The Democratic Party is Imploding

The dysfunction in the Democratic party and the sleepy Biden campaign is actually a symptom of their position in power. They now have unprecendented power in terms of the media, big tech, and most of corporate America and Wall Street actively on their side now. They are saying and doing stupid, radical things because the media will always cover for their failings and paint them in a positive light. They’ve become the “default” vote for anyone that hasn’t done their homework and doesn’t want to be a “racist”. Their opposition in the Republican party is in real danger of fracturing between Trump supporters and establishment R supporters. Don’t delude yourself, the fact that these blatant elitist hypocrites still claim to be fighting for the “little guy”, and winning the presidency just shows how lost we are. They are making these “mistakes” because they are enboldened to, there wont be any consequences and they know it. Newsom can lock down CA while he sips expensive wine at the French Laundry, and the sheep will still vote for him.