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EMJ has been a relentless positive force as the leading American intellectual today, a great breath of fresh air into American Catholicism and Christianity in general. His lifelong dedication to fighting luciferian degeneracy that has plagued our societies is starting to bear fruit, he's becoming a household name among Christian traditionalists and gaining traction among conservatives, to whom he is providing the critical tools to understand the nature of the beast in control of our societies.

So it's no surprise to see that he is under attack now. As one might expect, it's recent members that are leading the attacks on EMJ on this board, relaying the clumsy halfbaked accusations by obvious glowies like that Fitzgerald character.

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Anyone thinking this way is having an obsolete thought process. Nation states don't matter any more. Nothing is independent.

The anti-nationalist component of globalism is indeed extremely strong today, but that's not the whole story.

Gobalism only has a parasitic existence and lives off its enemies. If nations disappeared completely and we were left with a big "global village" where everything is the same junk everywhere, there would be no point in emigration and a major source of economic slavery would disappear. Perhaps globalists will invent a new system with a different incentive for slavery, but that's doubtful and unclear at this point.

This ambiguity or inconsistency appears very clearly in French media and especially French cinema, which on one side endlessly denounces France as a racist/intolerant/backwards country, yet at the same time produces an equally endless stream of "immigrant success story" movies/studies explaining how France is such a wonderful place for poor immigrants to get rich.


If the “you-know-whos” (Jews) were behind this, wouldn’t @banneddomain have a blue check on Twitter instead of @RooshV? Think about it.


Looks like this "Fitz" character is being spammed by multiple accounts. Something is going on with that operation.


^^^ I've noticed in the past month a deliberate campaign to slander Dr. Jones. He really pissed off the you-know-whos.
The reason for the recent slander directed at E. Michael Jones is that his Logos Theory threatens a particular narrative and likely CIA PSYOP within the Catholic Church. This narrative concerns the geopolitical theology that (1) the Soviet Union still exists and the KGB is still in power; (2) all major worldly and churchly problems are the result of this predicament, and (3) the only way to resolve these problems is by (once again) consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. E. Michael Jones himself calls this geopolitical theology "Fátima Fundamentalism", although others have called it "Fatimism". This Fatimist narrative resonates strongly with many Traditionalist Catholics, especially American ones.

For those unknown to the Fatimist narrative: it is founded upon a heterodox interpretation of the Marian apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima in 1916-1917. During these Marian apparitions, three shepherd children, among others (later Sister) Lucia dos Santos, received Three Secrets from the Blessed Mother. The Blessed Mother's Second Secret concerned the need for a consecration of Russia (i.e. the Soviet Union, which did not yet exist by name in 1917), because otherwise this nation would spread its "errors throughout the world", thereby "causing wars and persecutions of the Church". And indeed, shorty after, Communism became a desecrating blight to the Church.

Initially, I believed the heterodox interpretation, even though I strongly disagreed with the Neoconservative geopolitics of those advocating the narrative. However, my belief in the Fatimist narrative changed when I visited Fátima myself and spoke to a Portugese priest who was specialized in this topic. He explained to me that it is the official position of the Church that Russia has been successfully consecrated by Pope John Paul II on 25 March 1984 (after two unsuccessful ones by Pius XII, as these consecrations were not in communion with all the bishops). I did not know this at the time, but it indeed happened to be true. (evidence)

Why does the Church hold this position? Well, among others, because Sister Lucia herself affirmed that the consecration of 25 March 1984 "has been accomplished" and "accepted in Heaven", and that "God will keep His word". And how do we know that, besides Sister Lucia's affirmation, God kept His word? Because the God of Logos works through history. Thus, not long after John Paul II's consecration, long-suppressed Nations rose up against Communism, the Berlin wall fell, Russia entered a --still ongoing-- process of re-Christianization, and the Soviet Union collapsed. This collapse was eventually formalized in the Belovezha Accords, on 8 December 1991 (the Feast of the Immaculate Conception). The Soviet Union finally ceased to be on 25 December 1991 (Christmas Day). All "coincidentally" following the 1984 consecration. (evidence)

The Fatimists would object that the Church teaching in this regard is false, that Sister Lucia was lucid at old age, that her letters and autographs have been forged, that Pope John Paul II's consecration was one of the World and not of Russia (as if Russia is not part of this world), that Russians are not truly converting to Christianity, that "the KGB" (by which they mean the FSB) is misleading us in believing that the Soviet Union no longer exists etcetera. The objections are manifold, and that is because the narrative has all the hallmarks of a successful PSYOP.

That brings us to the heart of the matter: CIA involvement. There are several groups campaigning for the Fatimist geopolitical theology, such as the "Fatima Crusader" (founded by Father Gruner), "", the "Fitzpatrick Informer", and several more. I don't know that much about them, except that they are rather successful at suggesting that they have the last word in the matter, rather than the Church (or Heaven, for that matter). Be as it may, perhaps the most influential group advocating the Fatimist narrative is the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), which I have encountered several times. This American TFP chapter launched its "America Needs Fatima" campaign in 1985, thus a year after the Consecration of Russia by John Paul II. The campaign was founded by C. Preston Noell III, a man who still sees a KGB agent in every Russian that he meets (which I know for a fact, having met him).

TFP did not start in the United States. Rather, in 1960, Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira started the first chapter of this counterrevolutionary movement in 1960. Soon afterwards, chapters in other South American nations were founded, as Communism was on the rise and threatened the Church from without (by Communist revolutionary movements) and within (by heretical Liberation Theologians). I know that many members of the old TFP guard even risked their lives in protecting Catholicism. Be as it may, TFP's old opponents, including some members of the past South American Church hierarchy, often claimed that the organization cooperated with the CIA. While this cooperation would be logical given the Communist threat at the time, these claims remained largely unsubstantiated. (evidence)

Recently, however, with the declassification of many documents by the CIA, the validity of these claims has been vindicated. Thus, one document dated back in 1969 tells us that the CIA was aware of the support they could receive from TFP. (evidence) Most interestingly, TFP became a member of a CIA working group as well as an informant to the Bureau in exactly the same timeframe as their launch of the "America Needs Fatima" campaign (to recall, in 1985). (evidence and more evidence) Hence, their past cooperation with the CIA is an undeniable fact. And if this cooperation still exists, then it is also highly problematic, for the CIA is no longer fighting against Communism, but fighting for Globalism, which is the new desecrating blight to the Church.

Sadly, ever since NATO reinitiated its Cold War against Russia, the Fatimist narrative suddenly gained traction in Traditionalist Catholic circles, initially in America, but increasingly in Europe as well. Indeed, one of the groups that once again became very vocal against the "Errors of Russia" happened to be TFP America. (evidence and more evidence) As such, the people at TFP and other Fatimist organizations now function as useful idiots to the Globalists, for Russia is one of the remaining bulwarks against the Great Reset, now that the Church has been incapacitated on many fronts. It is therefore imperative that TFP is called out on whether they still cooperate with the CIA. And most importantly, they should drop the Fátimist heterodoxy.

That leaves us to the question why so many Fatimists such as Fitzpatrick Informer and others slander E. Michael Jones. Well, for starters, he is an orthodox Catholic who supports the official position of the Church with regard to Fátima, and thus not the heterodox interpretation (as said, which he calls Fátima Fundamentalism and correctly relates to the Neoconservative agenda). But I believe that is not the main reason.

The main reason is that his Logos Theory provides a wholly different explanation and solution to many of the World's and the Church's problems than this false PSYOP narrative, as it does not require a geopolitical conflict between fellow Christians (the Orthodox vs. the Catholics) nor another consecration of Russia, but rather a conversion of those who oppose God as Logos (of course including Those We Don't Speak Of). As such, E. Michael Jones' theory fundamentally undermines a narrative that only prevents a rapprochement between the Eastern Orthodox churches and a Roman Catholic Church reinvigorated by Traditionalist Catholics, and thereby an end of the New Cold War and possibly the entire Globalist agenda.

Instead, the Globalists want to keep Traditionalist Catholics navel gazing into perpetuity, waiting and praying for a consecration of Russia that will never happen, simply because it already happened. It is therefore my sincere hope that my post will be read and shared. Many people expounding the "Errors of Russia" mantra are devout Catholics who do tremendous good works in Evangelization and within the Pro-Life movement. I just pray that my message reaches them.

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Anyone thinking this way is having an obsolete thought process. Nation states don't matter any more. Nothing is independent. If EMJ were to be an agent of sorts he would have to be an agent for the oligarchs or non at all.

Underrated comment. Couldn't agree more. The age of looking at nations as being a problem is over. You gotta pay attention to the NGOs and Corporations, Financial Institutions and People with The Highest net worth in said country. And give it a good ol wikipedia early life while your at it to get the hint of what we're up against here.
Man, the boomers really are a problem.
Not for long. Most of them took the jab and will begin full conversion to semitic-cattle or just drop dead sometime this decade. I don't want to eat my words because I know many of them and once they are gone things will get worse, before it gets better. Have Mercy on them Lord.