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Another 2016 favourite.

Some 2015-16 WashingtonPost titles:

2 June 2015: 57% of Republicans will never vote for Donald Trump

16 June 2015: Donald Trump’s spectacular, unending, utterly baffling, often-wrong campaign launch

17 June 2015: Why no one should take Donald Trump seriously, in one very simple chart

20 July 2015: The beginning of the end of Trump

10 Aug 2015: Donald Trump will inevitably flame out. Here’s why.

30 Sep 2015: Mitt Romney weighs in on 2016, says Trump ‘will not be the nominee’

30 Sep 2015: Time to fire quack candidate Donald Trump

2 Oct 2015: Trump will lose, or I will eat this column

5 Oct 2015: How you know Donald Trump is not serious

5 Oct 2015: Trump's fade into incoherence

14 Oct: So what happens after Donald Trump and Ben Carson?

20 Oct 2015: Are Republican voters going to come to their senses about Donald Trump?

23 Oct 2015: Will Donald Trump stick around to lose in Iowa?

13 Nov 2015: IS Donald Trump losing it?

2 Dec 2015: How you snuff out Donald Trump’s candidacy

7 Dec 2015: Trump continues to lead the polls. Here’s why he might not win the election

9 Dec 2015: Donald Trump leads in the polls, but Ted Cruz looks more like the favorite

10 Dec 2015: Why take the Trump stunt seriously?

11 Dec 2015: Mitt Romney’s top strategist thinks Donald Trump won’t win a thing

13 Dec 2015: It’s Cruz, not Trump, who looks more like favorite to win GOP nomination

15 Dec 2015: Republican voters think Donald Trump would be their best general election nominee. They’re wrong

15 Dec 2015: Jeb Bush vowed that Donald Trump would be in decline by Dec. 15. That didn’t happen

5 Jan 2016: Virginia for the Win: Are Trump’s supporters self-destructive?

11 Jan 2016: It’s not Trump’s fault if he wins the Republican primary

14 Jan 2016: Trump has not won the Republican nomination: Don’t make decisions today

27 Jan 2016: Skipping Fox debate is Trump’s first major misstep

3 Feb 2016: Donald Trump says something that is true, and it should end his campaign

25 Feb 2016: But seriously, how do we turn this Donald Trump thing off?

29 Feb 2016: Donald Trump isn’t funny anymore, and we all have to stop him

2 Mar 2016: How Trump could blow up the GOP without winning the nomination

18 Mar 2016: How a fractured field just might block Trump and force a brokered convention

3 Apr 2016: This time it really is the end of Trump. Really

4 Apr 2016: Kasich: It’s ‘mathematically impossible’ for him, Cruz, or Trump to win delegate majority

4 Apr 2016: Donald Trump’s very tough path to 1,237 delegates, illustrated

8 Apr 2016: So Trump is a populist. When does populism actually win elections?

13 Apr 2016: Donald Trump will almost certainly not be the Republican nominee if he cannot win on the first ballot in Cleveland

14 Apr 2016: Is Trump sabotaging himself?

27 Apr 2016: Trump’s incoherent speech shows why he’s unfit to be president

29 Apr 2016: If Trump is nominated, the GOP must keep him out of the White House

3 May 2016: Trump says beating Clinton will be ‘easy.’ He’s delusional. Literally

10 May 2016: This poll is good for Trump — but it also shows how hard winning the White House will be

3 Jun 2016: The media have reached a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He may not survive it :laughter:

1 Jul 2016: Trump says his campaign doesn’t need money or ads. Is he serious?

13 Jul 2016: Donald Trump is crashing the system. Journalists need to build a new one

18 Jul 2016: Donald Trump is not qualified to be president. And the American people know it

25 Jul 2016: This is the single most depressing finding in today’s polls showing Trump ahead

3 Aug 2016: Could Trump actually drop out of the race? And what would happen if he did?

3 Aug 2016: Trump just said he has a secret plan to win. In reality, he has no strategy

5 Aug: Trump thought he could win through sheer media dominance. In reality, it’s killing him

9 Aug 2016: Donald Trump needs a miracle to win

12 Aug 2016: These three states are making a Trump win basically impossible

13 Aug 2016: Has Donald Trump hit bottom?

16 Aug 2016: Down 9 in Florida, we have to ask: When is Donald Trump going to try to win this election?

1 Sep 2016: How Donald Trump has discredited much of conservative media

12 Sep 2016: Donald Trump campaign email: ‘We’re winning!’ (He is not winning.)

17 Oct 2016: It’s getting very, very hard to see how Donald Trump wins

20 Oct 2016: Donald Trump just put Hill Republicans in a no-win situation

24 Oct 2016: Donald Trump’s chances of winning are approaching zero

25 Oct 2016: Shy Trump supporters? This new evidence says no

26 Oct 2016: A new Florida poll illuminates Donald Trump’s ridiculously narrow path to victory

28 Oct 2016: Here’s why current polling suggests it will be very hard for Trump to win

2 Nov 2016: The only way Trump can win

5 Nov 2016: Donald Trump still has no business winning the presidential race

8 Nov 2016: Donald Trump doesn’t sound all that optimistic about winning

9 Nov 2016: Why Trump won -- and why the media missed it


The real poll numbers the MSM does not want us to hear revealed at Pennsylvania rally, don't believe the 538 lies!

"Donald Trump: (39:54)
But no, she ran into … it was terrible what was happening in Michigan. And by the way, we’re up in Michigan. We’re leading … I have here. I have here, and the only reason I’m doing this, remember I used to do it all the time for years ago? I got to start doing it again because they give you fake poll numbers.

Donald Trump: (40:12)
So [Rasmussen], which was very accurate, a great poll, had us at 53, and 52. We’re at 52%. history says that at 52%, you don’t lose, right? We’re at 52%. They don’t want to report it. Any poll that comes out positive, they don’t put it on. I’ve been told by pollsters, ” Why don’t you get it out? It’s a great poll.” Sir, we do get it out. They will not report it. These people that are most dishonest people.

Donald Trump: (40:41)
So ready, different polls. We’re leading in Nevada. We’re leading big in Texas. You hear that? We’re leading big in Ohio. Remember you must win Ohio. In fact, I hear they left Ohio. They’ve given up Ohio. We’re leading big in Ohio. Jim Jordan is a good guy, right? We’re leading by four points in Florida. You didn’t hear that did you?"
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