The Donald Trump thread


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If they have the election rigged, why do they seem so worried about Trump (and making him look bad)?

This is what hysterical, desperate losers look like.

Trump wins and the whole house of cards comes down for the establishment and the hacks who have carried their water. If it comes out the media sat on toxic stuff for years you would have to clean the house from top to bottom.


I am watching the town hall on youtube:

On the right hand side of the video is the live chat and I get the following for the first time in any live chat I have ever seen on youtube:
'Welcome to live chat! Live commentary mode is on. You can read all messages, but only viewers selected by the channel can send them.'

Is this normal for live chats and has it been like this from before as well? How does the channel select the viewers?


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WTF this mega coont Guthrie attacks POTUS during the entire town hall then all the questioners are women except for one remote black guy... So both Guthrie and the NBC Producers prove they are MSM institutional misandrists... I loved that woman in the background nodding yes at all of President Trump's answers and of course she was not picked to ask any questions.


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Trump Town Hall vs Biden Town Hall



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Wow #Norristown has triggered the leftys... This fatty tweeter made me laugh:

Tom Nichols
Guthrie challenges Trump to release his taxes. Trump says he can’t do it while he’s under audit and the woman behind him is nodding like he just accepted Christ as his personal savior!