The Democratic Party is Imploding


Obama-Biden Dem embeds at it again at State Department:

The Department of State will soon offer a huge reward of more than 100,000 extra green cards in 2021 to the Indian and Chinese visa workers who took U.S. jobs from American graduates.

Usually, 145,000 green cards are annually given to employers’ foreign workers and their family members. But, “at this time, it is estimated that the FY 2021 Employment-based limit will be at least 250,000,” the agency said.

The extra green cards for the Fortune 500’s visa-workers will be offered in just six weeks, after September 2020. They were freed up by the coronavirus-caused decline in family migrants in 2020, said a statement to Breitbart News from the State Department.

The cards are extremely valuable because they allow the recipients to stay and work in the United States, to become citizens in five years, and to start the process of chain migration.

The agency is also adding roughly 11,000 green cards to the 2020 quota, up to a planned total of 156,253 green cards by September 31.

The H-1B, J-1, F-1, and L-1 visa workers who will get the cards are already working in the jobs needed by U.S. graduates, so there will be no immediate increase the population of foreign workers in the U.S. But the extra green cards will immediately raise the incentive for more foreigners to sign indentured-service contracts that offer green cards in exchange for many years of underpaid work in U.S. jobs.

The department offered a cryptic legal explanation for its decision to transfer the unused 2020 green cards for family migrants into the 2021 “Employment-Based” account:

However, the agency made its policy priorities clear by saying the change “is intended to maximize number use under each year’s annual limit.”

“Do they have no self-awareness of how that looks, and what they are doing at the behest of the visa-program abusers?” responded Jessica Vaughan, policy director at the Center for Immigration Studies. “The employment situation is not improving very much, and especially in technology,” so the administration should preserve Americans’ access to job and wages, she said, adding:

The green-card transfer rule is included in the 1990 immigration-expansion law that was signed by GOP President George H.W. Bush, said John Miano, a lawyer with the Immigration Reform Law Institute. ‘It is another gift to America from the Bushes … We get the immigration system that the people in power lobby for, and this is what they want,” he said.

But the State Department’s decision also threatens the jobs of GOP legislators, because it will expand the political power of Indian migrants who overwhelmingly vote for the pro-diversity, anti-solidarity party. For example, in Texas’ 22nd district, Democrat Sri Preston Kulkarni is relying heavily on Indian-American voters to help win the seat now held by retiring GOP Rep. Pete Olson. “The H-1B visa issue is huge; it is the engine that powers this district,” Kulkarni told
The virus is so bad taht we can't go anywhere without masks, with social distancing and still must have have the economy mostly closed.

But we should import 100k from a 3rd world country...

Thomas More

They were trying too hard to be funny with their fake laughter. There is nothing genuine about them.

What an unimpressive shot of candidates wearing face masks. :rolleyes:

I saw that picture of Biden, Harris, and their spouses earlier, but I figured it was a screen capture by a Trump fan, and possibly photoshopped as well, to darken the top of their heads, and to generally make the image look shadowy and sinister.

However, this is posted by a Biden supporter, so they must be oblivious to how sinister this looks.


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One woman the Demented Demonrats no doubt want back in the kitchen :

… jogging, or sitting outdoors (e.g. in a park) are unlikely to be spreading disease. So why are parks & other outdoor areas shut down while restaurants, gyms, & other enclosed locations (where it has been scientifically established the virus spreads more easily) are open?


They have overplayed their hand with the fomented insurgency. Dems of late have done this repeatedly: Kavanaugh, Russia Hoax, Impeachment, Must Wear Masks/Quarantine but Protesting doesn't Spread the Virus.... to name a few.

The opened Pandora's Box, and now it's going to be a bloodbath to fix. Polls show the growing trend toward Trump as these riots get worse and physical security becomes a major issue, if not the most important issue for people in this election cycle.
One woman the Demented Demonrats no doubt want back in the kitchen :

Great insight by her the funny thing is though the anti-common sense is a feature, not a bug - it's designed to make you submissive. One oft-cited feature of communism is they almost took pride in making you repeat ridiculous things (remember 1984 - 2 + 2 is 5, or 3, or 1 or whatever I say it is) .


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If you read between the lines, Don only cares about the negative impacts of the riots so much as it negatively impacts his power base. All he mentions is Democrat power. He doesn't mention the scores dead, the fake narratives, the anxiety, the property destruction or the crumbling reputation of America around the world based on his and his fellow travelers' lies.

ball dont lie

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If you asked me a few years about the pedophile / satanic / child stealing / pizzagate / elites / sex slaves stuff I would have laughed.

There can not be this many coincidences. Remember, evil people want to let you know, it gets them off. If it was all secret, their power level wouldnt be out in the open. Here they steal your kids, rape them, get to be war criminals, and let you know about it. While never suffering any consequences.

Its like the Saudi princes. Orgies with 10s isnt fun anymore. Now they need donkeys to defecate into a famous actress mouth.