The Dogecoin Thread


Much speed many transactions

such low fees wow

best coin how moon?

Anybody else really like dogecoin? Damned if I know if it'll go up but I really like it.
It's fast and its community is a nice change from the squabbling retards that make up the rest of the cryptocommunity world.

I have 1.5 dogecoin and it is my treasure. I will never give it up even if the whole markets go to zero.
A great in-depth analysis of DOGE short term TA, with special attention to bollinger bands and the upcoming retest of the 200 EMA in light of yesterday's BTC 50-200 bearside cross.


Leonard D Neubache

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Doge is the cure for crippling depression(tm).

Perhaps dogecoin is the cure for a market depression.

We could create deercoin to combat stagflation and dexecoin to cure hyperinflation.

Such solution!



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I've always thought Dogecoin was cool because it did not hide that it was a blatant pisstake of the other cryptos, or the entire world/concept of crypto itself. It actually started well before the altcoin then ICO crazes. The stupidity of Dogecoin actually predicted even greater irrationality.

As far as price, one important thing is for some reason, the chinese love it. They have since the early days had direct Dogecoin/Yuan pairs on exchanges. And where there is favor among the chinese, there is money. At one point, Dogecoin was bronze to Litecoin silver. Before all these other altcoins and ETH based ICO tokens came along, Dogecoin was the ultimate shitcoin, and proud to be so. If you notice, Doge seems to swing up and down in price every few hundred days or so, in satoshi terms. It usually goes from 15-20 up to 100+ within a few days or so. People laughed at Dogecoin but at least it is what it is. Of the hundreds of shitcoins and tokens actually claiming to do something, most are inferior to Dogecoin because they not only are useless but have not stood the test of time as Dogecoin has.

I also like the many versions of its notes, which takes the piss out of "real" fiat currency, which is worthless as paper with a dog on it without trust in the government that prints it and ultimately that government's military might to enforce the use of the worthless paper it prints.