The crime wave in America


Gunfire was exchanged between Columbus Police officers, St. Ann's security, and the suspect in the emergency room area, Chief Chandler said. It is not clear how the suspect obtained a firearm during the transfer of custody from Westerville Police to Columbus Police.


The massive push against proper policing will certainly push up crime rates. Baltimore has seen a massive crime wave since the original BLM riots in 2014. The police essentially have left local communities to it. It's a picture of what Defund the Police means in practice.
The irony is those communities who promote massive campaigns to defund the police, would be hurt the most by it.


Several people are dead following a reported shooting in northwest Austin, police say
At least three people have been pronounced dead after a shooting at an apartment complex in Austin, Texas, according to police. The suspect is still at large and the scene remains active, but officials confirm that the incident is an isolated "domestic situation" and there is no risk to the general public.

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