The Devil's Grapevine - The Effects of Social Media

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For fragments and discussion of the effects of social media, related technology and adjacent synthetic culture factories..


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I remember an old story from a forum member who went on a date with a girl who was literally glued to her phone and wouldn't even look at him or talk to him, but once he forcefully snatched the phone away from her turned out to be really sweet, something like a machine-powered Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.

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People these days have watched so much TV and consumed so much social media that they emotionally live in culturally narcissistic bubble where they actually believe they are stars in a movie that everybody is watching.

The problem is nobody cares and nobody is watching.

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Ryder Ripps, New York born and bred Judeo-hipster.

The reason I started this thread is because a few days ago I came across a name in the tabloids that would mean nothing to most people.

It was the name of a young Jewish New Yorker I had come across many years ago. Must have been around 2007.

His name was Ryder Ripps. I came across him as he was a competitor in small endeavor.

At the time he was not notable, but he was already branding himself as an arcane hipster, specifically an internet archaeologist. Only he had the majesty to pick clippings from the pre-2000 internet and place them on the lofty pedestal of art.

His various websites had no traffic and he had no citations other than those he made himself.

The most notable of these was his Wikipedia biography. Exclusively penned by himself.

His Wikipedia page was deleted several times. Until a few years ago he was cited in The New York Slimes, which is all it takes to make you notable enough for a Wikipedia entry.

From his earliest days he was obsessed with fame. Here is a thirteen year old video series created by himself titled Ryder Ripps is Famous. This was from around the time he was first trying to hold down a Wikipedia bio.

Over the years I have checked in with Ripps as he slowly grew from an internet wannabe, to someone who hosted art exhibitions in New York to someone who choreographed the P*rnHub Awards with Kanye West. He describes his work as 'art that uses online avenues to expose how social media can amplify narcissism and fear.' Since he seems to have done some work with a few famous people I've never heard of.

I came across him because he seemingly injected his name into the Wikipedia biography of another modern woman in the fallen state called Grimes. Grimes just made few million selling crypto art and is apparently attached to Elon Musk. It seems she is very famous and Ripps has added himself in her associated acts on Wikipedia, even though it's a stretch.

So I entered Ripps name into PreSearch for the bi-annual check-in; and up pops the fresh headline,

That was quick! Azealia Banks says she 'dumped' fiance Ryder Ripps just a WEEK after engagement news... and she's keeping the menorah ring

  • The star, 29, announced she and the conceptual artist, 34, were engaged last Sunday
  • Over the weekend they were seen on a romantic vacation to Palm Springs, CA
  • But now she's 'dumped' Ripps, saying he was 'too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf I am'
  • Banks said she's keeping the heirloom ring he popped the question with
  • The ring features a menorah, an important religious symbol in Judaism
  • The rapper caused some controversy when she wrote 'I'm Jewish now' online after Ripps' proposal
  • Banks hinted earlier this month that they were dating after sharing a post of them together with the caption 'power couple'

Banks shared photos on the newly betrothed secular daters on her parts of The Devil's Grapevine:


It appears they had been dating for little more than a month. Ripps popped the question using a menorah (a Jewish symbol for universal enlightenment) ring:


She added, "I'm Jewish now. MAZEL TOV B*****S! WE IN HERE.... YERRRRRRR"

Only to dump him publicly on said demonic communication mediums days later,


I don't know who Banks is. I was aware she was some sort of music person, but assumed she was from the 80s or something. It seems she had a Parler account, which someone posted some messages from a while back:


Oy vey! Looks like the old powers are fading!

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I remember an old story from a forum member who went on a date with a girl who was literally glued to her phone and wouldn't even look at him or talk to him, but once he forcefully snatched the phone away from her turned out to be really sweet, something like a machine-powered Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide.

I had an experience like this one time with a western girl of course around 20. She was constantly checking her phone i pointed it out several times, there where also other distractions. In the end i didnt feel good around her at all and as soon as the date ended i decided not to see her again, i was quite disapointed with this treatment assumed she just wasn't into me at all. While she had been so sweet on the phone earlier.

As soon as I got home she sent me a text saying she had a great time and would like to see me again in the same sweet way. It was very strange. I told her I never expected to hear from her again because of her being more interested in the phone and the other distractions. she got defensive and upset. Not that it mattered I wasn't going to continue anyway.

its not just young guys who are socially struggling with dating today. Its also the same with girls being incompetent and awkward due to all the screen time and bad examples of popular culture.
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Is it just me or is it difficult as hell to get to actually call a girl to ask her out? Jesus Christ every date I've had so far except for one has been negotiated through texting.