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Why isnt the Hunter Biden / Biden influence peddling scandal bigger? Why isn't it THE biggest story right now?

The Orwellian reality is that its now veryeasy for the MSM to hide the truth in plain sight.

CNN says "Russian interference hoax"....50 million Americans believe it...done

One of the most villainous achievements of the MSM in the last generation or so is the conversion of truth from fact to essentially a choice.

This Las Vegas shooting really drove it home for me. The actual facts were most likely published by someone but how does one know what they are?

You cant find a needle in a haystack when the needle looks just like the hay. Once that happens then, which is the "correct" (factual truth) piece of straw comes down to a marketing effort and public opinion becomes malleable.

"Truth" and "facts" are electives now.

If Nixon had had the media on his side like Biden does he never would've had to resign
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To give you perspective on this, and how much of a fossil Dr. Fauci is, the guy is connected to two generations of my family through research work and school. My Uncle went to Cornell with the guy, my cousin did AIDS research connected to the guy, another cousin worked at NIH. He has is a lifer and you can't get rid of him. He runs the show. They will likely burry him in whatever weird goblin/vampire park the NIH has it's headquarters at (people say it is haunted).
Trump eats a lot of steak - that is what keeps him healthy. If he cut out the surplus carbs, then he would be fit and toned. That is what keeps him healthy aside from good genetics. He also certainly takes some testosterone. Meanwhile Bill Clinton and Joe Biden get a 'cholestorol free' diet that lets them either look like ghouls or lose their minds as the brain requires cholesterol and the connection between heart disease and cholesterol is bullshit anyway. My guess is that Trump eats up to 2 pounds of beef a day with fast food being a rare thing for him.

If so then how did he get so fat?




He seems confident enough about COVID-19 to attack Fauci directly now. I don't think the sentiment for Fauci exists any longer anyways.

My wife's priest gave a fiery sermon against the reaction to the virus a few months ago in which he called Fauci "the high priest of a false religion."

It was really inspiring. Imagine if we had leaders on a higher level than a local parish priest with that kind of courage to name names and call it what it is.