The Calm Before the Storm (CBTS): The Q Thread


For those of you who like conspiracy theory, check this out:

#qanon #followthewhiterabbit

On Halloween, 2017, someone known as Q began anonymously posting cryptic messages on 4chan regarding POTUS/Military Intelligence and the war against the NWO/Deep State.

Later the posts were moved to 8chan.

Here's where you want to go on 8chan.

The amount of material is impressive to say the least. I haven't read it all. If it's a hoax, it's one of the most elaborate and persistent hoaxes of all time online. People have begun to form compendiums of it all, and to map the keywords. It is seemingly full of relevant and topical information. Here is a now very incomplete Book of Q:

The Book of Q

Here is a more complete reference (I'd look at this one as it is far more complete):

Q's posts

Certainly interesting things have taken place in this time, like the purge of princes (assassination) and seizing of assets in Saudia Arabia, the coverup and carryout of false flag terror attacks, and a fatal helicopter crashe over a Rothschild estate. And the whole time Q is dropping cryptic information like the following (purportedly a message to [L][d][R] - Lynn de Rothschild):

Note the date:

Here's another drop from just before:

A few days later follwed by headlines such as the following:

DEATH CRASH Helicopter pilot, 32, died in mid-air collision alongside three others after a plane ‘suddenly dropped in height’ over Rothschild’s estate

And posts such as these:

She is not a fan of Trump:

This has lead to a whole genre of YouTubers known as Q-Tubers trying to piece it all together:

And it hasn't stopped. At all. According to the lore, Q purportedly is directly connected through MI to POTUS. This is where it gets interesting - the before and after posts to Trump's twitter feed (I didn't see this one in advance to confirm the timestamps as accurate myself):


Merry Christmas from Q (A very close up photo of White House letterhead, no reverse image search matches):


And finally, I'll end with the a few of the most recent bread crumbs and the reason I made this thread.

About a week ago, Q seemed to allude to election fraud in Alabama and posted this regarding George Soros:



Followed of course by this:

Alabama Senate race: Doug Jones wins, but Roy Moore isn't conceding


Off an on for the week I would smile as I thought about the demise of George Soros, and I'd check the latest Q drop.

A very special place for GS.

Real Special.




Some mountain jail in a military complex in Alaska?

And then before I could retire for the night, Trump just tweeted this:

I thought I'd share.

Wild stuff.

Elaborate hoax? Predictive language usage based upon Trumps limited vocabulary? Fake time stamps?

And yet SA is involved in a game of thrones, and there was a fatal crash over a Rothschild estate...We'll see what happens to old ball sack eyes...

Have fun with the Q stuff.

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RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

Another LARPER. Just come out and say what you want to f*cking say without cryptic nonsense. This isn't the bible nor some weird mythology from a thousand years ago.

It's just a collection of nitwits somewhere making up BS for people like yourself to eat up. Don't fall for it.

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RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

Thanks for starting this thread. I find the whole Q thread and conversations about it compelling. Q raises very good questions as kernels of food for contemplation and to connect dots that are far from obvious.

One of Q's stated goals is to help people see deeper connections than they otherwise would. The 'cryptic' posts have been criticized by others and IIRC Q responded by pointing out that you learn more when answering a question on your own vs. indulging a lazy mind that wants to be spoon fed knowledge. However that easily-obtained knowledge never becomes wisdom because it hasn't been processed and integrated over time.

It's like saying 'just swallow a steak whole instead of chewing it piece by piece.' Your body won't get the full benefit of that food and you might even get sick.


RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

I was going to post the same thing. I thought this may actually have some validity to it after reading your introduction. Then I just read a list of questions about theories we all already know already, and a bunch of other stupid codes and cryptic stuff. If he does have knowledge, why does he have to pretend we're in a spy film with him as the star? Ridiculous.

Is there any reason to write Lynn de Rothschild's name in "code", (putting LDR around the message isn't much of a code if you don't want people to understand it) Seeing as she's already a publically known figure with a twitter account?

All it takes is another 4chan loser who thinks about these things all the time to go... "LDR... THATS LYNN DE ROTHSCHILD!" And then they can construct whatever crazy stories they can imagine after that.

It isn't much better than that guy who comes here saying "psyop" all the time. If you're just stating stuff vaguely and can't define anything concretely, you don't know what you're talking about, basically I believe in the saying "If you can't define it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

And these guys don't have anything, just questions designed to make you think about stuff, no hard evidence of anything. Wow. OK. If that's all you want to do, you're just being lame and narcisstic.


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RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

It could possibly be a government PSYOP/experiment to see how gullible readers of the chans are or how the rumors will spread.

Or simply an individual- If there are chan autists who like decoding such things then why should there not also be autistic trolls who enjoy making up elaborate puzzles to decode?

Don't get me wrong, it would be great if a bunch of establishment figures were to be taken out in some kind of giant pedo ring bust.

One of the interesting things about the internet is how quickly conspiracy theories can be generated and take hold.


RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

Maybe its the fact that his messages are cryptic, hard to understand, about interesting theories, and list no sources that makes him popular and seem more believable to people. It gives him an air of mystery and power that people on the internet are attracted to try to figure out.

What happens if you post things online that are easy to understand, controversial and sound like "conspiracy theories", but you back up what you say with at least some kind of evidence and well written and thought out writing?

Well then you end up with a huge amount of reps on the Roosh V forum but you won't see youtube videos, media articles and twitter hashtags trying to figure out who Zelcorpion is, what his theories are (because they're clearly explained) and where he gets his information from (because it is usually listed).


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RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

I know who Q is. All you guys had to do was just ask!

See this is a good photo of what he looks like.



RE: The Calm Before the Storm [CBTS]: The Q Thread

I think the interesting thing is people don't just want to believe, they need to believe. Scott Adams has done a lot of work this election cycle describing how people aren't rational creatures and that they operate within a reality matrix where they accept or reject information that conforms to their preconceived beliefs. This is why persuasion is so powerful. Nobody is rational - we just like to think that we are.

In this case if half the population is operating on the belief that Donald Trump is going to drain the swamp and "lock her up" (metaphorically speaking restore justice), what happens when he doesn't? Do his supporters accept that they were wrong and change their beliefs, or do they rationalize? What does their ego demand they do? In the case of the Q thread, the void is being filled on 4chan and 8chan. The memes creator are creating new memes that are reaching millions of people.

I am definitely tired of waiting for justice to be restored myself.

Of course it's probably a big hoax, it would be pretty incredible if it weren't, but fun for those predisposed to this sort of thing. I enjoy it, even if it isn't real and is just a big waste of time. On the other hand, if your reality was more cynical - that Trump was never going to drain the swamp, then not only is it a giant waste of time, but stupid too.

We'll see what happens with the Meuller investigation...

And hopefully GS gets whats coming to him ;)


Vox day reporting that titbit is in itself, interesting. In my daily readings of that site, he never made outrageous claim such as Soros being arrested without some type of evidence to support his claims. Its going to be wait and see on what happens.


RexImperator said:
Yeah I'm kind of wondering if Vox has lost it. Time will tell.

I doubt it. Vox can be prick and has sometimes has thinking processes that make me want to step away from computer for a bit, but man is sharp. He knows when and where to pick his battles to win.

The closely post that he made that made me question his sanity was the rumor of Chris Cornell's death being part of pizzagate. Even then, he linked back to the source of rumor and time the post to see if the shrill start to attack him to see if it was true.


All I want for Christmas is the arrest of GS!

I want to believe! I have to be honest with that AND honest about the probabilities of Q being true... Although, if GS gets arrested, on top of everything else, that's a game changer.