The Coming War with Iran


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I was being facetious obviously. War and the accompanying loss of life is nothing to to ever be flippant about. Its always innocents that pay an asymmetrical and unjust price.

But it’s become overwhelmingly apparent that Israels primary purpose is the fallback / failsafe sanctuary for the architects of most of the worlds evil trajectory and if innocents must pay the price as they always do then the only redemptive outcome would be that the guilty might pay too

Trade will rise to a cumulative 600 billion in the next decade.

In the next 25 years China will invest 400 billion in return for a steady oil supply
Great news. Maybe this will be enough money to allow Iran to build up a modern/powerful enough military to prevent any potential war with the USA.

And if so, the GOP's boogie man, China, will do more to save American soldier's lives than the politicians in DC.

Good discussion on the US withdrawal of military assets from the Middle East (to the Black Sea Region/ the South China Sea

Special note for the the THAAD/Patriot batteries stationed in the Kingdom that have been seeing hordes of drones/ballistic missiles flying overhead with a very low kill rate on their part

Absolute rubbish and symbolic for the increasingly uncompetitive and corrupt Western defense industry
Some background info

*The Caesar Act is strangling Syria, Iran provides refined oil on the regular, oil tankers get attacked by Israel regularly too

*The Iran Deal is still up for rescutation apparantly, any provocation might lead to an Iranian counter attack (which can then be framed as Iranian aggression)


Don't be so emotional. Your comment makes very little sense this way.

As for the attack, it was by submarine. A mine attached itself to the hull and exploded
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^^ Not saying this is fake news but come on. This just sounds like thinly disguised anti-Semitic stuff. Big bad Israel blowing up ships. Is the Iranian navy so weak that it cannot escort it's own merchant ships?

We don't need this kind of ADL crap on this board.

Israel has a very long history of carrying out covert operations against its enemies and supposed allies alike, going back to the attack on the USS Liberty and the Lavon Affair where their agents were caught blowing up US and western cultural centers in order to pin the blame on Arabs. They have the means and motive to execute a covert attack on an Iranian tanker, especially in waters near their country.


^^ Not saying this is fake news but come on. This just sounds like thinly disguised anti-Semitic stuff. Big bad Israel blowing up ships. Is the Iranian navy so weak that it cannot escort it's own merchant ships?

USS Liberty. That's all.

Also, look at the tactics that have been used by Israel, especially Mossad in order to get things done their way. This is nothing new by them and if you think it is then you really need to brush up on your geopolitical knowledge.

In addition, Israel needs Iran on lock with sanctions otherwise the military might and open economy will cause many issues. Israel looks for beneficial partnerships with countries that do not questions its motives. Look how cozy it's gotten with Saudi Arabia, why? Because Saudi's detest Iran, nothing more, nothing less.

China has made the intelligent move with Iran. Now they have a strategic hold closer to the Middle East. They did this with their Silk Road project in mind. In addition, Iranian oil/natural gas is a good investment. Also, what better way to piss off American's and the West by allying with "The Great Evil"?. Also, Israel is NOT going to do anything too silly now with Chinese cash injected into Iran. China, Russia and Iran, three countries that actually put their country and PEOPLE first without being enslaved by the globo-homo agenda. Though the Chinese government and their social score system mixed with communism isn't something I'm to supportive of.


The warmongers are back in business, and their chances are much higher now with Biden. They should now continue what Bush and Obama started and wanted, and what Trump wanted to avoid as much as possible but couldn't because there's no way the swamp could be drained.