The day after (Chauvin)


The verdict is in and Chauvin has been found guilty on all charges. We just watched an innocent man condemned on high def and in real time. This represents a failure of the American judicial system. Going forward we can no longer trust this system to issue impartial rulings. Worse still such rulings are decided by a mob. Indeed, Chauvin may appeal and who knows, maybe, the ruling will be revised or there will be a mistrial. Maybe this happens in the backdrop after this is forgotten. I hope he finds justice, but, even if he does the damage from yesterday's ruling is complete.

Waking up in the post judicial US is strange. The sun still came up and, for that matter, much of the usual functions with each new day have unfolded as they have before. But, there's a difference. I felt this way after the "election", because similarly, all confidence in the election process has been destroyed. Now we can include our judiciary.

I watched some of this trial. The livestream showed only the prosecution or the defense teams. I never saw Chauvin. When I saw him in the court room as they read the verdict I felt tremendous sympathy for the man. He carries a cross that most of us can't even begin to contemplate. He met his fate as a man, poised and upright, but, it was heartbreaking to see him ushered off into oblivion.

Outside there was cheering and celebration. A man was just unfairly convicted of murder and his life forever ruined and the American judicial system now compromised, and they cheered. But, these same people also cheered when they said infanticide is now legal in New York or when they permitted abortion in Ireland. I recall seeing women crying because they could now be unrestrained sluts and kill their own child whenever they acted irresponsibly.

We are not heading in a good direction.