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Are you on the carnivore diet?

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Leonard D Neubache

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In theory you only have to get it to pasteurization temperature but the question remains whether you're also destroying the properties that make it an effective nutritional supplement. I might ask my butcher about this today.


Humans evolved for a long time eating raw (or rotten) meat.

Im eating mostly ruminant meats. I sear steak because i like the taste but the center is cool and raw. Otherwise ive started eating raw beef organs.

Im about 1 month into daily raw liver and have recently started raw heart, kidney and brain.

I cannot describe in words how strong I feel. My training, stamina, cognition, reflexes, balance, vision, awareness have all improved. I find myself requiring less sleep. I feel like my testosterone is increasing daily (morning wood like i was 18 again) im 36.

I have paired my diet of ruminant meats and raw organs with semen retention. The practices are complementary and synergistic. Transformational.

I often consider how different my life would be had I discovered carnivore lifestyle and semen retention 20 years ago...

There will be low frequency folks on here to condemn or ridicule both of these practices. They will site their preists and their studies(science). None of them have the subjective experience to share.

I look to our distant, forgotten history for answers. We are wild animals that have been domesticated. We preffer our daily zoo ration and alloted enclosure to the freedom of the natural way. Jerking off and wasting your seed and power and eating less empowering sustanance that represses your frequency is by design. We all live in a giant open air prison of concentric circles. In the center of these concentric circles is actual prison and as you move outward you are merely exchanging cells and guards and rations like most well trained, submissive sheople. I say reject the prison slop, venture outside your enclosure intonyour natural habitat and tell the guards to stick their studies and propaganda were the sun dont shine.

Living on what I like to label "the fringe" requires an awoke sole. Its a red pill so to speak. Living with one foot in this crazy world, while eating raw animal organs and meats and retaining and transmuting sexual energies as a masculine, virile man is the frontier of this time.

I have met, first hand other such men. Every. Single. One. Is an exceptional human being. I have found (without exception) that men that retain and transmute their sexual energies and eat carnivore /zero carb are elite individuals worthy of comraderie.

I find carnivory amd retaining my life force satisfying at a spiritual level.

In closing, i leave you men with the following poem which i find beautiful and relevant to this discussion.

Great Mother Ocean brought forth all life, it is my eternal home.
But I have been gone into strange worlds so long..
countries without currents, countries without tides, countries without depth.
I have forgotten how to live in the world that created me.
I can no longer breathe the water.
I am slow and I am clumsy, I have lost my grace.
But the deep indigo of the depths calls me like a loving mother..
return to the depths, return to the source, return to your nature.

Sometimes, beneath the shimmering surface of my memory,
I sense the deeper memories of generation after generation of hunters.
For tens of thousands of years I have kept a faithful record of my hunting,
so the children of my children’s children will know and remember.
And more permanent than any painted stone..
is the memory that lies at the heart of my every cell,
the memory of my hunting, the history of my tribe.
And when I wake beneath the modern sky,
full of smoke and sound,
as from a dream I believe I lost my way back.
For I cannot forget I am a hunter
and I am from a race of hunters
and there is no place for hunters in this time.
Joe Rogan was carnivore for January and here the results:

No surprise there - also Rogan has some kind of immune disease and it got much better on top of losing weight and getting ripped.

Meanwhile in the anti-carnivore land - a salute to the next batch of ex-vegans and potentially future carnivores:

Best is: "I truly believe in veganism and love veganism, but it made me sick and miserable, so I had to start eating fish and meat and now feel so much better. But veganism is great!"

Leonard D Neubache

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Well I finally got around to taking a crack at that liver. I cooked a few pieces medium rare. The taste was steak but the texture was tofu. Very odd. I wouldn't eat it for fun and it definitely wants a chaser of some kind. I guess I'll see in a few hours if it wants to come back up but so far so good.

Leonard D Neubache

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It's hard to explain. There's a slight metallic taste and with all things when the taste and texture don't mesh then it just seems wrong. Like it would be weird eating a steak flavoured marshmallow or drinking steak juice for example.
I actually don't like liver because of the metallic taste

On my phone, but I believe I read that the more you need the nutrients in liver the more neutral or tasty it would be for you
Organ meats are an acquired taste. I eat my beef liver raw. Though I experimented and bought expensive free-range organ meats and the difference is night and day. Strangely enough the muscle meat of those super-organic 100% grass-fed cows tastes a bit worse than the one that is grain-finished in conventional but still good cattle.

I even gave a recovering ex-vegan beef liver and then raw beef liver to eat and he said that he had the impression as if his body was craving urgently something in the liver. Later as his body rebuilt the result after eating organ meats was no longer that big - you have to be deeply malnourished to feel a massive difference.


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According to Vilhjalmur Stefansson, milk is just slightly modified blood. The hunter diet and the herdsman diet are basically the same (meat and blood or meat and milk).
Hannibal said:
According to Vilhjalmur Stefansson, milk is just slightly modified blood. The hunter diet and the herdsman diet are basically the same (meat and blood or meat and milk).

Ay - living off a fermented mix of milk and blood for up to 6 months:


No modern hygiene and care, but those buggers are insanely healthy:


If they had our modern water, hygiene and some decent healthcare, then my bet is that their life expectancy would be about the same level or higher than Monaco - in their 90s on average.


whitewashedblackguy said:
I drink blood all the time :razz:

Where do you get it? It's been popular lately. Blood sausage aside, I've not found a good hookup for just blood. I'd like to try sometime.

Leonard D Neubache

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Simeon_Strangelight said:

If they had our modern water, hygiene and some decent healthcare, then my bet is that their life expectancy would be about the same level or higher than Monaco - in their 90s on average.

You could have just said "powers of levitation" and I'd be sold.


whitewashedblackguy said:

I was actually joking, I didn’t know it was so popular. Might have to give it a shot

Had a feeling but wasn't sure. "Popular" is overstating it, but some of those weirdos on youtube like sv3rige have been doing it. While I don't look to him as a paragon of health and fitness, lots of cultures have consumed blood either straight like the Massai or as an ingredient like blood sausages all over Europe and east Asia, so I am interested to try. I've had blood sausage, didn't hate it but I can't imagine craving it. I doubt I will crave just straight blood, either, but I'm curious. Probably very hydrating and good for a boost in iron.


Cerebral atrophy in a vitamin B12-deficient infant of a vegetarian mother.

Also, Primal kitchen`s take on the Impossible Foods super bowl ad was on point;

"I thought I would take a minute to dissect the impossible_foods ad recently released on Super Bowl Sunday. When designing a big budget ad like this, every detail is taken into account, the dress of the actors, the setting, race and gender. Subtle clues identify class and education and add to the dialogue and intent of the ad. Here a well dressed judge and moderator, Pat Brown, CEO of impossible_foods, of a spelling bee using a four letter word to create a campaign of disgust among the audience and children on stage.

Poop, is the word and he’s at pains to define it to these children in terms of allowable concentrations in meat. What is suggested here is a well dressed patriarchal, white professional using his position of power to lecture children of colour, not about the definition of poop, but a purity complex integrated into modern society. An antibacterial, sterile society is civilization and dirt, blood, bodily fluids and poop are savage remnants of uncivilized peoples who don’t know better. When Joel Salatin says that he sees fake meat as a devolution in disconnectedness with nature this is what he’s talking about. Since 2005, 80% of American spelling bee champions have been Indian American, it’s a joy to watch them dissect the etymology of a given word and to pull at its roots to produce a perfect spelling. impossible_foods could have used excrement or fecal matter, but instead chose a word of such banality time give to this contestant. I can only suppose their psychology assumes we shouldn’t expect more from these kids.."


Very intersting study!

"Epidemiological studies suggest that foods rich in flavonoids might reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. The objective of the present study was to investigate the effect of green tea extract (GTE) used as a food antioxidant on markers of oxidative status after dietary depletion of flavonoids and catechins. The study was designed as a 2 x 3 weeks blinded human cross-over intervention study (eight smokers, eight non-smokers) with GTE corresponding to a daily intake of 18.6 mg catechins/d. The GTE was incorporated into meat patties and consumed with a strictly controlled diet otherwise low in flavonoids.

GTE intervention increased plasma antioxidant capacity from 1.35 to 1.56 (P<0.02) in postprandially collected plasma, most prominently in smokers. The intervention did not significantly affect markers in fasting blood samples, including plasma or haemoglobin protein oxidation, plasma oxidation lagtime, or activities of the erythrocyte superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase and catalase. Neither were fasting plasma triacylglycerol, cholesterol, alpha-tocopherol, retinol, beta-carotene, or ascorbic acid affected by intervention. Urinary 8-oxo-deoxyguanosine excretion was also unaffected. Catechins from the extract were excreted into urine with a half-life of less than 2 h in accordance with the short-term effects on plasma antioxidant capacity.

Since no long-term effects of GTE were observed, the study essentially served as a fruit and vegetables depletion study. The overall effect of the 10-week period without dietary fruits and vegetables was a decrease in oxidative damage to DNA, blood proteins, and plasma lipids, concomitantly with marked changes in antioxidative defence."