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Leonard D Neubache, usually you post good stuff but comparing a nuclear submarine operator to a factory worker is pretty ridiculous/insulting. The US Navy doesn't give out top secret security clearance to idiots.


CaptainChardonnay said:
Leonard D Neubache, usually you post good stuff but comparing a nuclear submarine operator to a factory worker is pretty ridiculous/insulting. The US Navy doesn't give out top secret security clearance to idiots.
Yes, they do.


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MidJack said:
CaptainChardonnay said:
Leonard D Neubache, usually you post good stuff but comparing a nuclear submarine operator to a factory worker is pretty ridiculous/insulting. The US Navy doesn't give out top secret security clearance to idiots.
Yes, they do.
Curious if first hand or second hand experience?

Leonard D Neubache

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CaptainChardonnay said:
Leonard D Neubache, usually you post good stuff but comparing a nuclear submarine operator to a factory worker is pretty ridiculous/insulting. The US Navy doesn't give out top secret security clearance to idiots.
Process worker. Cogs in a machine. Necessary, smart, gritty, adaptable cogs, but cogs all the same. The best cogs you could hope for.

You missed my point entirely.

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"The Saudis" recently changed leadership, and it's POSSIBLE (I'm not saying this is necessarily true) the new guy is a little different. See the outrage over the deep state "journalist" murder for some food for thought
So I came out guns blazing this past Thanksgiving on the politics front. I just couldn't let the stupid slide when the echo chamber went full retard circle jerk mode and I know what the stakes are.

I had a bunch of specific examples written but here's a summary of my thoughts after that evening instead:

The US is finished, in its current form, unless you can:

1. Convince largely middle class and up whites via some means to wake the fuck up and realize they are committing cultural/societal suicide by voting democrat


2. You deport/remove every single goddamn illegal in this country with no exceptions. And their native born anchor baby children as well who vote democrat 90% of the time.

EVERYTHING else is secondary. I think it was SS who emphasis a while back that the demographic voting trends is THE paramount issue that must be resolved above all else ASAP; even at the expense of important issues like militant feminism or even the economy for example... all of which can be sorted out later.

For convincing well off white folk: it's very hard do this because they live in protected well off enclave echo chambers where no one questions them and they are isolated from the damage of their politics. In that, the America they grew up in is dying, is being replaced with welfare seeking third world garbage, and they are signing this country's and their children's death warrant. All of which, has no effect of them now. When I explained the aforementioned the other night, it fell on deaf ears. Maybe I planted a kernel of a red pill thought in their minds but I doubt it.

That being the case, the only way to get these middle/middle upper class whites (and non-whites for that matter) to wake up is to make them suffer the effects of their politics. For many people: without suffering, you can't learn from your mistakes. Right now, they can run. From cities to suburbs. From suburbs to the country. From California to Arizona. From New York to Tennessee. No suffering is occurring; just a passing of the buck to folks who can't move (due to money, family, job, etc) to an expensive neighborhood, another town, or even another state.

On the current path though, there will be few places to hide and you can add "to another country" to the list soon.

So how do you make largely white democrats suffer the effects of their politics in the current frame work? Honestly, I have no idea.

You'd have to restrict state residence based on voter party registration (impossible today) or you break up the US into city-states/regions/etc. Frankly, I just rather do a peaceful break-up and get it over with while we still have leverage. I promise you the democrats aren't going to allow a peaceful break-up when they get full control. How many authoritarian socialists do you know that give up control when you ask nicely?

Simply put, unless democrats, particularly white democrats, suffer from their politics with no escape, I see no real red pill moment occurring. In the current frame work, it's impossible to make them truly suffer from their own decisions.

Will blacks come from outta of left field and save the day? Recall the recent Georgia governors race: The white guy Kemp got 11% of black men and 3% of black women. This was better than expectations but I'm just not seeing some huge black demographic swing towards the GOP happening anytime soon; as much as I wish it was true.

How about John James, the black veteran running for the Pure Michigan US senate seat?

Although the African-American Republican is popular with traditional GOP voters, he struggled in last Tuesday's election with black voters. In the Democratic stronghold of Detroit, which has the most African-Americans in the state, James garnered 4.8 percent of the vote, despite aggressive campaigning
Bottom line: You gotta make the democrats, particular white ones, truly suffer so they learn the error of their ways. All the intellectual arguments or evidence presented (i.e Europe) is basically pointless. And even then, you got white democrats having children killed by illegals and they STILL don't get red pilled. INSANE. That's why I say I'd rather just peacefully break up and be done with it. Non-whites are not going to make-up the gap; not in the end ultimately at least. But we're fucked in the current frame work since we have no feasible way to make them suffer.

Therefore... effort, time, and energy should not be wasted on trying to change what isn't realistically possible to change at this point. Trump's presidency and the post-2015 European refugee crisis has already done the work of identifying and convincing who is convertible and who isn't. We are picking up scraps at this point.

Changing gears to the illegal immigration front:

What can be done? A wall? Good luck with that now with a democrat controlled House.

Massive caravans showing up to the door? We have to play games about authority, rules of engagement, court injunctions, housing/legal rights if they cross... and that's just for the first group that shows up. A invasion force shows up and we are arguing about whether the military is even allowed to kill these people at our border? To Trump's credit, he is doing what he can within the legal framework with the exception of one thing I will touch on shortly.

Immigration reform? Likely does little/nothing about the current illegals and DACA kids. Most talk has centered around future immigrant inflow (get rid of visa lottery, install merit based system, etc). That's needed but we need to deal with the cancer that's within. Good luck getting anything done on this front excluding some cucked bill granting amnesty in some fashion.

What's left to combat illegal immigration, especially with a democrat controlled House with the clock ticking everyday?

Executive authority for emergency conditions. I'm talking Martial Law. I'm talking, treating every illegal immigrant as an invader (not an economic migrant) and enemy of the United States. No more wishy-washy bullshit.

Do you know the budget for Border Patrol/ICE? Around 20 billion dollars.

That's it. Look for yourself:

Did you know that Trump wanted to increase BP/ICE personnel (which together is only about 40,000) and the GOP controlled Congress denied him because BP/ICE can't supposedly recruit/train/retain fast enough:

Despite a consistent push from President Trump and leaders in his administration, lawmakers once again rejected the White House’s call for a dramatic increase in the number of federal law enforcement officers at the Homeland Security Department.

Congress took its opposition a step further in the fiscal 2018 omnibus spending bill, not just declining to fund a hiring surge but questioning the underlying wisdom of Trump’s proposal. Appropriators even noted, for the second consecutive year, that they reduced the funding total for Customs and Border Protection because of the agency’s own admission it would not be able to reach its lofty goals.


Trump’s budget had requested funding for 1,000 new agents as part of the his mandate that ICE bring on 10,000 law enforcement personnel. The agency has struggled to meet that goal, with the number of new deportation officer hires—where the Trump administration has envisioned the overwhelming majority of the new employees working—dropping in half in Trump’s first year in office to just 371.


The same executive order called on CBP to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents, and Trump’s budget requested funding for 500 to come on board this fiscal year. But Congress did not authorize any new hires at Border Patrol, and instead provided $7 million for 351 customs officers at ports of entry. Lawmakers noted that “despite significant investments in hiring, retention and recruitment strategies,” CBP now expects Border Patrol to lose more agents than it will gain in fiscal 2018.

Border Patrol also saw a net loss in agents in fiscal 2017 and is still nearly 2,000 agents short of its current congressionally-mandated floor. CBP is looking to improve that trend by adjusting its polygraph exam, changing its physical fitness test and reforming its training process. Agency leaders have said the average application processing time has decreased from 400 days in 2014 to 160 days today.
This is Trump's signature issue, our country's signature issue, and due to a tiny budget, federal government bureaucracy, Congress head games, and low personnel numbers, Trump's actual enforcement capacity is essentially a limp dick on this front.

You know why I said Martial Law?

717 billion dollars. That's why. That's the Department of Defense budget.

DoD size?
1,300,000 (active duty military)
826,000 (National Guard and reserve)
742,000 (civilian)
= 2.86 million.

THAT's a fighting force you use on invaders within/on your borders!

On the reputable conservative end, there at least 10 MILLION illegal immigrants in this country. This DOES NOT include the children they are having as well who will/have vote democrat 90% plus of the time. Remember, margins are very thin in many elections across the country and will get worse for our end due to INVADER demographic shifts. Ask 1970's California their opinion if invaders can swing elections.

BP/ICE can't deal with an invasion force of this magnitude at their current or even best future levels. They are legally restricted on many fronts (sanctuary cities for starters), under-equipped, underfunded, and undermanned.

We waste tons of money/blood on wars overseas that don't serve our national interest while we got a damn war right here in the homeland and on our borders.

"But Black Knight, if Trump declares Martial Law, this will play into democrats hands that Trump is a dictator and blah blah"


We are in the endgame of the United States as a nation. Place your final bets, nut up, and realize it is do or die today. We are out of time for wishy-washy half steps. We got two years left in all likelihood and we just wasted two years with a cucked GOP Congress.

As someone else said, Trump tried to finesse MAGA policy and now a lot of people here are getting bummed out because they see little hope for getting the the real big important thing done. That being, restoring America's demographics back to their rightful levels before we were INVADED by illegal immigrants in mass numbers.

I think Trump gets it. He floated the end of birthright citizenship, he floated kicking out DACA kids, he has pushed relentlessly within the legal confines of the presidency and a cucked GOP to fix our fucked situation. GIVE THE MAN A BREAK. He tried to do hardest thing in the least painful way possible for everyone but that didn't work.

It's time to pull the fuckin pin yet I see no one here advocating for it. Instead, people are losing hope, tallying up secondary victories, and praying for a GOP controlled congress/Trump victory in 2020.

WAKE UP: Trump is still in the White House. We still have options that haven't been utilized; even if they are extreme options. Trump IS responsive to his base. And the base is getting deflated since INVADERS are still running rampant within the US.

You want to have a chance in hell in unfucking this mess? Or at a minimum, reduce the rate of decline?

Martial Law

Push Trump to declare it and end this goddamn invasion of the US and restore the FULL integrity of the country to its actual citizens.

Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states:

"The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion [i.e. sanctuary cities] or Invasion the public Safety [i.e. 10 million plus people, kids getting citizenship/voting rights, illegals killing citizens] may require it."
Straight up: If you're not pushing for martial law or at least willing to entertain the idea at this point to remove all illegal invaders immediately with extreme prejudice along with the arrest of pro-sanctuary democrats for sedition, you're missing the big picture, what motivated people to vote for Trump, and have simply lost the plot. The only legitimate excuse to wait is to hold out until Ginsburg kicks it (a significant gamble) so Trump can lock up the Supreme Court with pro-MAGA people.

Anyway, that's what I figure out after Thanksgiving. At least the turkey was good.



I can argue semantics like what about throwing the book at social media companies, but that's besides the point. Well done Black Knight. Excellent and I hope people close to Trump have read it and can take action. We're here to save our country and hold Trump accountable. He really has shifted the Overton window and that's great. With that being said either Trump follows through with what Knight said or an extremist candidate will run on this platform. READ THAT SENTENCE ONCE MORE BECAUSE THE DECLINE WILL BE COMING IF TRUMP DOESN'T ADDRESS OUR ROOT PROBLEMS. Will it be in 2020? 2024? I hope the GOP is destroyed by either time because I don't identify as a Republican since they keep cucking for open borders. I identify as a nationalist. If the GOP ever pushes a moderate Romney style candidate we're through. Trump has the power to declare martial law....liberals keep kicking dogs that lie. It's time to bite them back. Press advantage, since we've already established beyond a reasonable doubt to the silent majority that the media lies and lies and lies. They cried wolf too many times. And yeah we're running out of places to hide.

And to all the Trump fanboys that keep whining that this is all "BLACK PILLED GROW A PAIR" honestly shut the fuck up. Nobody on this forum is going to march up with their squad to take down the government. I've already posted that one story with the Marines getting assaulted by cowards. Address points like the immigrant invasion or you're a Trump fanboy.

PS Some of the Europeans I have talked to that live here in the States just write off the European caliphate as a joke...this is what we're dealing with. An apathetic group that just doesn't care that their continent is burning. Sad part is America might have to bail out these Euro pussies in the future...FUCK!!!!


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godfather dust said:
"The Saudis" recently changed leadership, and it's POSSIBLE (I'm not saying this is necessarily true) the new guy is a little different. See the outrage over the deep state "journalist" murder for some food for thought
Yes indeed, seems Saudi Arabia may well have changed its tune these days.