The EU is appalled at how "right-wing extremists" use MEME humour to spread their message


In a report from the European Commission under the heading "It's not funny anymore. Far-right extremists' use of humour.", it is pointed out how various internet forums with humor can spread a message that is very unpleasant for the EU.

The European Commission now wants to work to try to strangle these types of MEME's with the help of celebrities and, in the long run, perhaps even outright bans. They are now working very closely with the social media giants to try to stop the spread of this type of right-wing extremist message.

Here you can read the report from the European Commission:

So is the EU right in that it is no longer fun that right-wing extremists in particular try to pursue a negative image of the establishment's electorates as NPCs? And that it's not fun anymore?

Is it right for the EU to try to prevent the spread of this type of MEMEs?

Will the EU meet this challenge?


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