The Christmas Gift Idea Thread


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I like to go the practical route or at least get something I know they'll use.

This year I got my family some kitchen stuff they need.

Im giving the girl I'm seeing hard dick and some cheerios.


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High-quality and somewhat expensive tea and coffee are good gifts because they'll probably be used eventually. Unlike other materialistic gifts, which might end up in the corner collecting dust.

I regularly give out quality green tea ($10 packets of healthy, tasty green tea from Japan) and I feel good even if the person ends up not using it, because he's likely to put it in his house where others might use it, or give it to someone else who appreciates it more.


Tuthmosis said:
Fuck Christmas. And it ain't even Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is the last remaining great American holiday, especially since it's the one that doesn't involve buying a bunch of shit no one needs--just having a nice meal with loved ones. But corporations force us to skip right over it since they can't figure out how to make billions off of it.

I'll buy little kids cool shit, but the adults are getting gift cards--if they're lucky.


I dont even tell me family I'm going to come. I always say im busy traveling or something. And then ill just show up, my sister helps me by telling my times and what not.

I'll buy the little kiddos something, but my view is any self respecting adult doesn't need a present. I sure as hell don't, if theres something I need I'll buy it myself. I find that i donate 95% of the gifts ive gotten in the past simply because I dont want/need them.
Alcohol and chocolate is the gift of choice for most people I know. For those closest to me I'll get them something based on their interests or needs, and a good book for those who read is always a safe choice.


Bringing this one back so we can share some ideas.

I'm a minimilist myself so I am drawn towards gifts that will be consumed and gone, not sitting around taking up space collecting dust

  • Nice steaks - bought my buddy a couple of 2 inch thick 45 day dry-aged bone in rib-eyes as a wedding gift. Great gift for men
  • Truffle oil, good novelty item for anyone who likes to cook, easy to use on a lot of dishes, delicious
  • Artisanal salumi
  • wine, liquor. Less imaginative but still I appreciate these when I get them
  • tickets to a game for both of you, good seats
  • spa appointment gift certificate. Getting my new gf a brazilian wax appointment at a nice tanning spa place (actually some new shit called "sugaring," don't really know much about it but the chick working there recommended it as being less irritating)

Other random 'material' things

  • nice wine/liquor specific glassware, I gifted a buddy a whiskey set with a decanter and glasses. this one looks pretty dope
  • ice cube molds for extra large ice cubes or the big spherical cubes
  • cool set of coasters, maybe monogrammed. Another one for drinkers....

Also, to address all the Ebenezer Scrooge's who previously posted here: Please refrain from derailing a thread that many of us find helpful with the whole contrarian affect 'fuck a christmas gift' nonsense. Obviously nobody NEEDS christmas presents, but many of us do enjoy expressing a little holiday cheer towards our close friends and loved ones and can be a good excuse for doing something nice together that wouldn't happen otherwise. Happy holidays!


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Calm is a mobile app that features all kinds of guided meditations. Highly recommend.

A yearly subscription is $59.99. They're currently offering BOGO gift cards of yearly membership. I used one for myself and plan on gifting the second.


I either make cutting boards(woodworking is a hobby), or buy something practical and cheap. I am planning on getting the nephews some cowboy boots(as they are always trying on mine), and the adults will get some coasters or something that is cheap for me to whip together. I don't like to spend much on the holidays, and I find that if you give meaningful gifts to the children, the adults will forget about themselves for the most part. So you don't have any women getting passive aggressive about not getting money spent on them.

Gustavus Adolphus

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Some examples of things that people have brought to gift exchanges that did really well:

Yeti-style tumblers/ cups (there are different brands that can fit any dollar requirement from $10-$40)

Good quality Bluetooth speakers- Bose, UE Boom, etc

Outdoor stuff- quality Camping chairs, fireside cooking equipment, coolers, fishing gear, sleeping bags, utility knives, leatherman style multi-tool

Nice sets of bed sheets, blankets

Home appliances/ cooking stuff- crockpots, chili cookers, barbecue tools

Cost appropriate, quality liquor and wine, usually have gift sets available at no extra charge

Gift cards to massage/ day spa places

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beta_plus said:
Except in cases of religious or medical reasons, it's hard to beat good booze for those of legal age.

Image removed: Ardbeg 10yr

While I truly appreciate your enthusiasm, Ardbeg is not what I would consider a good gift- unless your recipient has a nose for the bold, peat-heavy Islay style scotch. This makes a great gift if that is the case. I would recommend Ardbeg Supernova if you want to purchase a real crowd pleaser.

A much easier to drink, thus more entry level style Scotch for gift giving purposes would be something like Glenmorangie 10yr, which has several gift sets available. My personal favorite is called the Pioneer Pack, which includes 50ml's of both Lasanta and Quinta Ruban at no extra cost. They had this last year and I've seen it in 2016 as well.

Merry Christmas :)


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I gotta get a lot of presents for kids. One of my nephews likes Lego's.

Holy smokes those things are expensive. The Lego white house and Lego empire state building were fifty damn dollars each. Then they got all these that you gotta use in conjunction with your smart phone. Lego's have changed.

Xmas Gift Giving Guide

Hey guys,

I did some searching while trying to find ideas for what to give my family + friends for Xmas. I will post a compendium for what I've come across and I think are good ideas. Yes I realize some of you hate Xmas and material gift giving is the sum of evil capitalism blah blah blah. Xmas + holidays was a big deal for my family growing up, especially on my mother's side so we often spoil + go all out for each other.

What I'm getting my mother:

Tea from my trip to London
Gift card to massage therapy/deep tissue massage/spa off of groupon
Truffle oil

High quality teas are eventually used by everyone, or they get gifted forward so you can always use it. I've had success with spas + massages off of Groupon and the like because women love it. Truffle oil is useful because it's something people don't often buy for themselves and people who cook can always use it. Incense + candles are often used by girls, and I would suggest you use them for ambient lighting when you have a girl over. Sex is better by candle/fire light, trust me.

My brother:

Multi tool/ pocket knife
Zippo light/fluid
Tickets to a sports game w/ me or his gf

Pocket knife/ multi tool is a classic for a masculine man and my brother is fairly rugged + works a trade. Cologne is an easy catch all but people often have too much. Zippo lighter is another classic masculine gift with a bit of class that can be kept for a long time. Sports tickets are good for "blue pill" guys who follow their sport, it's a good experience you can share together.

My "redpill" friends:

Self- Authoring Suite
Calm - Guided Meditation practice
Headspace - Guided Meditation
Classic self improvement books (you can search anywhere on TRP or this forum for some of the best life changing ones)

The self-authoring suite is an interesting one I am going to get for a friend in Vietnam because I can't see him until sometime next year. It was done in a few Canadian universities showing how writing about yourself and past experiences, discovering your personalities virtues/weaknesses + planning your future can increase happiness/academic success. I left the link there for more info.

Gifting someone Calm/Headspace is another good 'experience' app that is helpful. They are both guided meditation apps that could help someone who wants to build a habit. I have subscribed to Headspace and it was able to push me over the top and make meditating a habit.

Whiskey + scotch is a classic masculine gift and I don't know much about it but you can find a lot of popular great bottles for $30-50 and enjoy a night with your buddy. A word on wine from my wise mother who has worked in liquor stores for 20+ years

"If you want to buy cheap wine that's good you have to go for old country wine. Countries like Spain/France who have been making wine for 100's of years, the cheap stuff is great value. Buy some cheap shit from a New World country for $10 and you'll have a hell of a hangover (USA, Australia, etc)" - Not a hard + fast rule but there's lots of studies where people enjoy a $15 bottle of wine more than the expensive stuff, but critics know which wines are the expensive ones.

Supplements/nootropics can be a tricky one for guys who don't know too much about it. The ones I would suggest as starters are L-Theanine+ caffeine or phenibut. I am just getting my feet wet in nootropics but have had great experiences with these.

Generic Gift Ideas

Pocket knife
High quality Teas/coffee
personal coffee grinder
Aeropress Coffee
Nice glassware for scotch/wine
High quality kitchen appliances they don't have or wouldn't buy for themselves like: Garlic press, crock pot
Wine Decanter set / Whiskey Decanter Set
Stainless Steel Icecubes
Quality Speakers/Headphones
Set of nice bedsheets/pillows
Memory foam pillow/mattress

Books that I would recommend, there are MANY more than this list you can search for on RVF/TRP

The Power of Now - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment - Eckhart Tolle
Peace is Every Step - Thich Nhat Hanh

The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Robert Glover

Models - Mark Manson
The Rational Male by Rollo Tomassi
The Book Of Pook by Pook

Rogue Health + Fitness Books

Believe it or not, I am still looking for stocking stuffers and a couple more ideas for my brother. Post any gift ideas or things you want for Xmas. My family is still asking me for what I want, because I often buy whatever I need immediately + don't wait.