The Coronavirus Pandemic thread III


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Australia :

A former economist at the Victorian Treasury Department has quit his job in protest at Daniel Andrews’ “police state”, penning a devastating op-ed slamming the government’s coronavirus response.

Sanjeev Sabhlok, who moved to Melbourne from India in 2001, resigned last week after being asked to remove a number of inflammatory social media posts criticising the state government.
Mr Sabhlok runs a blog and has a Twitter account with more than 3000 followers where he has railed against COVID-19 lockdowns, and in some cases called for politicians responsible to be jailed.
“These monsters need to be tried for crimes against humanity and shot,” Mr Sabhlok said in one post earlier this month, responding to a tweet by UK conservative commentator Suzanne Evans criticising a Labour MP in that country.
Mr Sabhlok announced his resignation on social media last week in a message to Mr Andrews. “I did not come to Australia to be a slave of whimsical government,” he said.

“You have not implemented risk-based management, no evidence-based policy, no cost-benefit analysis. No justification. Just whimsy. You must reset Victoria’s policies right now. But if you won’t, then go!”
He accused politicians and health officials of using scare tactics, singling out Victoria’s chief health officer Brett Sutton for claiming COVID-19 was the “greatest public health challenge since the Spanish flu”.

“But this is no Spanish flu – we can verify that easily,” he said.

“The Spanish flu killed at least 50 million people worldwide in 1918 when the global population was 1.8 billion. Proportionately, to be as lethal as Spanish flu, a virus would have to kill at least 210 million people today. Instead, only around 0.9 million have died so far (compare this also with the 60 million who ordinarily die each year).”

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I was talking with a friend about how much BS the masks were and that in much of the midwest the mask LAWS themselves came very late, months after the pandemic had ended. My friend didnt believe me because he is invested in believing that covid-19 is dangerous and we NEED masks or we are all going to die.

As I was looking at these states and searching 'Ohio mask mandate begin when' etc, I got really pissed off. Each one of these charts is damning, altogether I looked at the entire NE USA. We are talking about 100 million people in terms of data points for the experiment. It looks like complete BS, but much worse than I expected.

So here are some Midwest states and when the big black line, thats when the mask mandate for that state began. Can you see any difference?

First is MI, Mask law started very late, July 13th. So about 6 weeks after the pandemic was over, the mask laws started.

Mask Law MI July 13 IMPROVED.jpg

Next is Indiana, again another late comer. Mask laws started on July 27th, well past the end of the pandemic.

Mask Law Info Indiana July 27 IMPROVED.jpg

Next is PA and they started their mask law July 1st. This chart isnt as good, I should have also used NYtimes.

Mask law PA july 1.jpg

Next is Ohio and their mask law started late too, July 23rd. Full on middle of summer. Can you see any change?

Mask Law OHIO July 23 improved.jpg

Rhode Island started mask laws right at the peak of their deaths May 5th. It takes 2 weeks at least for this to be saving lives, we are told. I will add this one larger do its easier to see. Does it look like the mask mandate had an effect? It seems like the curve is bell shaped as expected.

Mask law rhode island may 5th.jpg
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In Indonesia, people caught without masks have been ordered to dig graves for jew flu hoax """victims""":

This follows people without masks being ordered to sit in a hearse next to a coffin with a flu """victim""":

Shame, since I was considering Indonesia to escape to.


11,000 'positives' from intensive Covid testing at universities. Not a single one went to hospital. It's all fake.
It's even more than that.


And that was 2 weeks ago.

26,000. 0 Deaths. 0 Hospitalizations.

Entire colleges are shut down; under Orwellian observation with cameras in every nook catching evaders; jailed in their dorms and cannot have guests; while they steal students' money by promising a 'college experience'; but are really selling Udemy. Over a virus SO BAD that you need a test to tell you that you have it and need to be sequestered for 14 days so you don't spread it to others because then they too ... would get a positive test.

It's all about Fear. It's all about Power. It's all about time for a Change.

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Well the UK and other countries have gone case-demic BS madness. Deaths stable and low for MONTHS but now they are having an increase in cases, but no deaths, so they need another lockdown.

Your government hates you, people of the UK.

Here is a chart of covid-19 deaths the UK has given. The Yellow line is when the UK ended its lockdown and everyone went out to the pubs for two months. No increase in deaths and people are out again, all day, every day. No increase.

Look at the red arrow. That is what the UK government feels is a dangerous increase in deaths so that the entire country should have another lockdown. Almost 3 months, stable, very very low deaths per day. That is the reason to increase government control.

UK death chart BS.jpg

This is a made up case-demic. No increase in deaths, but very large increase in cases because they are testing everyone. No one is sick, but they must be tested, so the UK government can get the "positive case" number as high as possible. Look at the huge increase in cases, but no increase in deaths. Wouldnt that tell you that covid-19 is no longer dangerous?

UK cases chart BS.jpg

The UK government now has come up with more BS numbers from the sky. They are now predicting that the case number is going to increase exponentially so they MUST lockdown, for the safety of the people. Do they forget how stupid and ridiculous the UK's last estimates of deaths and cases were? Also, they dont mention deaths or an increase in deaths. They dont even try to lie to you about that this time. There will NOT be an increase in deaths, but they will test, test, test, test, and come up with millions of positives to take away from freedoms.

Breaking news, we made up this chart about something that has 0% chance of happening and has not happened anywhere else in the world. You must obey!

UK case Madness BS.jpg


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Nz prime minister Jacinda Arden, darling of the mainstream media, has received non stop praise for her enlightened leadership during the pandemic. Her leadership, which has included strict lock downs, police checkpoints, harsh convictions for anyone breaking quarantine, and even military on the streets, is the reason that New Zealand is a beacon of hope in a world ravaged by this deadly pathogen.

The current alert level in New Zealand outside of Auckland "encourages" mask wearing in public and social distancing, specifically 2 meters or 1 meter in "controlled" environments such as cafes and workplaces. Here she is a couple of days ago campaigning for the upcoming election.

It doesn't seem she's too worried about the plague, but appearances can be deceiving. The local media has explained that she's so popular and loved that it's impossible for her to avoid the throngs of adoring fans. It looks like her security detail needs to work a little harder.