The E. Michael Jones thread


People are too hard on Dr. Jones. He's gone on the record as being against weaponized immigration in at least two videos. Religion and the Alt Right (see below)

As well as his interview "Unwashed: The Falling Empire" (see the 53 minute to 57 minute mark)

Dr. Jones doesn't pay enough attention to biological differences between groups of people, but he still doesn't deserve the vitriol that is all too present in his Bitchute comment section. He's very based and redpilled for a man in his 70s, contrast Dr. Jones with the average 70 year-old person.
He believes that “ethnos needs Logos,” which is absolutely true.

My criticism, having watched about 100 hours total of his talks, is not clarifying enough there - ie race exists, it matters, concentric circles of extended family partly inbred ect (basically, Steve Sailer) AND YET Jesus the Logos ect.

Would still be a major contrast against rightist secularist materialists….and also allow him to discuss deathbed conversions, such as Sam Francis, with big explanatory power.



EMJ's point is correct, in small enough numbers, certain Africans can actually be integrated into Polish society.
I'm not sure that's his entire point. But I don't think race realists would deny that more or less complete social and structural integration of individuals is possible
This 29 minute nuclear critique of modernity as rationalized sexual misbehaviour is nothing short of glorious:

It's been posted earlier in the thread but I believe that particular youtube link is no longer available, so here's an alternate link:

These should be required watching for any Christian.