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This alarming news broke out at an odd hour. This will probably be one of the biggest global headlines once the start of Friday's business hours resume, don't you guys think? Various markets are already dropping after this news.

The timing is interesting. They already said that both feel fine - meaning that Trump is one of those 99% who are asymptomatic - meaning healthy. There are two options for that - either the flu shot he took recently (he mentioned it) triggered the covid positive (Dr. OZ even mentioned it in one interview until the NPC-lackey at the show interrupted him abruptly) or Trump and Melania got the 45+ cycle PCR tests which essentially make 100% of tested positive just as they did with some meat packing and essential food processing plants where suddenly 100% of staff were positive, but no one was sick.

I wonder if Trump will do something more interesting by doing live press conferences or posting videos of him being super-healthy while supposedly afflicted with this super-deadly disease that lets you run marathons while in quarantine.


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How did this girl ever get voted in to office? She has no qualifications whatsoever.

The incumbent "phoned it in" campaign wise having gotten comfortable with getting re-elected by default. She won because she actually went out campaigned and met voters. Mind you.. this chick reminds me of so many upper-middle class dummies I knew in high school (radical left, feminist, convinced she is a genius, etc.)... but I have to give credit where credit is due. She did work that campaign of hers...

Those of us on the Right who seek political office should note above. Even in a blue district, if you have a lazy-ass incumbent, or something that leads up to a special election, there is a chance you can win. The latter happened where I live when the mayor went to prison for wire fraud. 18 candidates ran in a special election. The Republican candidate won (no run-off vote in a special election) because he actually went into the projects (this was a White dude) and asked for votes. He got enough, was elected, and then got re-elected two more times... Republican White guy in a city where Whites are a minority and a Republican hadn't held office in something like 90 years.


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Pray to God, gentlemen, because we are in a Spiritual Warfare.


@KaiserWilly (Gab): "Lots of weird Satanic accounts posting on Trump's twitter right now., possibly bots.
Update: A couple curious about the language, someone on 4chan said it was an Ethiopian script. Ethiopia has sometimes been said to be the home of the ark of the covenant and has a history of Christianity and Judaism both being prevalent there.

I don't want to post the screenshots because they are so disturbing to see. You can click on @KaiserWilly link to check out the screenshots.
How did this girl ever get voted in to office? She has no qualifications whatsoever. She was a Bernie staffer thats it. Other than being attractive, in fairness she was cute in her little dancing video but not so much anymore with her soulless appearance, she is in no way qualified to be in this position.

America is retarded.

A combination of the incumbant was just a boring swamp creature, with over 20 years in office and no achievements for his district


The demographics of the district had changed drastically over the last 10 years from majority white to majority Puerto Rican.


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I got worried when I read the headline, but if anyone is built like a tank, it is Trump. He is incredibly robust and full of vigour for his age, so I am confident this won't impact him too much.

Maybe this is a last-ditch attempt by the Deep State to have Biden get coronavirus too, conveniently excusing him from further debates AND getting to blame it on Trump talking too loudly at the last debate?

This crossed my mind, as well. This smells like an easy way to get Biden off the trail and miss the next debate. Also, maybe this is the reason why Jill Biden looked like a goof with her mask on greeting Joe Biden post-debate?

All they have to say is Biden 'has' COVID, he does not actually have to test for it because it can easily be connected that Biden caught it from the same place as Trump (the debate).

The timing is also important. IMO, Trump dropped the news at an odd time because then this gives him the 14-day window to quarantine to do the next debate. If Biden "tests positive," then his window would lapse the next debate.