The Calm Before the Storm (CBTS): The Q Thread


Picture on Alaska is close but not quite.

It's not an impact from above. It's a "blind thrust" from below. Future event of this nature will target the dams at the great leaks to cause flooding on previously unseen scale.
Not a penatrator. Kinetic penatrators don’t make sense... unless we discovered a new power source. Look up cost per Kg for low earth orbit... it’s a very inefficient weapon.

Also, impacts form radial fracture in rocks and soil, and a caldera type formation. Penetration at high speeds is only a function of:density of the penatrator, length of the penetrator, density of the target, and velocity.

An impact of a tungsten rod at a velocity of 7kms would create a deep hole, not to mention creating a radial crushed zone which is not seen on the picture.

And in term of earthquakes following fault lines.... remember different types, normal, reverse, or strike slip. In the photo it looks like the road is in a shear zone.... so a strike slip fault. This is not even near believable....


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I just farted at the very same moment as my dog. He's 5 years old and we both ate a package of bacon containing 12 strips.
It all happened on 12/5 at 12:05pm.
How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?


Military intelligence will determine what needs to happen when. None of us are smarter than them. They're dealing with an enemy that has had centuries to gather resources, dark operatives, secret technology, and influence. Impatience is unstandable but not productive. A lot has been happening, is happening, and is yet to unfold.

Two points:

1: YOU are military intelligence if we take your profile avatar at face value. What is this “them” then?

2: I highly doubt any of us who have worked with military intelligence would ever ascribe to them the kind of superior wisdom and intelligence you do. The ones I worked with included some midwit bureaucrats, a bet white knight who talked constantly about Jesus, and a raging douchebag whose main passions included fucking strippers and bootlicking (think the kind of person who would put truck balls on their ride). Bradley Manning was also MILINT.

So...I wholeheartedly reject the idea that we should put blind faith in “military intelligence” to save us with no effort requires on our part.


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Easy_C said:
1: YOU are military intelligence if we take your profile avatar at face value. What is this “them” then?

Has Truth Tiger EVER addressed this question?

He will only gain himself a spot on additional ignore lists if he continues his obsessive posts in this thread. It's one thing to believe there may be some truth to it, it's another to think this Q thing has to be 100% real. It's also unlikely to be a 100% psyop with no potential positive benefits and complete demoralization being the only effect.

I take it as entertainment and occasionally a theory is posited that is interesting to think about.


So did anything happen? If I were a QAnon fan boy I'd be jumping up and down it would be anything. Let's say it was the yellow jacket riots that probably would end once Christmas time hits.

This is stupid. Even if there was a plan it's nothing Q has advocated which many people have already stated is an enemy demoralization campaign. Don't get me wrong I'd like to see traitors to this great nation hung but Q is just a wild goose chase.

IveBeenFramed said:
It's December 5th guys! It's going down any minute now!


^^ Nothing. Our resident disinformation agent Truth Tiger appears to be suspended probably for mouthing off some of the posters. It's not too late to add him to the ignore list since he wants to keep posting nonsense on the Trump thread.

Somewhat relevant to the backstabbing Trump drama:

"Bannon has said Don Jr may have introduced his father to Russian operatives. The whole game is the hall of mirrors. Bannon seemed genuine, and yet he was an ex-intelligence officer in exactly the right place when Andrew Breitbart was struck down, able to take over all of Breitbart. And now it looks like Trump got him out, and he may be helping push the Russia narrative. No idea what it all ends up meaning."

AC does good work but sometimes I wonder about him, yes even though he pushes the Q stuff. Is Bannon good or bad?


Bannon was not an intelligence officer. He was a Surface Warfare Officer. Basically deck, weapons, and engineering officers on surface ships.

Then he was an Admiral's staff aide/assistant.

The bullshit never stops with Q


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Q said because of the GWHB funeral on Dec 5th, the meetings/Congressional hearings/whatever for that day were postponed until Dec 13th.

An awful lot has seemed to happen in the last couple days, especially regarding the Russia/SpyGate, DOJ/FBI firings, Comey Testimony, and re-opening HRC email/Clinton Foundation investigation.

Judge orders Justice and State departments to reopen part of Hillary Clinton email inquiry

Feds received whistleblower evidence in 2017 alleging Clinton Foundation wrongdoing

Obama-era FBI leadership team hollowed out, after latest retirement

Another High-Ranking FBI Official to Depart

FBI email chain may provide most damning evidence of FISA abuses yet

Oversight of Nonprofit Organizations: A Case Study on the Clinton Foundation

Nothing to see here...just another Qoincidence


I am fully convinced that Q is a deep state psyop (and possibly a larp). This thread should be nuked (and the Baby Boomers mocked for buying it)!

And /pol is right again!