The Christmas Gift Idea Thread


Christmas is coming. That means buying gifts for people.

If you're like me, you don't think about Christmas till about two days before you have to get your orders in to qualify for free shipping that'll arrive in time. But it occurs to me that a lot of people on here might have cool gift ideas that they've already used on their friends and family that would be totally original to someone else's.

If you have a really good gift idea, post it here, and we'll all steal off each other's lists and make Christmas better for everyone we know.


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The Barbecue bible. I got this for my dad. Now there are two different grills in my parents back yard, and the garage has shelving just for different wood chips, charcoals, and assortment of grilling accessories.

Everyone tries to come over in the summer just to get his brisket and ribs.

Handsome Creepy Eel

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I like buying people small plastic figurines of animals that you can find in the German/European cosmetics chain called Muller. I give each person something that we've talked about before or that would represent them.


Dr. Howard

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Not directly christmas related, but if you have amazon prime you can now get next day delivery on fresh flowers for $25. They are as big as the FTD 'upgraded' boquets.


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I always thought my mom was the trickiest gift.

What do you guys usually get for your moms?

I may have found a niche with decent little antiques- I usually go hunting around for either western/cowboy style or Americana type things, makes me feel like a character on Pawn Stars minus the massive beer gut!
I hate X-Mas.

Spend a lot of money and give people crap so you can get crap in return probably worth less than what you spent.

Here's one good gift I've given in the past that people liked, though.

For history/military buffs:

Military History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare

It has a ton of great pictures and lots of reading material for those who actually like to read.
frenchie said:

Yeah cooking stuff is really good for parents. I do it for my older sisters too, even though they don't really cook. Maybe it'll encourage them.

It's kind've a lame gift, but I like giving out restaurant gift certificates. My parents are always talking about how they already have too much shit, so buying them dinner at a nice restaurant is right up there alley.

Hardy Daytona

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The people I know are very difficult to buy gifts for. Mainly because they never express a desire for anything. Normally inquiries are met with "Peace and quiet." That or "Nothing."

Therefore I decided on something useful and universal.
Aftershave/perfume vouchers.

It's not very inspired, but it works well and has got enough of a personal touch to be classified as a gift.


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Fuck Christmas. And it ain't even Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the last remaining great American holiday, especially since it's the one that doesn't involve buying a bunch of shit no one needs--just having a nice meal with loved ones. But corporations force us to skip right over it since they can't figure out how to make billions off of it.

I'll buy little kids cool shit, but the adults are getting gift cards--if they're lucky.



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Yeah I've never been a fan of materialistic christmas.

Having family over or NOT having family over is good enough.

Shit I'd rather see old friends who are in town and grab a beer with them.
supadoopa_paratroopa said:
Get your kids a backyard catapult.

Not to flex nuts, but that's an amateur device they have there.

Get a quality copy of Sir Ralph Payne-Gallwey's "The Book of the Crossbow", which will teach you pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about siege equipment of yore.

Makes a great gift for anybody interested in physics or building shit in general.

Pontifex Maximus

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Last year I found a guy who used to work at Blockbuster. He had 52 copies of " The Matrix Reloaded" and I bought the DVDs from him for $0.50 each and gifted them. How's that for a red-pill gift? :banana: