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In a decision that has taken me months to make, I have chosen to retire the Roosh Hour live stream format. The first Roosh Hour was recorded on July 10, 2017 while the last, Roosh Hour 73, on January 22, 2022. I will not do them anymore.

It was quaint to think that, upon repentance, I could seamlessly incorporate Christ into all my existing activities, but some activities are so predominately secular that they must be abandoned entirely. That includes doing a live stream where I offer commentary on dozens of news stories to a wide audience where my opinions are the “hidden knowledge” or “hot takes” that edify the masses. Problem is that doing live streams so exercised my pride that my most lamentable sins since being received into the Orthodox Church happened immediately after streaming.

Doing a Roosh Hour had the effect of dumping a gallon of adrenaline into my body. It gave me such a chemical rush that I immediately began to perform old sins, first with my mind and then my tongue. It even caused me to overeat. I learned that the adrenaline evaporates my spiritual guard, similar to the effect of alcohol. Not only do I lose control over my willpower, but I also lose the desire to pray. For at least a day after streaming, my prayer is unfruitful, full of distractions. It began to bother my conscience to do live streams because I knew I’d experience temporary spiritual damage as a result.

This is the law: Abandon everything that is dangerous to the new life, whatever ignites passions, brings vanity and extinguishes spirit. And how many such things there are! Let the measure of this be each person’s heart, sincerely seeking salvation without deceit and not only for show. Now is the time to cease from all theaters, balls, dances, music, singing, travels, strolls, acquaintances, jokes, sarcasm, laughter, and idle time. It is time even to change the time or arising from bed, sleep, eating and so on. At other times and in different places it may be otherwise. But the measuring stick is always the same: Abandon what is harmful and dangerous to life, whatever extinguishes the spirit. —Saint Theophan the Recluse

I have considered pre-recording streams to reduce the stimulation that comes from speaking to hundreds of people at once, or even to do an audio-only Roosh Hour to reduce the effect of me being the “star” of the show, but the problem of the content remains. For three, four, even five hours, most of what I talk about is the news, usually bad news. This observation was confirmed to me while I was preparing for my next stream by doing an objective analysis of the links I wanted to share. They were almost entirely negative: war in this country, rumors of war elsewhere, the regime trampling on people (literally with police horses), women behaving badly, children being hurt, people killing themselves, discussion of the human-destroying plans of the globalists, potential future pandemics, and on and on. I don’t care how strong your faith is, but to be subjected to this barrage of pain, suffering, and evil will darken your mind. For a long time I have been subjecting your senses to hours of doom and gloom, making it easier for you to experience anxiety, fear, and despair. Many people think I’m doing them a favor by showing them “what’s going on,” but do the benefits really outweigh the costs? Outside of knowing the basic framework of what’s happening in the world, you don’t need to know everything to serve Christ and be saved.

I have shared many spiritual ideas and quotes in my streams, but they are a minority of the content, and after a stream, it’s easier to remember the shocking images or carnage I shared more easily than a nugget of spiritual wisdom from this saint or that. I have never encountered a saint who spoke or wrote endlessly about world events and politics to then say a word or two about the faith, or who had to rush out in the public square to shout his political opinions to all who would listen. In the end, my streams were just one step above Fox News.

The thought that you could live like a Christian while holding on to the world and worldliness is an empty, deluded thought. Whoever lives by this thought will never learn anything more than pharisaism and imaginary life, that is, he will be Christian only in his own opinion, and not in fact. At first he will destroy with one hand what he created with another, that is, what he gathered while away from the world will be stolen from him at his first re-entrance into it. —Saint Theophan the Recluse

I’m not leaving you in the lurch. In my article Forecast Of The End Of The World, I carefully lay out how the world operates and what I believe will happen in the future. As of now, many news stories you encounter will fit into that framework. To continually discuss coronavirus week after week, for example, or gawk at a new war that we can view from the comfort of our homes, is gratuitous and merely a form of entertainment. You already have all that you need to know on an intellectual level about how the Antichrist will deceive the world, and now you simply need to strengthen your faith. Also, Roosh V Forum is active with hundreds of posts each day concerning every topic under the sun, including current events. Many astute men (and women) post there and can help you connect the dots of what is happening in the world.

It’s possible that in many months I will decide to do something like a topical podcast, but I prefer writing because I can perfect it through the editing process and remove inflamed quips and mistakes in judgment that I simply can’t do when speaking from an outline. God has shown me that for a passionate and impulsive person like myself who is prone to going too far in the moment, speaking in front of an audience is far more dangerous than writing, a methodical activity that does not dump any adrenaline within me.

Repentance is hard. Everything you were doing up to that point must be carefully examined with a spiritual lens. I had unpublished all my pickup books and articles, thinking that’s all I needed to do, but that was just the beginning, as I am in the process of changing countless other personal behaviors and habits to align myself with the teachings of Lord Jesus Christ and His Church. I must put God above my worldly pursuits, and if God tells me to give up everything then I must give up everything. Until then, I will commit to writing articles here and operating Roosh V Forum. For those of you who enjoyed my streams, I hope you stick around, because I think I have more to contribute without darkening your mind by showcasing all of Satan’s modern handiwork.

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They Live

You are helping folks Roosh. And in not just negative ways either. But i understand if it's causing you to sin. I don't know what else to say to that.
My old lady and i always looked forward to your input and just hearing your voice, it's refreshing in these times and there are not many like you around with a public platform. Think about how many folks learned about ZOG! :)

I hope you can find some way to continue to do it or something like it with out Sin. What about just an hour here or there? I always thought they were too long anyways maybe that would help maybe not. Anyways i support whatever your choice is no matter how dissappointed i am.


I'd be lying if I told you I was not disappointed, but if it is the right thing for you to do, I support it.
If it's ever possible for you to do podcasts, I look forward to that day.

But I also hope this won't turn into further isolation and inwardness. Sometimes we need to face the demons, and facing them does not make you a willing participant. Even Jesus ate with the tax collectors and prostitutes, teaching them while they ate.

Wish you the best, Roosh - you've helped me more than you can know.


Sad to hear. Your live streams were always extremely spiritually fruitful to me Roosh, even quite funny at times. It was my most listened to podcast on spotify for the past years. "Don't be sad its over, be happy that it happened".

But I trust your judgement and respect your decision. Thank you for everything. Glory to God!


Well I'll just say this,
If it were not for the Roosh Hour the likelihood that I would've re-discovered the Orthodox Church is quite slim. Being someone who works a labour job, podcasts are sometimes the only vehicles of information I realistically have access to. Many others who are just beginning their spiritual journey, as I did a few years ago, will enter the initial gates through the medium of AV.

I think audio/video is such an effective tool at spreading God's word that it's a grave mistake to forgo it. Considering that current events are AC in nature in regards to rumors of war, now is not a time to give into one's own weaknesses but is one where we should more than ever power through our internal demons in order to spread the good word.

As I stated in my initial sentence, your podcast was the main way I gained an interest in returning to the church/christ and I think it rather shameful that others will never get the same opportunity.


Other Christian
I know you've mentioned how you've struggled with the streams in the past, and I'm glad you're doing what's best for you. I'll miss the streams for sure, and certainly hope you do some sort of podcast like you mention in the future, but that decision is ultimately yours and yours alone. I'm glad you do the work you do.

God bless you Roosh.


The decision makes sense although it will be sad to no longer have family Roosh Hour(s)

Maybe you could, at least for your longest articles, narrate it with an audio button in the article, for those of us with shorter attention spans, or who could still use something to listen to while doing chores or something else. Less involved and self centered than a podcast or posting a video elsewhere. Miniature Roosh audio books :hmm:

Viktor Zeegelaar

Orthodox Inquirer
Thank you from the bottom of my heart Roosh. These Roosh Hours have been of crucial and singular importance for my understanding of reality in the last 2 years. I remember watching all your cultural commentary when you were in limbo between the secular world and Christ, and I was blown away by all the cultural truth that was spoken there. A lot of things I had in my head somewhere, but I never connected the dots or understood that all societal/cultural developments were steered from above, among it the male/female dynamics as a major one, probably the major one. Then at Saturday 4th of April the coronavirus is revolution Roosh Hour really blew me away, I remember watching it til about 5 in the morning here in Europe and rewatching it multiple times in the weeks after. Then the ball got rolling and all these people who are familiar to many here came on my path, Jay Dyer, AJ, Church of the Eternal Logos, Brother Augustine, Tristan Haggard etc.

It's commendable that you dare to take your own steps, which you perceive to be in your best interest, even though it may cost you some viewers/finance. As has been said by others, you could consider refraining from the news streams, but maybe at some point getting more in Orthodox Christian topics, or share how your faith develops, thinks like that in podcast/audio/video format, but that's entirely up to you.

Thank you!


Trad Catholic
I stopped listening to your Roosh Hour months and months ago. I found them way too negative and black-pilled. They would put me into a really bad mood after listening to them, and I would take out that anger on my loved ones. I'm glad that you are deciding to end them. They were a vestige of your secular life, and are no longer needed.

I don't think you should permanently give up the spoken medium, though. You could do audiobooks, or pre-recorded podcasts or videos on different religious topics. I think the 5-10 minute podcast format would suit you well.