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Then when September hits, drop some indictments. Flip over the big tech boards. Fire and hire like a madman - let guys like Bannon riff the shit out of the deranged left. Anyone who has a drop of patriotic blood left in them, turn them loose. Make the two months before the election such a hail of fury that anyone left on the fence is forced to choose a side. The Marxists have put all their cards on the table now. Their militant arm is wide open. Their funding is one click away. Audit the fuck out of the corrupt alphabet agencies, the political grifters who amassed hundreds of millions of dollars while working for the fucking people.

Its no longer the democrats vs the republicans. Its the patriots vs the Marxists.
Trump should just shutter the domestic enforcement arms of the Federal government and tell the states to step into the gap.

The alphabet soup agencies are deep state operations that exist for the sole purpose of oppressing Red America while shielding Blue America from being prosecuted for their crimes. They are in and of themselves enormous crime cartels responsible for the most heinous things you can imagine. They are a net blight on America and should simply be defunded, shuttered and consigned to history. If this wasn't evident in 2016 it certainly became so after their attempt to rig the elections was revealed, and to date not a single member of that blatant conspiracy to commit treason at the highest level has been charged with a crime.

Trump should bite the bullet and assign a department head who will sign an order to furlough the entire staff of all those offices pending their complete defunding. Maybe then Red America could step out from under the shadow of federal tyranny and take the fight to Blue America without having to worry that they're going to be arrested and tried for a hatecrime because they had the audacity to disagree with a black person on twitter.
I did a lot of thinking about him. I think we should pray for President Trump. I've been frustrated with him but he's only human I'm sure he's lost a lot of sleep over the COVID response and now the BLM stuff. I'm not saying we should offer sympathy or pity him but the guy's been under a lot of pressure. I've criticized him a lot too and I try not to just blindly hate him like online forums or social media tend to make you do. I don't think re-election for him is just about ego, its about winning against the media and Trump haters who I think we all agree have acted outrageously. What I want is for President Trump to really pray to God and read the Bible and just have a awakening. He needs to drop his ego and try to do what's right. For America, the world and himself. This reelection can't be just about getting revenge on the media and people who wronged him. I'd rather he lose reelection trying to do the right thing than win it and give 4 more years of the same thing. Trump needs to change, not change in the way liberals want him to (and would try to destroy him anyway) but in line with God, Jesus and the moral thing to do. He needs to show more compassion and humility. Not as in being a cuck or kneeling for BLM but humility to God, dropping his ego, letting God tell him what the right decisions are. Its a classic hero journey narrative and I think he needs to transform as a human being.

I think the current year is like a crazy sports game. You have numerous freaky once in a lifetime things happening and I don't think the game is over yet and we'll see more unexpected things that will make the game close again. It just doesn't make sense to me that Biden with the lead now will just run out the clock and this is how it will end for Trump. We're going to see something that will give him a path to reelection. But as I said I think it can't just be about his ego or beating his critics he has to really change as a person. I want President Trump to become more than just a candidate I vote to spite SJWs he needs to be a President I can be proud.


Trumps reelection chances are looking iffy, but if he loses I am partially grateful im in Canada to the extent that I dislike violence, aggressive confrontation and torture. I have great sympathy for the center/right patriots that voted for Trump because your left is much more violent, vengeful and aggressive than the Canadian left. The outcomes of the USA and Canada are ultimately the same. Complete leftist/corporate authoritarianism. Canada will probably reach it first, but the path for the USA will be much bloodier and aggressive. The left for all intents and purposes already owns Canada and feels comfortable in this position. They have won all the important elections over the last 60 years and have mostly shaped this country into their image. They'll use soft power tactics until their opposition dies off, is demographically replaced, or is properly "educated" over the next couple of decades. The American left coming off the insult of trump winning and 4 years of extreme TDS, is going to punish and humiliate trump voters every single day if Biden wins, where as in Canada, humiliation is once a week, with limited aggression and with a unique Canadian politeness to all its totalitarianism.

The point being, the likelihood of government enforcers breaking into badwhytes houses/businesses/communities in the USA to arrest, terrorize or kill them is substantially higher in the USA then in Canada within the next 10 years. The irony is, this strongman enforcement could mean that Americans are in a better position to fight back, where as in Canada the soothing soft authoritarianism will lure us into submission.


I think Trump's white voting base is pretty much intact, the problem is that he's facing a guy in Joe Biden who white people like as well, especially older white folks, and for some weird reason African Americans as well. He's got that "middle-class Joe" shtick going for him which is something Hillary Clinton did not have in 2016. In many ways Joe Biden is a harder opponent for Trump than Hillary was.
It isn't just about numbers. Trump's response to the riots of Tweeting things while doing nothing visible is killing his enthusiasm. A lot of why people wanted him to begin with was because they wanted someone who was a fighter. Him not fighting is making people feel betrayed and to lose interest, and the general sentiment seems to be people are shifting towards a mentality of realizing nobody is coming to help.


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The former head of the CIA:

Notice the language...

“Irredeemable“, “dangerous”, “despot”

Certain generals are saying the same things in public. These guys are pushing for a violent coup if T wins. After all, someone who is an irredeemable and dangerous despot can not stand.

Also, “he will use any tactic to retain power.” This narrative is being spread over and over by deep State, the media, and Biden. That T won’t leave if he loses. Makes me think that they are planning obvious voter fraud or otherwise ambiguous result (think Gore Bush) and they use the deep State to remove T. Or if T wins the electoral college and loses the popular vote, there will be a full court press to say T really lost, and has to leave. Or shenanigans with the electoral college (a State where T wins, but the electoral college votes are given to The winner of the popular vote).

I don’t believe in coincidences (cohencidences?), the fact that so many are stitching together this narrative means it’s coordinated, and they have something planned. They’re not going to let T have a second term, by any means necessary.

  • Biden appeared on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” Wednesday night. He spoke with host Trevor Noah about what would happen if President Trump lost the 2020 election but refused to leave the White House — a question and popular topic among Democrats, according to Fox News.
  • Biden, who is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for the 2020 election, said he is “absolutely convinced” the U.S. military would intervene.
  • Biden said: “I promise you. I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch.”
  • Biden said: “It’s my greatest concern. My single greatest concern. This president is going to try to steal this election. This is a guy who said that all mail-in ballots are fraudulent.”
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They're signalling that the deep state will not allow Trump to call upon the military if the election is rigged and stolen for Biden.

They're also signalling that if the election is close and Trump wins then they will not answer his call when the Left reliably claims "Russian haxxors" or whatever and refuses to honor the outcome.

If by some miracle Trump wins re-election by such a large margin that another Russian haxxors narrative can't be credibly pushed well then and only then will he be free and clear for another 4 years.

Anything less than total victory will result in mayhem, and the military whores of the deep state are signalling they will either do nothing or they will support the Left.

You've now got 129 days to get your location and your logistics sorted out.

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You've now got 129 days to get your location and your logistics sorted out.
I find this the most important thing discussed. Shit is going to hit the fan whether people like it or not. Build a shed, or go to Home Depot and buy a damn shed. Fill it up with rice. Buy a gun. Learn how to shoot it, well. Figure out your water situation. Get some big lights on the front and back of your house.

The number that triggers the left is: 80 days without Biden speaking in public. I think its in the 80s now.


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I think Trump will recharge his base and himself this summer then as God's chosen Christian Teutonic Knights and Knights Templar loyal Christian Warrior-Chief charge forth to smite the Satanic pure Evil enemies of God and his loyal Christian armies in the USA...

The MSM features the BLMpantifas as tough guy rioters... The moment these BLMpantielarpers enter the sanctuary neighborhoods of the true military veteran Christian Warriors the evil sons and daughters of Satan will see what a resurrection of the Churches cleansing fires of God's Holy Inquisitions looks like at the hands and arms of his Chosen Christian Warriors.

The loyal disciplined army of Christian Anglo Teutonic crusaders are slow to anger yet when called to Duty enact a swift retribution for incurring God's Holy wrath desecrating images of Jesus Christ and God's loyal Christian soldiers.

For the Marxist Moaists sons of Evil I remind them of Harry the Merciful who seeing the evils of chemical trench warfare in WW1 as a young US Army Captain, Took mercy on the Imperial Japanese by nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki bringing the Pacific war too an immediate unconditional surrender when leaflets over Tokyo said they and their Emporer were next.

God trained me and my brothers at arms NOT with bricks, rocks, firebombs and bullying but with discipline, firearms, missiles and thermonuclear solutions.

Our enemies test the will of God Almighty and his legions of silent majority highly trained and disciplined loyal Christian Warriors at their mortal peril because when the Holy Inquisition starts it does not end till the evil souls among us are truly cleansed by the Flames of the Lord.



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'This isn't about justice': GOP releases ad targeting Marxist co-founder of Black Lives Matter

Could not find the ad link here so if anyone can find the RNC truth ad about BLK please post the link reply here.

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I think Trump is letting things escalate in the cities - partially because he's butthurt they never supported him, and I definitely think he's right to be upset about that. This is a gamble as he's trying to be the law and order candidate.

I'm seeing him do practically nothing overall, though. I at least want some indication that he's going to help out innocent people caught in the crossfire, or at the very least supporters of his.

I'll vote for him. I don't feel inclined to drag every last person I know to the polls, though. I'm also wondering - will the polls be violent this fall?

"Only Trump supporters don't trust mail-in voting, anyone showing up in person to vote must be a secret KKK member."

Who can't see that coming?
Tucker has the right idea.

People all around are fed up now, I bet a lot of moderates have lost everything for the far left, the problem is they probably see Biden as a moderate, while he is really a Jeltzin type character for his handlers.

People are ready for someone to step in. Now is the time. If Trump squashes the revolt now, he will rise in the polls and win again. Shut it down.


I don't know what the hell the GOP stands for now. That's the biggest issue. Trump is a worn down man but the GOP as a whole as no plan and no spin. Which of them is stepping up and taking a stand vs the radical leftist? They are simply nowhere to be seen.

What neither I nor anyone else has the answer to is how large the so called silent majority is right now. Things have gotten so bad people might not be taking any chances whatsoever to allow their potential Trump backing identity to be revealed. We saw the turnout in 2016. But since then the attacks on the right, the doxing, the losing jobs, the physical assaults, the ruined reputations suggest the base may very well still be there, and some. It's just that the climate is so much worse than 2016 in which to reveal your voting intentions.

There's a very blurry line right now. How many will blame the current protests/riots/destruction on Trump's inaction vs how many will look at the out of control left and be fearful of the compounding effect if they're in charge.

In 2016 it was more of a vote for Trump and what he promised to do. He has largely failed. But I'm unconvinced at this point 2020 won't be a vote against the radical left and by defacto, for Trump.

Also the debates can turn this thing quickly. There's a reason Basement Biden will rarely get on camera unscripted.


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Brah pretty Black pilled dude.. since the Dems are now the Black Marxist radical anarchy Communist Murder and Slavery party for all humankind.

Da phock... Look in a Mirror... Are you Perfect... No ??... Trump either... And a good thing is You do not have to be a perfect person to be a perfect PATRIOT.

To help flush the MSM brainwash from your mind think of it simply as:

Republicans = Patriots

Democrats = BLM AOC Pantifa Marxist Murdering Communist Traitors.

So quit bitching and moaning about how Trump is not Perfect... And Man Up, Nut Up, and Ammo up and find and become part of a Patriots Community and prepare for mutual support and protection.. learn to shoot hunt and fish then kill it chill it and grill it... To keep you ancient ancestor warrior builder skills sharp and continue your European Christian Crusaders bloodlines.