The (destruction of) CNN thread


^-- good call, I like that.

And I realize Cuomo also loses by playing Victim (n-word for Italians) and Threat (throw ya down the stairs) at the same time.

Gotta pick one!

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Reality check: Some ethnic groups are more equal than others.

If Cuomo had been Jewish, and a heckler called him Meyer Lansky (or something of the sort), you'd have B'nai B'rith, the Anti-Defamation League, the SPLC and the ACLU all defending him.

Then you'd have the media all chiming in with "historical perspective" about the persecution of Jews. Then it would make magazine covers. Then the heckler would be fired from his job and shunned in polite society.

People dismiss anti-Italian slurs, but there's a long history of discrimination there, ESPECIALLY in the Cuomo family. Chris Cuomo's father, the late Governor Mario Cuomo, graduated first in his law school class but was rejected by 50 law firms because of discrimination.

This is one high-profile example among countless others. Italian-Americans don't fixate on this -- you don't see us asking to take down monuments or change the names on buildings. But making snide comments is a good way to provoke, which is clearly what the heckler wanted.

And while Cuomo equating this comment with the n-word was off-the-mark, had someone made a smart-alec "Uncle Tom" or "Little Black Sambo" comment to a black person, all hell would have broken loose.

So I personally get why Chris Cuomo would be a little touchy. He probably handled it wrong, but sometimes people let anger get the better of them.


Who cares if its an insult to those precious Italians. These mouthpieces in suits get paid to push propaganda and poison public debate with said propaganda. Then they are shocked that after a while people become walled-off and start turning physical.

Imagine my shock when not everybody is clued up to the divide and conquer metric so many intellectuals go on about. Its not going to protect you from those who have put you on a list and a country like the US has a lot of those types.

He is a presstitute and people are going to get back at them in one way or another.


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It_is_my_time said:
Okay guys, here is how a man handles the situation Cuomo is in, and this is for all of you, not spoiled Cuomo with personal security to protect him anyway.

If you get insulted like this and you just have to intervene, rather than ignore it, this is what you do.

You walk up to the guy confidently and you show your humility. You say "I don't appreciate you calling me Fredo in front of my friends and family, but I appreciate your right to have an opinion. On this note, let me buy you a drink and talk about why I don't like you calling me Fredo".

This way you are the bigger man, you have taken a situation in which you were wronged and you made peace. If they don't accept peace they are totally in the wrong and everyone who witnesses it will have your back 100%.

The macho, "I'll throw you down the stairs" routine is just clownish. You either be polite or you walk away or you have to get physical. Option #3 should only be used when Option #1 and #2 are not available. Making threats is just silly.

This is how should be done. You can say whatever you want about Cruise and his wacky religion / belief system but this shows real character, class and composure

Sadly Id have smashed that "journalist" fucker's face in before I knew Id done it
I was honestly thinking of the clip of Tom Cruise and the water gun, but didn't have time to link it up and post about it.

Tom Cruise right there is the perfect example of an alpha male in action. You see big predators who can rip anything apart. But they only act when necessary (they are hungry or protecting their young). It is just animal nature to conserve your energy until it is really needed. If you don't, you come off looking very insecure, whether you are a dorky guy moving side to side quickly to avoid others or a wanna be acting tough and screaming for no real good reason.


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^ ^ ^
Published on Aug 13, 2019

CNN's Chris Cuomo had a heated exchange with someone who called him "Fredo", but Curtis Sliwa wants to know what the problem is after Cuomo referred to himself as Fredo in a 2010 interview with Sliwa.



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1). People of all ethnic groups use slurs and nicknames to describe's when outsiders do it that it's considered rude.

2). If we're gonna post Curtis Sliwa interviews, we should at least get photos of his ex, Lisa Sliwa, who I remember as being pretty hot. Then again, that was like 30 years ago, so never mind.

3). This whole thing is starting to seem contrived. Is this the distraction from the Jeffrey Epstein fiasco we've been waiting for?

4). Ben Shapiro devoted like 25 minutes of his time to this. See #3.


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Now CNN’s Don Lemon is being sued for homosexual battery.

Apparently he approached a man in a bar in the Hamptons, stuck his hands down his own pants, fiddled with his junk (squeezing his Lemons?) then forced the guy to sniff his fingers. Apparently there was witnesses.

These CNN freaks are nuts.



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Edit. More problems for CNN. This time, April Ryan is in the news.

Update: Reporter Unaware If Gun Pulled on Him While Being Ejected for Filming April Ryan Speech as Her Security Guard Violently Threw Him Out of Hotel (Video)
by Kristinn Taylor
August 14, 2019

UPDATE:In a subsequent phone interview with the reporter/victim Charlie Kratovil, Kratovil said he was not aware of a gun being pulled and after reviewing the hotel security video doubts that it was a gun being wielded by the man in the blue suit. Watch below to decide. Article updated with qualifiers.

Freedom of the press? Transparency? Not when CNN analyst April Ryan is speaking. Video taken August 3rd by a reporter shows April Ryan apparently siccing her security guard on the reporter who was videotaping her speech at a New Brunswick, New Jersey charity event by Project Ready. After speaking with Ryan–who stopped her speech shortly after beginning it because it was being filmed–the guard is seen stealing the reporter’s camera and taking it out of the banquet hall at The Heldrich Hotel. Hotel security video later shows Ryan’s guard manhandling the reporter in the lobby and forcibly ejecting him from the hotel. Another man, in a blue suit, pulls what appears to be a handgun and points it at the reporter! It is not clear if the man who apparently pulled the gun on the reporter is hotel or Ryan security. (UPDATE: Kratovil said the man is the hotel manager.)

The reporter had been cleared by the event organizer and PR firms handling the event to attend and videotape Ryan’s keynote speech. However Ryan, after speaking to her security guard from the stage, informed the audience that she bans reporters from her speeches so she can speak freely.


Video of the hotel lobby assault. Ryan’s security guard is in the black suit. After giving back the camera to the reporter he then attempts to steal it back as others crowd around the reporter and demand he leave. When the reporter resists, the guard grabs hims and forces him out of the hotel. A heavy-set man in a blue suit pulls what appears to be a black handgun from his right and points it at the reporter and follows as he is ejected. The man puts the apparent gun away without firing it.

Longer video via YouTube:

The reporter who was attacked is Charlie Kratovil, the founder and editor of New Brunswick Today. (Note, Kratovil says he is anti-Trump, so Ryan fragged an ally in the Resistance.)

Video shows Ryan speaking to her guard before the guard removes Kratovil’s camera while it is recording.

Kratovil posted a multi-part Twitter thread (excerpts below) explaining what happened and identifying Ryan’s security guard as Joel Morris.

Charlie Kratovil @Charlie4Change · Aug 5, 2019

I had no intention to write any articles, or to ask Ms. Ryan any questions. Unlike many stories I do, I wasn’t digging deep or trying to put anyone on the spot. Just thought it was cool that a well-known journo was speaking in my city & something our audience might appreciate.

On Friday 8/2, I RSVP’ed to Mr. Melli and specifically stated that I wanted to attend “Saturday’s keynote speech.” There was a full day of other stuff scheduled that day, the second day of the 3-day “summit” sponsored by a bunch of NJ groups that push for more charter schools.


On the big night, I arrived at @TheHeldrich Hotel at about 6:45pm, 15 mins. before the “Parent Awards” ceremony was set to begin. As instructed, I checked in w/ @willherberich who apparently works with a different PR firm (PACE Education Strategies) than the one that invited us.

I asked Mr. Herberich where I could set up our video camera so as not to disrupt the event, block the serving areas, or block anyone’s view.

At his suggestion, I set up the camera and tripod right next to another camera and tripod. I shook hands w/ the man running that camera.

I spent nearly 3 hours at the #NJParentSummit without incident. Before the program began, I introduced myself to @RepDonaldPayne and thanked him for his recent support of impeaching the President. I also helped take a couple photos for a woman who wanted one w/ the Congressman.

I was a very polite guest during the event, sitting at the table closest to my camera & right next to @ChuckODonnell3 of @NewBrunswickTAP.

I recorded the entire program, occasionally returning to the camera to adjust the shot. I had some dessert & helped myself to some hot tea.

I recorded the remarks of Assemblywoman @shavondasumter without incident, as well as the presentation of two “Parent of the Year” awards, and a pleasant surprise that was not listed on the summit agenda: a musical performance by Newark's own @leahjeneamusic.

At about 8:30pm, Rep. Payne took to the stage to introduce the keynote speaker, Ms. Ryan. During the intro, this man came up to me, mentioned my video camera & asked me “Who are you with?”

I gave him my card & explained that I followed the proper channels to cover the event.


I asked if he had a card & he responded by saying he was “with the speaker." He left & I thought this would be the end of it, but the mystery man returned, threatening to "take... down" my camera if I did not do so myself.

I declined to acquiesce to this threat from a stranger.

Just as Rep. Payne was praising Ms. Ryan for her recent @rcfp “Freedom of the Press” award, the public relations people started to gather around me at my table, pressuring me to stop recording.

As soon as things started going south, I began recording audio of our conversation.

I maintained a firm position re: video recording, saying I wouldn't take action until I could get more info on the man who threatened to mess w/ my camera.

I told them "If he doesn’t give me his name & tell me on the record why I can’t [video], I’m not turning off the camera.”

Then a woman who did not explain her role tried to negotiate w/ me, saying I could record audio & “pull quotes” from it if I wanted to.

I tried to explain that I wasn’t writing an article and that the purpose of my attendance was to video record the speech. Just doing my job.

This woman, who I later learned is Shennell McCloud, the Executive Director of “Project Ready," insisted that Ms. Ryan would not take the stage unless my camera was gone, but moments later, Ms. Ryan took the stage.

At this point, we all left the room to discuss further.

The mystery man, still refusing to give his name, returned to the ballroom. I warned him not to touch my camera.

At the same time, Ms. Ryan was thanking Rep. Payne for his introduction, stating “it’s an honor to be in your district.” (New Brunswick is not in his district.)

Ms. Ryan’s remarks were then interrupted by a visit from the mystery man, who I later learned is named Joel Morris and works as a “security guard” for Ms. Ryan.

Mr. Morris approached the podium & said something to her. She nodded and went silent for the next 27 seconds.

Rather than, you know, pushing the camera’s record button to stop the video recording (or just turning it off), Mr. Morris proceeded to unplug my camera, grab the tripod it was connected to, and steal the entire thing.

As soon as Mr. Morris touched our camera, I spoke up, saying: “Don’t touch my camera, please. Put that down. Don’t you dare. Put that down, sir.”

At the same time, Ms. Ryan began attempting to explain to the crowd why they were witnessing the theft of our camera.

“When I speak, I don’t have news covering my speech,” explained Ms. Ryan, adding she wanted to be able to have an “unfettered” discussion.

Never mind the other video camera (or the other news reporter) that still remained in the room.

Now guilty of 3rd-degree theft of movable property under NJ law , Mr. Morris fled towards to the front desk of the hotel, bringing the stolen property w/ him.

I gathered some of my belongings and caught up w/ the thief, demanding he return the camera. He eventually gave it up.

This should have been the end of it.

I had retrieved the property that Mr. Morris had stolen from me, and at this point, I had ZERO interest in returning to an event where I had quickly come to feel unwelcome.

But then Mr. Morris began to get violent w/ me right there.

I was carrying my phone (which was recording audio) in one hand & the camera/tripod in the other.

I tried to get away from the perpetrator, but within seconds, he began assaulting me without provocation in the lobby & continued his assault as he forced me out of the building.

I screamed and used some profane language towards Mr. Morris as he grabbed my left arm and twisted it behind my back, injuring my forearm and shoulder.

I later gave a statement to NBPD's Ryan Daughton & he told me that he'd prepare a police report.

I intend to press charges.

End of conversation

THREAD: It’s been 36 hours since @AprilDRyan’s security guard assaulted me in a hotel lobby after stealing our camera.

Because there has been some misinformation going around, I want to lay out exactly what happened before, during, & after this video.



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Personally speaking, I find all this in line with CNN's general conduct.

They're bullies.

They put out fiction and attack verbally anyone who has a different opinion from them.

Their employee Kamau Bell gave a speech at an antifa event after which antifa attacked right wing demonstrators who had been acting peacefully.

Kamau Bell visited with the Portland group of Antifa whose member attacked an ICE facility later. He was gushing over the weapons that ugly fat lesbians were showing him.

I'm pretty sure that if we hold them to the Assange/Robinson standard of prosecution then they broke the law in the whole Buzzfeed Steele dossier scandal.

They seem to firmly believe that, owing to their high level friends and protections, that they are above the law and can attack anyone they wish,

if verbally.. then why not physically?


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I loved the troll job on Cuomo. It showed what a big baby he is. That's all it takes to set him off? Someone needs his mama to calm him down.

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I'm betting roids are in play. Presstitutes of any stripe are not hard workers so those biceps and that neck had to come from somewhere. My guess is they came from a needle.


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Dusty said:
Anderson Cooper is now a father. He’s homosexual.

He had a surrogate mother, who has a husband and kids of her own. Her Husband is a cuck.


Female surrogates is a hustle more than anything. I wouldn't support my wife to do such a thing but many goofy women attain big paydays to be a baby factory for celebrities and homos (surrogates earn anywhere from $25k-$150k depending on location and client type). There is also a legitimate use of surrogates for normal married heterosexual couples that have associated challenges in going forward with a natural pregnancy and birth.

Not sure why to label the husband a cuck. Anderson Cooper isn't having intercourse with the wife as it is a artificial insemination done by operation. Again I don't support that couples choice but labels need to used correctly.

What is worse a female rinsing degenerates pockets to house thier children and in return being paid to do a natural female action or a wife being a whore and selling her intimacy for money? One could argue both are selling thier bodies but one is 100% more extreme and has no legitimate medical basis to exist.

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Pregnancy is no trifle issue, so any woman who puts her health at risk and sacrifices a full year of her life to support a pair of degenerates in exchange for some pocket money is a whore, plain and simple.

This is very far from deciding to help out your nice female cousin or friend who did everything right and married a nice guy but simply has a misfortune as far as carrying a pregnancy is concerned. It's pure degeneracy and is evil from beginning to end.

"I'll rent my wife to a random faggot so the said faggot can get some fresh meat to abuse and shoot child pornography with!"
- Said no self-respecting husband ever