price action upwards. The other is fiat liquidity at centralized exchanges. If your long-term plan is to never leave BTC to go to fiat, you probably don't care too much about either challenge, but if you ever plan on cashing out to fiat, both are concerns you should look into.


I just recently read an article on Yahoo finance about an NFT Platform, anyone here heard of ARTDECO NFT's



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I was happy about buying call options in coinbase, until last night Elon musk tweets about potentially getting rid of all of his Bitcoin because of its dirty energy, he hasn’t actually sold anything but tweeting about it apparently is industry news and enough to make the coin stock tank as well as btc.

I’ll likely lose some money now and chalk it up as a reminder to not invest too heavily in any one area or stock.
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I just recently read an article on Yahoo finance about an NFT Platform, anyone here heard of ARTDECO NFT's

I read the Artdeco article on Yahoo Finance and have a few concerns - it seems that everything will be priced in Artdeco tokens that are basically worth-less and no mention if you can list NFTs on Artdeco in Binance Coin (Would make sense since Artdeco runs on the Binance Blockchain which has copied ETH NFT standards but with a BEP prefix) The Binance coins are currently priced at $395.00 vs BTC at $37K and ETH at $2.7K.

I created 3 NFT Rare Gallery Art, Urban Street Art, and 70s Pop Art collections all priced in ETH on the NFT Marketplace - the first and largest NFT Marketplace on the ETH blockchain. I learned all the ins and outs of Opensea including being able to set their referral fees to a max of 2.5% to registered affiliates who refer actual NFT buyers and referrals paid in free ETH. I was also able to set each collection to their max 10% royalties on future NFT resales. My recent press release was picked up by 2,000+ influencers and 95 media outlets including Yahoo Finance, Marketwatch, and Jim Cramer's

Fascinating PBD interview with the Guys in Singapore and Mumbai who bought the Beeple NFTs Collection - - takeaway - they say the collection they bought from Beeple via Christie's Auctions for $69M is now worth $135M - interesting:

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BTC Closed Green Candle above the Blue 20 Daily Moving Average yesterday and came back and closed on the Green 9 Day Moving Average today building support on the 9 DMA... When we close above the Blue 20 DMA next we will test the Red 200 DMA the strongest Support and Resistance DMA then when we close above the 200 Next we will test the Gold 50 DMA and when we close above the 50 next is to test the Orange 100 DMA and then continue to sine wave the 50 DMA from the distance to the swing low to a corresponding move to new Swing Highs on the Fibonacci Extension levels posted up thread. The Markets test and then retest in fractal wave moves in trending up moves after ABC corrective moves down.

Building support on the 9 Day Moving Average now is a healthy support level and confirmation that we are AT THE DIP.



I think I realize why I never make money in margin trading. Being successful means being more reactive than predictive. I've been used to the idea that I'm a pretty good long-term predictor but this never ever translates well for short term margin trading. Yesterday I put in a long seconds before Musk tweeted a joke. For the first time ever I want him out of crypto.

Right now the world of TA analysts is speculating which direction BTC is going toward. Half are seeing a bearish pennant then other half is seeing a symmetrical triangle. Hope you are right about being at the dip Deepdiver.
Surprised no one has posted this yet. In just over a year we've gone from Bitcoin being a collectible meme, to an asset held by big investors, to a replacement for treasuries for large cap U.S. companies, and now legal tender in nation states.

yeah I saw this....

Not a big country, but the symbolic implications are huge. IF this proves to be successful for the country, it could influence all of central America. If it turns into a big nothing burger (in terms of real economic improvement for the average citizen), then that would not be good for the bitcoin maximalists.