The decline of rock music


Creed's song "My Own Prison" is really powerful IMO. Also Jars of Clay is an extremely good band.

I listened to a lot of heavy music since I was a teenager. Now that I have come back to Christ I do feel like kind of bad about some of the stuff I listened to, especially the really heavy and aggressive stuff. I definitely limit it more than I used to.
As much as do make fun of Creed, I like the songs "Higher" and "One Last Breath". I don't think they're a group that I'd get a greatest hits of - like ELO, I'll probably just buy a couple of tracks and work them into my massive shuffle list.

(Not to change the subject here, but if anyone on this thread likes ELO, tell me why - I've actually met some dedicated fans. All of their songs sound alike, "Evil Woman" almost sounds exactly like "Sweet Talkin' Woman". I also say this as an AC/DC fan - but when their songs all sounded the same, it was in a good way. Somehow.)