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Days of Broken Arrows

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And then one day it came to pass that the "Get Woke, Go Broke" and "Buzzfeed" threads merged. And we all lived happily ever after, screaming with laughter.

PS: There was a thread on here recently about people having autistic qualities due to various obsessions, etc. Anyone who goes on about "diversity" and quotas as much as this woman has mental issues, IMO. This is almost like the religious devotion found in cult members.



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Days of Broken Arrows

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Not to pile on, but I noticed that in one of Chloe Angyal's new Tweets, she was promoting the laid off HuffPost opinion writers to other editors.

Just in case any other editors are reading this: If these writers drew so little interest that advertisers fled a well-known entity like HuffPost, then they're the Web's version of "box office poison." They're the last people you want to hire.

This is what happens when people like Chloe Angyal hire individuals based on gender, race, and sexual persuasion instead of actual ability. You don't get the best and the brightest. You get quota numbers checked off.

There is a silver lining, though. At least Chloe Angyal was hiring writers, not airplane pilots, heart surgeons, or the mechanics who make sure your cars brakes are working.


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Roosh said:
They can always learn to code.



It would be a beautiful schadenfreude if BuzzFeed and HuffPost go out of business, and Return of Kings starts publishing again.

Would love to see an article from a HuffPo "journalist" entitled "Toxic femininity ruined my life and the patriarchy saved it" featured on RoK.


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Hard not to notice these are mostly women getting the axe, maybe you should have gotten married and pumped out kids at home instead of being a cheap SJW slut with your shitty "journalism" career?


Samseau said:
The clickbait model is slowly dying. Thank God. It had it's era, like yellow journalism once did, but people are wising up to wasting their time on such garbage. Quality > Quantity is becoming the norm. People are talking about this in high level marketing circles. 80% of page views come from 20% of blog posts.
80/20 rule never fails


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homersheineken said:
budoslavic said:
And of course Chloe Angyal.... who turned the killing of Huffpost's opinion section into some sort of abortion reference.

Phd in romantic comedies...


With a literal PhD in romantic comedies from Cat Lady U I figuratively hope she doesn't end up living on the streets and having to supplement her welfare with mid-range hoing and selling her prescription meds.
Tons of good great posts on the internet over this. My favorite post on this so far:

"Huffpost axed its opinion section?"
"Maybe you don't need an opinion section when there's only one opinion."