The End Of Roosh Hour

-Roosh quits doing live streams
-lays out his reasoning and strides deeper in the faith
-some people complain
-others quietly recognize his sacrifice
-some people begin to understand the how the glory of God can take over secular passions
-a few men seek alternative edgy livestreams
-other men question their own habits, and stop stumbling in secularity
-more men turn away from the world
-inspiration follows suit, the knights of God multiply
-less time spent on the beast, even talking about it, dwindles its influence
-the only real conflict is the one that matters, the battle for the soul

Thank you for doing this Roosh and telling us why.

Something Clever

Congratulations to you! You have taken the next step!

God shows us the way on His time, not ours. You will rejoice in this development.

I too, am releasing secular, worldly things. One of the most recent (and for me, largest) worldly item I released was my library of secular music. I spent money on those songs, and I deleted them all along with the Apple Music app.

Though, I must admit, I kept Pandora…and still use it when I am exercising, so I still have to work out the remnants. Yet still, I have taken another big step, as you have now done!

You are on the right track!

God Bless


That is one of the best decision you could ever make! The negativity was too much for anybody to handle. Now, by the same token, all you have to do is to do the same on the forums.


Other Christian
Makes sense Roosh. Definitely started to feel a negative presence there during some of the last few streams. Don't regret what you've done though. Your Heavenly Father used you as an instrument to do the streams you've already done. For what purpose - what man can tell? For myself specifically though - seeing your transformation and subsequent steadfastness in the faith gave me faith. It reawoke something inside of me that I had been numbing for some time.

Continue to fearlessly stay tuned to God's will for you.

Your brother in Christ,


Orthodox Catechumen
I do think God gave you a voice and an audience for a reason.
An important message.

It's hard if not impossible for Roosh to really know the positive effect he can have and on whom. He has a particular style that's pretty unique and palatable that can influence unlikely people (young, brain-washed men), people he may not even consider to be his usual 'demographic' to come to God. With his very based, uncompromising views so out of synch with the normiesphere, and his 'got-the-T shirt' credentials with hook-up culture, he's something of a 'gateway prophet' in that he can present a spiritual dimension to folks who might otherwise be closed to it.

Don't chuck the baby out with the bathwater bro, God gave you a voice and an audience for a reason. Use it with temperence and gratitude to serve His will


Orthodox Inquirer
I understand that this is a decision that you need to make, Roosh. The tone of your livestreams was overwhelmingly negative, not due to yourself but due to the state of the world right now.

For reference I didn't get into watching your livestreams until a few months ago. Prior to that, for the past ~6 years I casually browsed your Game/Pickup material but put you in a box as a "sex tourist/pickup guru" and didn't follow you much on your website. That was to my great detriment, because in 2020 when the "Pandemic" ramped up your livestreams and information would have been invaluable in shaping my decisions on how to view what was happening.

I didn't really fully grasp the scope of world events happening now until I began watching your old livestreams from 2020-2021 and reading your articles on Unfortunately, by the time I learned the truth, I had already been coerced into vaccination by my employer. Had I been watching your livestreams earlier, I surely would have rejected the vaccination and now I have to suffer the consequences of my ignorance.

Having said that, your livestreams provided a human face and presence to the truth that is increasingly being banned and silenced elsewhere. It was almost like attending a sermon in a church, but with a man similar in age to me and similar in history (a lifetime of sexual sin) coming to the exact same conclusions about life and humanity.

If it wasn't for you I think that my interest in strengthening my faith and increasing my spiritual life would not have manifested as it did in the past 6 months. Prior to watching your livestreams and reading your articles I was almost completely secular and focused only on material wealth and hedonism.

I will greatly miss just the human face / presence / connection being attached to the message, just like I would miss attending a mass at church if I was banned from attending church forever.

I can only hope that your livestream archive will stay up and not be deleted, because I believe that there are still relevant messages contained in those that I and others should be able to see. And I hope that you can reconsider ceasing all of your broadcasting activity - maybe doing brief topical videos with no interaction from time to time, very tightly scripted and edited so it contains the message you want to send to your followers. Thank you, Roosh.


Other Christian
Roosh, I hope you will reconsider. I considered your streams to be news from an orthodox Christian perspective with a bit of humor. It's important to be aware of what's going on, even if it's gloomy. Knowledge is power. Your writing is very good, but I have no doubt you reach a wider audience with the videos.

Tom Slick

It's the right move, Roosh. Prayer is powerful and inspiring others to do so, or to spend more of their time in religious practices, will potentially help much more than "analysis."


Orthodox Inquirer
Another thing to consider - preaching is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your fellow man as a devout Christian. Spreading the good word. It's one of the things I received from Roosh when I rediscovered him through his livestreams. I don't think the articles alone would have influenced me enough to bring me closer to Christianity.

I think Roosh should reconsider the livestreaming format, and make it more focused on discussing faith and God. And don't take any live chat, or call-ins. Simply do a ministration of sorts. You can't overestimate how valuable it is just to see and hear someone like you, who is a converted sinner, talking in person and discussing things to people everywhere.

The articles are great, but to really connect with an audience the video and the voice does so much. It's one of the reasons why our influential church leaders are mostly ministers who have a presence lecturing in church. So, Roosh, please reconsider ending it completely and maybe re-engineer the broadcast to focus on uplifting messages of faith and prayer, and maybe cut back on length and viewer interaction. Thank you again.


Hi Roosh,

I have read all the replies as I was pondering how to write mine. Many of the ideas and feelings I want to share have already been expressed by others already.
Yet I need to write a couple down for you. I wish you take the time to read this.

- Like many others, I stumbled upon your material as I was travelling around the world and was looking for stories and memoirs of Casanova travellers.
- I was inspired to have my own red-pill blog (in a foreign language)
- Upon your conversion, my eyes were opened to Christ who was always in me, but that I had ignored
- I too took down my blog and started deleting a lot of my secular music
- Your live streams (which I don't find negative - as you always explained that the only way to endure all this is through Faith and Christ, so in the end the message was great: it was NOT blackpilling, but rather Godpilling - and it works as many men got converted this way, as many here testify) made me discover Orthodoxy and today I am calling my priest to set a date for my baptism.

As you can see, GOD works through you.
He made you attract an audience of men (through Sin at first), which through you, He converted (a lot of them at least) to soldiers of Christ.

And this happened BECAUSE of your Game books and livestreams.

God gave you gifts. And your charisma is one of them. Not many people can talk and attract an audience.
Yet you can.
It would be a WASTE to stop altogether.

Like many already suggested, you can do stream/podcast not focusing on the news, but mere reflections on society, your life, the Gospel...
When you have an audience willing to sit through 5 hours of you talking, you need to use those gifts for good.

Don't let Pride overcome you. Use the gifts for Good and feel BLESSED and HAPPY after a stream, knowing that you are doing God's work, that God is working through you...the testimonies here show the effect you have on the faith of so many.

Think of your talks a sermons. The priest doesn't feel pride after sermons. They thank God for speaking through them.
After a stream, instead of feeling pride, go on your knees and thank God and pray that your words contributed into brining a lost soul back to Christ.

With that said, I admire your zeal for Orthodoxy and it inspired and helped me detach myself more and more from this world, especially today, on the first day of Great Lent.

May the Lord have mercy on us all.


As you know, Roosh, I'm not Orthodox. But your reasoning in giving up your podcast makes sense to me and causes me to realize the things which need to be put aside in my own life.


This is a great decision, encouraging to see right at the start of Lent, and indicative of Roosh's continued spiritual growth. I actually registered for the forum just to offer public encouragement.

As Roosh mentioned, part of repentance is continually examining old habits and uprooting any that pose an obstacle to our drawing closer to God. On the question of online content, this applies equally to creators like Roosh and to consoomers like most of us.

I know for myself, and probably for many others who walked a similar dissident right -> online Orthodoxy path as myself, the compulsion to consoom online content can be a continual temptation distracting us from our duties, spiritual and material, that demand our attention in the real world. This isn't to say said content can't be beneficial, but just that we should constantly guard ourselves against making an idol of whatever sounds we like to have playing in the background.

It's very telling that the most Orthodox (imo) of online Orthodox content, Fr. Kosmas' talks, are produced by a man who certainly couldn't be described as "online" in most senses of the word. He both grew up and had his spiritual formation in a time before the continual technological distraction we face now, and we see the fruits in his output. He uses the internet to disseminate Orthodox preaching for our benefit, but is not "plugged in" in the same way most of us are.

I wish you the very best Roosh, and may God bless and strengthen us all for the Great Fast!


Orthodox Inquirer
I could seamlessly incorporate Christ into all my existing activities, but some activities are so predominately secular that they must be abandoned entirely
Secular, how? Live streams are a means for you to reach your audience so am I to understand live streams are too "secular"?

Most people have a job or family in the "secular" world and can't afford to live from donations which means they can't focus on purely spiritual activities all the time. That involves working with "secular" people, acquiring or maintaining "secular" knowledge and skills, doing "secular" things like accounting, paying bills, a mortgage, saving up money, dealing with clients, cleaning the house, gardening, etc. Even monks have to deal with work of some sort and managing finances.

I don’t care how strong your faith is, but to be subjected to this barrage of pain, suffering, and evil will darken your mind. For a long time I have been subjecting your senses to hours of doom and gloom, making it easier for you to experience anxiety, fear, and despair.
We're subjected to it our entire lives in one way or another, to varying degrees, with our without your live streams. So the anxiety, fear and despair are a projection on your part. You're saying it makes you anxious. That's fine but why not just say it as it is? If people don't hear about it from you, they'll hear it from someone else and look for analyses elsewhere.

Outside of knowing the basic framework of what’s happening in the world, you don’t need to know everything to serve Christ and be saved.
And yet you spent countless hours dissecting and exposing the covid-19 hoax and wrote a lengthy essay about how the end times will unfold in your understanding. You also got into alternate theories on viruses and how the moon landings are fake. That's all fine by me but that doesn't seem congruent with the above statement.

To continually discuss coronavirus week after week, for example, or gawk at a new war that we can view from the comfort of our homes, is gratuitous and merely a form of entertainment

Yet almost simultaneously you created a subforum on this board, dedicated to discussing the Ukraine-Russia crisis! How is that not "gratuitous entertainment"? Following your logic why do you even keep this forum? You're essentially saying you're tired of analyzing and researching various topics so you'll let others handle it.

Many astute men (and women) post there and can help you connect the dots of what is happening in the world.
And spend countless hours going through the very material you say leads to anxiety, fear and despair and is a needless distraction from our faith because we don't need to know everything anyway.

I'm sorry but I feel like you're not being upfront about your motives. I think you're making yourself irrelevant by categorically ending the live streams and need to determine what your mission is going to be. I can't judge your heart but you're alienating your audience once again.


I respect your decision. Sadly, I will miss your podcasts, as they were INSTRUCTIVE. Turn off the chat mode, ignore what people were commenting or saying (deny your ego the adoration), and speak about Jesus and how we deal with evil in this world. Your best parts are where you explain how the enemy works and how we can be strong to stand up to him. Your voice is needed.


Thank you Roosh. I really hope to listen to your podcast in the future. I hope it will be about the life of Orthodox Saints and how we can imitate them.