The Book for Men by Savatoe Bastovoi



Ștefan Baștovoi (Romanian pronunciation: [ʃteˈfan baʃtoˈvoj]; born 4 August 1976 in Chișinău), best known as Savatie Baștovoi[1][2] ([saˈvati.e]) is a Moldavian orthodox monk, is an essayist, poet, novelist, theologian and Romanian writer of the Republic of Moldova. He became a member of the Writers' Union of Moldova in 1996. He was also a moderator of a television show.


Would you like to become a disciplined man under all circumstances in your life? Do you crave to showcase your masculinity and become the pillar of strength for others?
Imagine how your life would be like when surrounded by a happy wife and joyous children. Picture yourself hanging out with friends and colleagues who can count on you!
If this kind of life interests you, then The Book for Men is for you.
Written in plain English and free from boring technical jargon, The Book for Men tells you point-blank what works and what doesn’t to develop a strong masculine foundation and live a life of spiritual fulfillment.
What Do Men Think It Means To Be A Man?
By portraying a vision of manhood that looks very different from what the media tells us, the book expands on biblical parables and wisdom of the ages to guide you in becoming the masculine man that God intended you to be.
The author combines the lessons from his father, spiritual teachers, and his experience working with prisoners to give you 20 practical steps on how every man should conduct himself in various life circumstances.
Inside, you’ll discover:
  • The greatest test for masculinity. Most men overlook this test and remain dominated by inferior instincts.
  • How to become a spiritual man who rises above the impulses of the weaker men.
  • The single emotion that makes you sink in life, and how to get rid of it.
  • The meaning of the whipped dog syndrome. Understand this and you are on your way to avoiding suffering from it and abandoning a meaningless life.
  • The fundamental aspects of your masculine nature, and how these manly qualities will completely rebuild your life.
  • What men reap for lacking a spiritual footing. Modern psychologists perceive this in proportions never seen before.
  • An emotion that erupts and lands you in trouble when you lack patience. And how to deal with it (The Freudian theory failed to tame this emotion).
And much more!
If you would like to magnetize good people to you and have fulfilling relationships which will save your life financially, emotionally, and myriad other ways, go ahead and purchase a copy now!