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Deepdiver said:
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Her name is Mareli Miniutti - looks like some no name actress

WBANTTBTDA... Would Bang and NOT try to beat to Death after.

It's pretty obvious she's not an American due to her name and heavy Slavic features (blonde, blue eyes, over 5'9" tall, etc.).

Not much background on her.
Mareli Miniutti: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


1. Miniutti Is a Native of Estonia
Miniutti is a native of Estonia in Eastern Europe. As news of her restraining order against Avenatti spread, Miniutti put her Instagram page on private mode. The bio on that page reads, “don’t confuse Instagram for real life.”

A cached version of her Instagram page shows her regularly traveling to Europe. Online records show that Miniutti has previously lived in New York City and now lives in the Los Angeles-area.

2. Miniutti Is an Actress Who Most Recently Appeared in Ocean’s 8

According to Miniutti’s IMDb page, she is an actress who most recently appeared in a cameo role in the smash hit movie Ocean’s 8. Miniutti is due to appear in two movies, Sargasso and Crypto, the latter stars Kurt Russell. Both are slated to be released in 2018. Miniutti has also appeared in 2016 Rebel Wilson comedy, How to Be Single.


The Lizard of Oz

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Turnus said:
Her name is Mareli Miniutti - looks like some no name actress

Damn -- could there possibly exist a more perfectly ***NAMED and MUGGED FUCKPIG***?! The answer is no -- permanent perfection of its kind has been realized here. I feel and understand this bitch so well -- I feel her every cc of silicone to the very depth of my balls; and it's so f'ing pure -- so gloriously late 2018 -- that dealing with this exact bitch is what drove that hilarious old-school shorty rascal Avenatti over the edge. Sometimes reality deals out such rightness and purity of texture that one can only sit back and nod with great solemnity -- and this is such an occasion if there ever was one.


Lizard, you need to stop watching so much porn and get laid more often. Your weird flowery porno-erotica writing isn't insightful or amusing, it's just extremely predictable, tiresome and embarrassing now.


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RedPillUK said:
Lizard, you need to stop watching so much porn and get laid more often. Your weird flowery porno-erotica writing isn't insightful or amusing, it's just extremely predictable, tiresome and embarrassing now.
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A few days away and the whole world is falling apart apparently in this thread apparently.
Tell me about it :rolleyes:
Yeah, god forbid people dig their heads out of the sand.

Lost the House and thus completely neutered the remaining years of Trump's term? Empirical evidence Texas is an election cycle or two away from turning blue?

"Gee wizz mister, let's just sit around singing 'wait and see' like a bunch of dumbfucks, its the proper thing to do."
And what are you doing about it? In the real world, not here being a keyboard warrior on the forum. Because so far all I've heard from you is "the world is ending we're all going to die" and no solutions.
None of anybody's business what I'm doing out in the real world except for my own. Listen, if you want to blow unicorn farts and pretend we're in La La Land where Trump's asinine tweets are somehow gonna save us from a rapidly deteriorating demographic and political situation, be my guest. Bury your head in the sand all you want.

I'm just here to give my analysis of reality as I see it. I'm not offering any solutions because this is a political thread I don't think there are any political solutions. This ship has already reached negative buoyancy and is gonna sink with nearly mathematical certainty. Maybe there will be some survivors, but survival is going to come down to personal decision making and is thus out of scope of this thread.

Nevertheless, knowing which way the wind blows is an important data point all of its own. As Leonard already wrote above, you have to know where you stand before you can know what your next move should be. If you think Trump is gonna save America, then your next move is going to be very different than if you think he won't. That's why it's annoying as fuck when you have guys analyzing the situation and coming to logical "black pill" conclusions only for shills to come out the woodwork and utterly dismiss any and all concerns with baseless, completely unsupported claims that anyone not expelling rainbow farts per rectum is a chicken little. If you think the future is bright then by all means lay out your case rather than merely bitching about people not being positive. What value is there in that?
Sherman said:
What ever happened to investigative journalism?
Well here's what's going in the UK...

Facebook gives £4.5m to fund 80 local newspaper jobs in UK

Facebook will donate £4.5m to fund 80 local newspaper jobs for the next two years, as the company faces further questions over its relationship with the media and long-term impact on the news business.

The social networking company will make the money available to subsidise the cost of trainee journalists based in newsrooms across Britain with the objective of providing “reporting from towns which have lost their local newspaper and beat reporters”.

Facebook has always previously insisted it is more interested in working with publishers to build their revenue rather than giving direct cash transfers to pay for journalists. This scheme, the first Facebook has attempted anywhere in the world, will take the form of a cash donation to the National Council for the Training of Journalists (NCTJ), a registered charity.

The organisation will then divide it up in coordination with the local publishers, with trainee journalists on the scheme given formal training and then employed directly by local newspapers for the duration of the two-year pilot scheme.

Charlie Beckett, professor of media at the London School of Economics, broadly welcomed the idea but warned newspaper groups could become dependent on the Facebook cash. He said such a move would change the relationship between publishers and the tech company

“If the cost of these posts is covered by Facebook then you won’t bother spending the money yourself. Over time that’s almost inevitable,” he said.

His academic department this week published a report calling for a similar scheme but with greater independent oversight and mandatory protections to ensure funding is secure after the two-year pilot. “The risk isn’t that Facebook can’t afford it. This is peanuts for them. If Facebook decided in a couple of years’ time that the heat is off them they could shift the money elsewhere,” it said.

The NCTJ chief executive, Joanne Butcher, acknowledged there were concerns in the publishing industry about the company’s impact on the news business, but said: “Our experience of working with Facebook has been a very positive one.

“The view I have is that Facebook is sincere in its hope that this will lead to the creation of more relevant, timely local news. In terms of our charitable objectives we are there to attract, train, and qualify outstanding journalists.”

As yet, there are no details of where the jobs will be based, although recruitment for the new positions is expected to start from January. The scheme will place an emphasis on finding trainees from a range of socio-economic backgrounds and include school leavers, in a bid to make newsrooms more representative of the audiences they serve. Salaries are expected to reflect trainee status; the NCTJ says a typical wage for such a job is about £17,500 a year.

Regional newspaper groups insisted they would continue to run their own trainee schemes and not simply use the new reporters – who are expected to focus on “community” reporting rather than court or specialist journalism – to replace existing jobs.

Five of the largest regional publishers, which cover outlets in most major cities, will be invited to apply to the fund: Reach, Newsquest, Midlands News Association, Archant and JPI Media, the new owner of the defunct Johnston Press titles, which went into administration at the weekend.

“We know that we’re in a difficult industry,” said Laura Adams, the content director at Archant, which publishes titles including the Eastern Daily Press and Islington Gazette. “Our teams have shrunk and we’ve had to make many different efficiencies but this is positive because we can invest.”

Google, which is separately battling regulation of its Google News service, has given cash sums to publishers for many years through its News Initiative programme.

Traditional publishers have an uneasy relationship with Facebook and Google, which some blame for taking away the advertising revenue that previously subsidised large regional newsrooms. However, both send substantial traffic to websites, with publishers becoming increasingly reliant on them for readers.

Facebook helped revolutionise the news industry during the early part of the decade with chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg’s vision of a personalised newspaper, sending enormous numbers of readers towards stories as publishers reconfigured their newsrooms to ride the viral publishing boom.

But a series of scandals involving misinformation on the network, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election as US president and the 2016 EU referendum, has caused it to re-evaluate its role in the news ecosystem – meaning many publishers have seen a decrease in the numbers of readers referred by the social network.

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Zuckerberg told a staff meeting that the company was suffering from “bad morale” as a result of “bullshit” attacks in the media, and reiterated his willingness to fire employees who leaked information. The remarks were then leaked to the media.


For that kind of money why don't we just buy mexico and make it civilized?

Deepdiver said:

Let's see Russia wants to sell Gas and Oil to the EU and the EU wants to buy Russian Gas and Oil...

And we in the U-phocked-SofA are still Paying nearly $1 TRILLION Bux a year for NATO to protect Europe from Russia???

WTF Over makes absolutely Perfect Sense - NOT... Trump is quite correct about NATO it is a useless anachronism.

Imagine what adding back One Trillion USD per each and every year to the US Budget would allow us to pay for in the USA - an entirely new national infrastructure for one - a better social safety net for another... A giant Jerusalem style Wall with electronic monitoring and countermeasures across the North and South International Borders, upgrade the Space Force Spacecraft Carriers to monitor said borders and dispatch space drones and airborne Active Denial System II etc., as necessary. And no more $1Trillion deficits. The list goes on and on.

Then we can pull all of our Troops home from EMEA deployments and recoup the last 50 years cost of NATO with anti-dumping countervailing tariffs on all EU goods exported and sold to the USA - do we really need Royal Trinkets from Londonistan, Cheese and Wines from France, Olive Oil from Spain, Italy and Greece and overpriced cars and SUVs from Germany that are not up to the quality standards of the Japanese and Koreans.

Clearly, the answer is NO.


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@ms224 "For that kind of money why don't we just buy Mexico and make it civilized?"

Why buy it when it is begging to be taken over and saved for much less... Simple Plan; wipe out the Narco-Terrorists, reinstate Christian/Catholic morality less the little Boy Butt Buggering by HomoFag pedophile priests, and reestablish freedom and democracy with a NorAm Peace Keeping Contingent focusing on birth control and economic stabilization Making All the Americas Great Again.

I have long maintained that since Mexico is ruled by over 80 territorial Narco-Terrorists Gangs euphemistically called Drugs Cartels like they were some Indus Region Generic Drugs Manufacturers - that it would be to the US and our Southern Neighbors eternal benefit using the Cartels for targets by our returned hardened Troops from EMEA to sweep across Mexico and Central America in Coordinated "War Games" and mobilization training exercises with local forces to wipe out the Narco-Terrorist Cartels in the process and eliminating idle playgrounds for the Chinese Communists to stir up Fentanyl and Carfentanyl laced evil in. Following our DEA and DoD success model in Columbia wiping out the Cali and Medellin Cocaine Cartels.


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For those convinced that the USA is cooked and done and to stick a fork in her... I spend my days in the markets and what I like about the markets is PC Bullshite is completely ignored whereas keeping score is all about did you earn a trading profit, how much and at what levels of risk and how well did you mitigate that risk...

What I admire about Trump is he knows Business is a deadly serious game of Profits VS Losses - the longer your track record of profits the more capital you get to manage - the bigger your losses the sooner you crap out of the craps table of life and fade away.

One good thing about the Men who Know the Markets is they are also the Men who Know America and despite the MSM GloboFaggery Doomsayers tearing down the USA on the nightly news - Phocking America is Booming and not going to change anytime too soon as that is the way the DoD, MIC and Wall Street want it. Trump is Good for Business and Business is Good for America...

As for the enemies chanting Death To America - we know where they sleep and they will be dealt with appropriately in due time.


The Two Big Winners Of Earnings Season That No One's Talking About

Just as quickly as earnings season came, it's now over.

Walmart Inc.'s (WMT) earnings report last Thursday officially ended the season.

And as I noted on Friday, Walmart crushed analyst expectations on soaring e-commerce sales — and a sizable uptick in foot traffic.

As a bellwether of the American economy, the retailer's big Street beat should make this point clearer than ever…

There is NO recession looming on the horizon here. And there's still plenty of upside left in stocks -- that can easily drive higher well into 2019.

Allow me to explain.

Big Beats Over the Street… No Small Feat

In case you missed it, 92% of S&P 500 companies have reported third-quarter earnings. And according to FactSet, nearly 80% of these names have exceeded earnings per share estimates.

The research firm also notes that the Q3 earnings growth rate is currently 25.7%. If it holds, it'll be the strongest quarter of profit growth since 2010.

Better still, more than 60% of companies have beaten sales estimates, too. So the stunning business growth we've seen isn't just the product of "financial engineering."

Yes, investors continue to take profits off the table as we approach the end of the year.

But the recent selloff has made stocks incredibly cheap.

The forward price to earnings ratio on the S&P 500 has dropped to 15.6 from more than 18 earlier this year. That's well below the S&P's five-year average of 17.

And analysts expect another double-digit quarter of EPS growth when Q4 numbers drop in January.

Best of all, the recent slip in stocks presents you with a huge buying opportunity.

Following the strong earnings season, here are the two unloved sectors that offer you the biggest bang for your buck right now…

The Hidden Diamonds in the Rough

Crude oil prices are down, but the energy sector is far from out…

Boasting a 125% boost, the energy sector saw the largest increase in earnings this season. And despite the big bounce in bottom line growth, large cap oil stocks (measured by the ETF XLE) trade at just 16 times forward earnings right now.

If you're looking to get into a few cheap names, consider Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras (PBR) and Vale SA (VALE).

These two existing Dollar Trade Club recommendations sport bargain-bin valuations. And they're poised to pop on a rebound in oil prices.

And while tech stocks are getting wrecked, 91% of S&P 500 tech companies reported better-than-expected earnings.

One unloved tech name that has my eye is Cypress Semiconductors Corp. (CY). They're a mid cap chip-maker that's on deck for huge growth in 2019.

The stock got hammered in the October selloff, but it reported a 48% increase in third-quarter earnings — and an 11% boost in Q3 sales.

And since reporting earnings on October 25, the stock is up 10%. That's nearly twice the rise of semi stocks, ten times the rise of the Nasdaq over the same period.

Even better… the stock is making higher lows. And on Friday… the stock broke through key resistance around $13.85 on above-average volume.

CY is a semi stock surging with momentum — and bucking the broader downturn in tech. As a trader, it's a name that demands your attention right now.


As you gear up for the year-end push, look to add these discounted tech and energy names to your portfolio -- before they explode higher.


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Leonard D Neubache said:
Believe it or not for some of us charting these trends is not an exercise in defeatism, it's a reality check designed to figure out which personal goals are realistic and which are pointless.
Let's hear some. A list of pointless ones, and realistic ones, so we're all on the same page.

Leonard D Neubache

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kamoz said:
Leonard D Neubache said:
Believe it or not for some of us charting these trends is not an exercise in defeatism, it's a reality check designed to figure out which personal goals are realistic and which are pointless.
Let's hear some. A list of pointless ones, and realistic ones, so we're all on the same page.
I could split this up into a hundred different points but I'll reduce it to these.

Pointless stuff: Wasting a single second or a single dollar attempting to stop Silicon Valley and the globalists on a broad, societal level. Wasting a single second more attempting to sway public opinion here or anywhere else that Western civilisation is salvageable on anything other than a local level this side of a violent civil war. Wasting a single second more masturbating over the Trump phenomenon which is arguably beginning to cause more harm than good as a pressure relief valve for legitimate anger. Generally speaking, wasting a single minute or dollar investing in anything that can't be cashed out before the gulags are open for business or there's blood in the streets.

Not pointless stuff: Everything else. Investing in self, family, local ties and the capacity to undermine the system enough that it can collapse and that something not utterly evil can grow from ruins. Reducing tax burdens to net zero or lower where possible. Voting with your feet. Removing consent to be governed where possible. Redrawing psychological borders to amputate geographic dead flesh and mentally/physically/economically preparing one's self to defend those borders when the center becomes weak enough to strike at.

Leonard D Neubache

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Deepdiver said:
@ms224 "For that kind of money why don't we just buy Mexico and make it civilized?"

Why buy it when it is begging to be taken over and saved for much less... Simple Plan; wipe out the Narco-Terrorists, reinstate Christian/Catholic morality less the little Boy Butt Buggering by HomoFag pedophile priests, and reestablish freedom and democracy with a NorAm Peace Keeping Contingent focusing on birth control and economic stabilization Making All the Americas Great Again.
You can't stop illiterate, unarmed Hondurans from climbing your national fence.

Your military is not yours to command. It will go where elites tell it to go and do what the elites tell it to do.

Still bombing Syrians and Iraqis while dropping supplies and trainers in to prop up ISIS, aren't you?

At what point are you going to accept that either Trump is on the take or he's powerless to command this juggernaut you think is going to save the day?


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John T Reed's take on how Trump might/should have dealt with Acosta:

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly, who was appointed by Trump, ordered Trump to reinstate CNN’s Jim Acosta’s White House press. Here is how my fictional Unelected President “Mike Medlock” would respond to that court order at a news conference to be held today.

“Good afternoon members of the White House Press Corpse [sic]. I want to personally welcome back Jim Acosta and hand him his court-ordered White House Press Credential. C’mon up here, Jim.”

They pause during the handshake so still photos can be taken.

Acosta returns to his seat.

“Don’t sit down, Jim. Everyone else stand up. When this news conference ends, go clean out your workspace of all your personal belongings and get off the premises of the White House.

“I am renaming the office where you guys work the ‘U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly Annex to the Chief of Staff’s Office.’ Here is the plaque we already had made. As you can see, it has a photo of Judge Kelly.

“As you guys know, the West Wing offices are absurdly cramped. My chief of staff will move some of his people into your old White House Press Office space.

“You guys are still going to be able to ask me questions—along with the rest of the world. The new format is anyone on earth with a question for me will submit it in writing to the website. We do not want any identification of the questioner. If you put your name or employer on the question, it will be deleted. We do not care who is asking the question. A child can ask. A foreigner can ask. Enemy spies can ask.

“All questions received will appear on the web site so you can see which we answer and which we don’t.

“I will see all the questions in advance. We will research the answers where appropriate. Generally, the purpose of my taking questions at all is to identify gaps in our public statements that require supplemental information—in other words, to tell the public things we should have included in our original statement.

“Our selection of questions to answer will be subjective. We will look at how many asked the same question, look for attempts to game the system and disregard those, and plain quality of the question. I will not answer rude questions, even if Judge Kelly orders me to. Indeed, if Judge Kelly or any other judge tries to tell me how to run my future news conferences, I will stop holding them at all.

“The Constitution does not require me to hold live news conferences, which may be a revelation to Judge Kelly. The institution of the President answering pop questions live was created by President John F. Kennedy in 1961. I admired JFK, but I must note that reporters in that era did not trash talk him like you guys. I do not think he would have tolerated it either.

“To make sure everyone understands, I am eliminating special media access to all executive branch personnel. Among other things, there will be no reporters riding on Air Force One from now on. Henceforth, if any of you want to set foot on the White House grounds, you will do so as members of the White House tour groups—and the rules for those groups ban questions shouted at White House officials. If Judge Kelly orders us to change those rules, I will end White House tours.

“In short, you guys are no longer privileged characters in the U.S. government’s executive branch. You have the same access as the public. You will stand in the same lines as the public, both figuratively and literally.
“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been real. As often happens, the misbehavior of a few hurts the well-behaved many. Not all of you behaved like Acosta, but most of you may a big show of supporting him against me. You made this bed. Now you will lie in it.

“My final words to you are ‘Get the hell out of the White House.’”

President Medlock leaves the press briefing room. Acosta yells a question. Medlock ignores him, but reporters later say he smiled as he did so.
Wish we did live in a world where the President had sufficient balls to do that.


Federal judge halts Trump asylum ban

If this caravan succeeds, there is going to be an invasion of the US by the millions. A group of invaders can say "fuck you" to the president because their leftist leaders have told them that they have more power than the president of the US. This caravan is a mean, nasty group. I think the biggest disappointment is that Trump can't even get the Department of Justice working for him. This is a huge source of power, but he has been effectively blocked. He is the one on the defensive facing constant investigation, while the criminal rats are untouched. The people have no voice. How long are we going to play this game? Fuck Democracy.




Libertas said:
Sherman said:
Expected. They don't call it the 9th circus for nothing. They went judge shopping and got the result they wanted.

Needs to be taken to the Supreme Court immediately. This is precisely why the left fought so hard against Kavanaugh.
The problem is that the Department of Justice would have to file the lawsuit. So far, I haven't seen any evidence that Trump has any control over the Department of Justice. I won't believe it until I see criminal charges against at least one of the elites.


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The DOJ should file by the end of the week.

My expectations are for the SCOTUS to require guidelines to resolve the problem because indefinite suspension of asylum requests likely is not constitutional. Very familiar to the judgements on the Muslim country ban. It has to be temporary with working procedures to resolve.