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NomadofEU said:
God bless this thread.

I just saw this thread today and I'm dying with laughter. Nice job guys!

Days of Broken Arrows said:
Not to pile on, but I noticed that in one of Chloe Angyal's new Tweets, she was promoting the laid off HuffPost opinion writers to other editors.

Just in case any other editors are reading this: If these writers drew so little interest that advertisers fled a well-known entity like HuffPost, then they're the Web's version of "box office poison." They're the last people you want to hire.

This is what happens when people like Chloe Angyal hire individuals based on gender, race, and sexual persuasion instead of actual ability. You don't get the best and the brightest. You get quota numbers checked off.

There is a silver lining, though. At least Chloe Angyal was hiring writers, not airplane pilots, heart surgeons, or the mechanics who make sure your cars brakes are working.

+1 Box office poison indeed.


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Most modern "journalist" are a fricking joke. Most of their job can be easily done by a program. The only serious journalism is investigation journalism, and with most publishers bought by the elites, that kind of journalist is quickly going extinct.


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Should we start a separate Hoax and fake news thread? Useful to have it all in one place as MSM trust continues to erode.

Already 4 yuge ones in 2019:
1) Cohen instructed to "lie"
2) ACO dance "outrage"
3) Covington kids "racist smiling"
4) Jussie Smollett "MAGA country rope" (not 100% confirmed, but stinks to high heaven)

Other than the GOP fake news awards, I haven't seen good compilations:


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Potentially viable meme to use on Twitter, cause a tweet with that wouldn't have the letters of 'learn to code'.
Just the meme.
Unless Twitter can analyse pictures for double plus un-good wording...


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Twatter is such a piece of shit website, I got banned because of "learn to code" tweeted at some fat loser shitlib journal that got fired:


Anyone else notice that piece of shit Krang liberal account got reinstated? That never happens for right accounts.


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Via Vox Day's post, "Sweet journo tears".
Learn to code, baby. Just learn to code. The ride never ends.
Last Thursday, I received the news that the HuffPost Opinion section—where I’d been opining on a weekly basis for a few months—had been axed in its entirety. The same opinion column had had a home at The Village Voice for some 21 weeks before that entire publication shuttered as well. “This business sucks,” I tweeted, chagrined at the simple fact that I kept losing my column because of the cruel, ongoing shrinkage of independent journalism in the United States. Dozens of jobs were slashed at HuffPost that day, following a round of layoffs at Gannett Media; further jobs were about to be disappeared at BuzzFeed. It was a grim day for the media, and I just wanted to channel my tiny part of the prevailing gloom.

Then the responses started rolling in—some sympathy from fellow journalists and readers, then an irritating gush of near-identical responses: “Learn to code.” “Maybe learn to code?” “BETTER LEARN TO CODE THEN.” “Learn to code you useless bitch.” Alongside these tweets were others: “Stop writing fake news and crap.” “MAGA.” “Your opinions suck and no one wants to read them.” “Lmao journalists are evil wicked cretins. I wish you were all jail [sic] and afraid.”

I looked at the mentions of my editors, who had been laid off after years at HuffPost, and of other journalists who had lost their jobs. There they were, the swarm of commentators, with their same little carbuncular message: “Learn to code.”

On its own, telling a laid-off journalist to “learn to code” is a profoundly annoying bit of “advice,” a nugget of condescension and antipathy. It’s also a line many of us may have already heard from relatives who pretend to be well-meaning, and who question an idealistic, unstable, and impecunious career choice. But it was clear from the outset that this “advice” was larded through with real hostility—and the timing and ubiquity of the same phrase made me immediately suspect a brigade attack. My suspicions were confirmed when conservative figures like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr. joined the pile-on, revealing the ways in which right-wing hordes have harnessed social media to discredit and harass their opponents.


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DJ-Matt said:
Twatter is such a piece of shit website, I got banned because of "learn to code" tweeted at some fat loser shitlib journal that got fired:

Anyone else notice that piece of shit Krang liberal account got reinstated? That never happens for right accounts.

What's troubling about this is that in the past, journalists considered negative feedback part of the job. This goes with the territory and everyone who puts themselves before the public faces it, from politicians to pop stars.

These days, journalists behave as if they're the Pope and it's a sin to criticize them. They think they're infallible.

This shows a changed mindset among people in the field. It went from "Our job is to inform the public" to "We know what's best for you, serfs." THIS is why people don't like the media and don't trust it.

It's hilarious these arrogant fools are getting Twitter to protect them. In the old days if you told an editor you got hate mail, the response was "And?"