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The ugliest truth you should contend with is that the "China was lying" narrative is a farce. Even if the CCP was lying, your government was doubtless aware of everything that was happening in Wuhan and the surrounds regardless. Do you actually think your trillion dollar military and information apparatus is blind to things we've been discussing on the forum since the beginning of January?

They had some idea.

But at this point "Even if the CCP was lying" implies disbelief. I find any disbelief of that to be ridiculous because that same footage available shows very clearly that the official statistics were bullshit.

The response to me I noticed followed the exact same one as Ebola. They seem to have figured that they could get away with pretending it wasn't that bad, figured any problems were probably just due to the Chinese being filthy and we'd definitely have less of a problem with it, and besides it worked out fine to pretend Ebola and SARS weren't problems so why bother this time?

Worst case scenario you get to use the crisis.


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Leonard D Neubache said:
In Italy just a few short weeks ago there were people saying exactly this.

Italy had roughly that many cases around March 2 to March 3 so if your premise for treating this seriously is "I know someone who knows someone who has it" then by the time you "know someone who knows someone who has it" then you are two weeks away from old people being left to die in a hospital hallway because the medics have no other viable options.

As of tonight I am here - "I know someone who knows someone who has it".

Just got the word that an acquaintance of a (remotely located) family member in the UK has contracted the virus. So that timeline is beginning to look real to me.

Also had family members supposed to fly into the US next week. Was worried about airport/ plane exposure so at least thanking Trump for adding UK to the flight ban.


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According to the CDC, Coronavirus threads are now growing out of control.



scorpion said:
According to the CDC, Coronavirus threads are now growing out of control.


There is also space for a member to start a "Coronovirus lounge thread" for sharing of memes, humor, ways to alleviate boredom, random thoughts, and other light-hearted matters.


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Leonard D Neubache said:
Another post regarding the brewing hatred of the CCP being fostered by the deep state in what may be a premise to military action.

The questions I would ask include the ones I asked for a couple of years in the Trump thread:

- Is America allowed to use political propaganda against its own citizens?

- Has the US being fighting 'ISIS', or did it create and help 'ISIS?'

- Is the US trying to liberate Syria, or steal the Golan Heights oil reserves?

- Did Assad gas his own people, for didn't Trump say so?

- Are Putin and Trump buddies, or did Russia kick America's butt in Syria and ruin Israel's plans?

- Does Russia have advanced weapons that mean Zionists / America can no longer win a conventional war against them?

- Did Iran just humiliate America by surgically-targeting its drone operators in a retaliatory strike for the death of General Suleimani, technology America didn't think Iran had? And if Trump was willing to use lethal means that violated international law against a foreign general for Israel's sake, what does it say about him supposedly-wanting years-of-getting-nowhere 'legal justice' for a supposed Cabal of Satan Worshipping, Child banging-and-torturing Pedos, none of whom have even been reprimanded, let alone arrested.

- Did America not retaliate because it knew it couldn't win if it used conventional weapons?

- Is America still a military superpower, or is a society in the throes of its final collapse, unaware that it has died: a 'zombie' society, according to Dmitry Orlov?

- Are middle eastern countries starting to realise the Zionist's words mean nothing, that America has lost its power, and are looking towards siding with the Russia / China / Iran axis?

- Are the Chans used to distribute intelligence propaganda, where pre-packaged, coordinated narratives are disseminated almost-instantly by a network of supposed 'anons' in an unconvincing, Gamergate style manner, where the pattern pings the radar?

- If Trump's circle of Chabbad Jews are despised by the Reform Jews for being raving Nationalists, often accused by them of coordinating with 'Nazis' to encourage Nationalist thought in European Countries, which goes against their Globalists plans, what lengths would Chabbad go to turn societies against Globalism? Their 2016 attempt at coincidentally-spontaneous worldwide nationalism (tm) through an army of now-banned social media influencers seems to have obviously-failed.

So, if you're curious about the other potential possibility, here's a lengthy article on what some of us were discussing back in late January that I haven't bothered to bring up before, because, by this stage, does blaming someone really matter?

Share that one on social media at your own peril.


The virus has made it harder for women to sell their bodies:

Sex Workers Bracing for Income Loss During Coronavirus Pandemic

As the novel coronavirus continues to spread globally, many sex workers are gearing up to take a financial hit.

“A lot of sex workers are freaking out right now,” said Andrea Werhun, a 30-year-old stripper based in Toronto.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization announced that coronavirus, or COVID-19, officially reached pandemic status. There are more than 118,000 COVID-19 cases in 114 countries, with several governments and employers taking drastic steps to limit travel and physical interaction between people. Italy is in a national lockdown, several US states have declared a state of emergency, and Canada’s biggest airline has cancelled all flights in and out of China and Italy. International health authorities have also urged people to maintain “social distancing,” which requires people to stay three feet away from anyone displaying cold and flu symptoms.

A lot of in-person sex work depends on intimate physical interaction. That’s why sex workers say they are taking extra precautions to stay safe. They are also concerned that clients will temporarily stop booking appointments—at least until the coronavirus risk dips, multiple sex workers told VICE.

“I feel like my career as a dancer is in jeopardy as it becomes increasingly less viable to hang out in crowds, which is kind of what I do every Friday and Saturday night in order to make money,” Werhun said.

Werhun said she’s seen a noticeable drop in clientele at the club where she works.

Strip clubs depend heavily on traveling businessmen, according to Werhun. As more companies across North America send their employees home and cancel business trips, she’s said she’s worried fewer businessmen will visit strip clubs—especially since her income depends on tips. As a stripper, Werhun doesn’t have benefits, a salary, or sick days.

“It’s a big, big blow,” Werhun said. “Locals and regulars are keeping sex workers afloat right now.”

Werhun doesn’t have plans to transition her sex work from in-person stripping to on-cam performances yet. That’s because she also earns by writing about sex work and sex worker rights. But she does see value in diversifying sex work.

“I’ve been joking about starting an Only Fans because if we’re in quarantine and I can’t leave my house it’s an effective way to make money,” Werhun said.

Whether the clients who continue to visit Werhun are healthy is anyone’s guess.

“I’m not screening my clients at the club for whether they’ve been to epidemic hotspots around the world,” Werhun said. “I don’t know if they’ve been to Iran, China, or Italy.”

Werhun said she’s going to be “extra militant” about making sure her clients wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

Monica Forrester, a sex worker and outreach manager at Maggies, a sex worker action project, said she’s started telling her community to take additional safety measures.

“We see multiple people, so our risk factors do get higher, but for some people, giving up a client is something they can’t do because they have bills to pay,” Forrester said. “So it’s about still making your money, but being safe about it.”


Report from the mountains:

I ran out of produce at home, and since it has been over 14 days since I was exposed to my flu-like illness, I went to Walmart around 8pm wearing nitrile gloves. The grocery section was ravaged thoroughly, but still had plenty of food to assemble meals. You only weren't going to get your first choice of bread and fresh vegetables. The crowd was thin and people were in a normal mood, but one man was raving wildly to the greeter that this is "stupid" because it's "like the flu."

Then I went to a supermarket nearby and it was just about fully stocked. Whatever Walmart didn't have, this supermarket did. I got everything on my big grocery list except for table napkins. I assume that people are buying napkins in case they need to wipe their butts with it. That said, I'm in a state that, believe it or not, has zero confirmed cases. Once that changes, there will be another wave of people stocking up. People here are not worried.

Most stores get shipments every day, so going early on a weekday should give you want you need. Otherwise, try heading an hour out from the suburbs and see if you can find a rural big box store. They simply don't have the density of people to sell out as quickly.

It's hard to know how long supply shortages to food and paper goods will last, but since most restaurants will be closing, expect people to shop at supermarkets much more than usual.

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Nineteen84 said:

No kidding! Imagine being the guys who heard about the problem, and said "We can 3D print those parts for you right away", and already knowing that you had saved 10 lives, with many more likely to come.

It's rare to have an opportunity to do something so worthwhile.
Another post regarding the brewing hatred of the CCP being fostered by the deep state in what may be a premise to military action.

Does anyone in America actually think your CIA doesn't have hundreds if not thousands of double-agents and moles inside the CCP? Satellites that couldn't track everything going on in Wuhan since the virus began? Hackers capable of mining Chinese networks to dig up the truth?

The ugliest truth you should contend with is that the "China was lying" narrative is a farce. Even if the CCP was lying, your government was doubtless aware of everything that was happening in Wuhan and the surrounds regardless. Do you actually think your trillion dollar military and information apparatus is blind to things we've been discussing on the forum since the beginning of January?

Of course not. That would be a laughable prospect.

And if that prospect is laughable then you're left with the ugly reality that your government allowed this virus to enter your country knowing exactly how deadly it was, for reasons we can only speculate on.

"We had no idea how bad things in Wuhan were". Give me a break. You could watch it on TikTok for heaven's sake.

p.s. Everyone paying attention knows the globalist elite centered in the US have had a hard-on to bringing China to heel for quite some time now. Things are going to get a lot worse in the US with this virus and the elites are going to stoke a lot of anger toward China for the purpose of convincing a great number of foolish goyim boys to march into the meat grinder for globalist world domination.

Inoculate yourself against this manipulation. It will only compound the misery we dirt people will be forced to endure.

Saying China is morally equivalent to the west is bad logic.

For all purposes they are a communist-fascist-techno-capitalist state.

Would China lie? Yes. They have completely censored media and no access to the internet as we know it.

Globalists are obsessed with bringing China down? Give me a break, they’re the ones that have paid China’s dues the whole time. China got sweetheart deals from the globalists, American business, etc while countries like Russia got trashed, despite the fact that Russia is way better than China in that regard (never thought I’d say that).

China freaking sucks and the sooner they get called on it, the better.

I say shame on them for eating bushmeat, selling it in crowded marketplaces, and shame on us for enabling these communist dolts for so long.

My sincere hope is people in the US see the light, and stop giving their business. In the process becoming a bit more nationalist and self-interested to.

Screw China.
I wish I had a small farm in the countryside.

I'm buying one after this, if I make it through. Just somewhere to hide for round 2 for family and select friends.

You think that said "Nationalism" is actually a subversion which results in globalist world government anyway? And is coincidentally MIGA?


Three months ago I had a choice of taking a long break after my tour. I had dozens of articles to complete and wanted to put them on the backburner, but an aggressive voice entered my mind: "There is no time! There is no time!" This was well before coronavirus appeared in China. I got back to work quickly and many of the articles I've published since then on my blog have been well-received by Christians seeking to deepen their faith.

There never was any time to waste. The comfort was just an illusion. Every day counts, not for our physical bodies but for our souls. Now, every prayer counts.


I worked from home last week in a rural area.

I came back to my place in Ottawa today as I was scheduled to work. The drive was about about 7 hours by car. I was considering staying back home with my Mother as they had a plan for rotating teams, but I knew they would cancel that. After arriving they sent out an email that it was 100% work from home this week. I will stay here a day or two, gather some things and head back home. I have been checking my temperature daily and everything is good. But it doesn't hurt to take another day or two before heading back.

I find myself very annoyed with a girl I've been seeing for a while now. She isn't the sharpest tool in the shed but keeps saying how Canadians are all over reacting. I told her yeah, you might actually be right, but what if you are wrong? She is an immigrant and I told her she might feel different if she was worried about her grandparents getting it. She spent the whole weekend in Montreal visiting her brother, and I think out and about, then hitched some sort of ride back in a ride share of some sort. We were texting and I couldn't convince her to stay home from her job as a barrista tomorrow. Luckily the family she lives with told her she should stay home and she is listening to them. She's feeling less like a corona keeper. I want a girl who makes the runs to stock up on things and is ahead of the game, and listens to me in times of crisis. Sweet girl but the attitude is coming out.