The Documentaries Thread

I have recently gotten into a documentaries watching kick, and so I was excited to discover this thread. I just saw this sad documentary, about men desperate to provide for their families, and get ahead, and those in the organ trade who prey upon them. The film will really make you count your blessings as a citizen of a first world nation.


Thomas More

I will recommend everyone to watch this documentary. It will teach you alot about the African Culture.
I've seen the clip before from the end, where the Chinese guy dogs the way the Africans failed to keep up the railways that Europeans built there 80 years before. However, I didn't realize this is also the guy from the "It's all so tiresome" meme!

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Fantastic Fungi (2019) is an interesting look at mushrooms and fungus, their important role in the world, and their incredible benefits to mankind (penicillin, and there are several fungi that have shown to kill viruses and even cancer). I was familiar with several of the people featured in it already (Dr Andrew Weil has been a health guru for years, and bridged the connection between mainstream medicine and alternative health (former Time Magazine health editor), and Michael Pollan wrote the Omnivore's Dilemma.

I'm going to pick up a shroom supplement for immune health to keep me safe from all the covid vax shedders.