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The Rez Band as they were known (Resurrection Band) were one of the first ever Christian bands. They never made a big deal of it. They went out to many people who never even knew. I only found out years later. I didn't feel conned. I always knew there was a slight buzz of faith there.

That song is about someone confined to a wheelchair. It's poignant and potent.

This Christmas has been hard for me. The first one without my brother where the rest of my family was there. My stepfather nearly died after being crippled. He is now confined to a chair. It was worse than that in fact, he was only just able to get in to a chair after being confined to a bed, after nearly being confined to a coffin.

My mum looks after him very well. Both of them have had cancer and nearly didn't make it back. It's hard in one way watching them. Especially as they are both narcs as well with no regard for anyone but themselves. But I don't know, I have some kind of deep love even for those that do me wrong. I see it. I know. But I still can not abandon them.

Talking of chairs. And of faith. And of Christian music.

He gets out of his bed in the morning and sits in one chair to have his breakfast. Then when he gains a bit of strength he will go out in to the kitchen to sit and look on the small garden with all the beautiful birds.

Then later in the afternoon he will sit in another part of the living room to work on the computer. And again, later in the day he will sit in another part of the house to have his food. This is his life now. His chair. So he makes the most of it. Without faith.

I could go in to more detail, but that's enough.

Listen to the Rez Band. They are very good.


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The technical details are, he was born with abnormally thick vocal cords allowing him to hit high notes in his chest voice instead of having to switch to falsetto like most men would, giving his high notes an unusual resonance.



Don’t sleep on For Today, reigning at the top of the Christian heavy music scene for a minute before they disbanded, I think because the vocalist became a priest. I may have mentioned them on here before. Their old guitarist got in a
lot of hot water a while back because he tweeted that homosexuality is a sin


We made the mark of the uncreated God so what should we fear?
We bear the scars of the holy risen son so tell me what should we fear
Every threat is hollow because our victory is already set in stone
We are the fearless
We will not, we will not, we will not be afraid
We will not, we will not, we will not be afraid
Though we stand in this dark valley (we will not be afraid)
For we know that You are near
For we know that You are near
I can feel the courage rising in the hearts of the sons of God
I can feel a fire burning across the Earth we stand as one
We are not dismayed by the darkness that surrounds us here because we know that when all
Hell closes in, if we stand and fight, we are not alone
Though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death (we are not alone)
We will fear no evil for You are near
We are fearless
We will not, we will not, we will not be afraid
We will not, we will not, we will not be afraid

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Zevs said:
Jones said:

I wonder how many of these people are believers in The Lord Jesus Christ? I bet none. Jay Z even done the one pyramid, all I bet will burn in the lake of fire with the devil and his demons.

Perhaps you don't know Johnny Cash's story.

Raised in the regular southern Christian tradition, went off the rails with fame, divorce, adultery, drug abuse, alchoholism.

During the height of his addiction, he was just wandering around his property high and drunk, he found a cave and decided he was going to keep walking into it until he simply got lost in the darkness and died. Instead, in the darkness the Lord found him, and led him back out of the cave. He recommitted to Christ.

Sometimes Christians lose the battle, and get redeemed in heaven. Hank Williams for example, wrote and sang a lot of tortured Christian songs, he got addicted to pills after a back injury, it consumed him and he died young.

Life isn't easy and you don't win all of your battles all of the time, even after you accept Christ.


That Cash video above is one of the weirdest music videos ever, with A-list celebrities of the time preening and posing through deadly serious lyrics. Of course, they mainly care about being "edgy," but it's interesting how the truth sometimes seeps out into the popular culture when least expected.

I'm not a big Ken Burns or a PBS fan, but I recommend seeing the country music episode on the great Hank Sr., called "The Hillbilly Shakespeare." Despite his troubled life, Hank may have indeed been a believer and I hope to see him in the beyond.


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While not overtly Christian, this song has a Christian spirit. A woman comes to a man she has taken for granted and wants his support and he says, basically, that she is missing the whole point of life and has to be more spiritual.

"A prayer for nonbelievers" is from the lyrics.


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Here's a good one I was listening to today. Five O'Clock People, kind of an acoustic folk rock band, similar to early Caedmon's Call. This song is great, but the whole album is worth a listen.



Not a single Byzantine chant? You guys are missing out. There are no instruments other than voices, and it's quite beautiful, and there is a depth that is sorely missing elsewhere.

This is one of the first Byzantine chants I heard on youtube and still is one of my favourite chants in English

I don't really like a lot of christian rock or christian rap music. When I'm in church I prefer hymns. When I was a bit younger, I used to think that hymns were boring. But then I actually paid attention to the lyrics and they are beautiful. Just pay attention to the lyrics of the hymn "It is Well with My Soul" and you'll know what I mean. I started paying attention to lyrics more and I realized that a lot of christian rock and rap is just meaningless drivel. Some christian rock I do like though is the band Relient K. Not all of their stuff is christian, but some of it is. I love the album Mmhmm by Relient K. The songs and the lyrics are pretty awesome.