The Everlasting Man

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus is the most airtight case for Christianity than in regards to other religions. It is the ultimate confirmation of Christ's Deity.
The Quran says that Jesus wasn't crucified, it was just "made to appear so". It also says Jesus was able to talk as a baby, and that he made a living bird out of mud. The Quran pulls most references from non-Bible Gospels floating around the Arabian peninsula at the time (e.g. the Infancy Gospel of Thomas) rather than the actual Bible, and contradicts itself repeatedly by denying Christ's divinity yet attributing divine powers to him.

5:47 in the Quran says that God revealed himself to the "People of the Book" through the Christian Gospels, yet it denies the validity of the Gospels later. It's a never-ending series of contradictions and abrogations. Debating Muslims is tiresome.

The Bible actually has a much more logical order compared to the Quran. Whilst the Quran is incoherent and just rambles all over the place.

Clearly one had the Logos behind it. And the other doesn't.

The Prime Minister

Prime Minister-

Ok, I will just type this message and I will not continue in our discussion in the thread. I see - this forum is just for "Christians" just for people who have their "bubble" and dont care about Truth in itself. Then your choice. I have nothing againts it.

Bible (Tanakh) has not been written in Greek so - before you would make some theological claims, go firstly into Hebrew Bible, learn jewish understanding of the things and stop with interpreting of the jewish religious text with greek pagan eyes.


This is Roosh's forum and he made those rules. If you have a problem with that, take it up with him.

Secondly, the Hebrew Bible (Tanakh) was translated into Greek about 200-300 years before Christ.

It was compiled by Jewish scribes and religious leaders who were fluent in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.

It's called the Septuagint. Or is that also "not reliable" to you? Those Jewish scribes were using "greek pagan eyes"?

I know you're a Muslim because of the way you construct your arguments, there's no need to lie about that.

I sincerely hope that is not your last post on this forum. There is much you can learn on here and I personally don't want to push you out.

My message to you is to leave behind that false religion of Islam with it's false prophet, and to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.


Again I'm not sure why Muslims constantly keep coming on this Christian forum. But hopefully if they do come, I want them to be corrected about Christianity and I hope that will help convert them to Christianity down the road.

Praise the Lord.
Peace and blessings be upon those believers of God; revealed in Jesus Christ Himself.
Romans 1:8​
First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for you all, that your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world.​
May God Bless these interactions as messages revealing the true path to His Kingdom for eternal life.

Just one another example of how your own translated Scriptures are corrupted - Your main prayer - Lords prayer:
"Give us this day our daily bread"

There are scholars who claim daily bread is not only a phrase devoted to Christianity alone, but rather a phrase used to illustrate a moral/spiritual lesson practiced.

Christianity and Islam both aim to

1) achieve moral statue, live a [Christ-like] life in this world and
2) Obtain salvation

The faithful offer prayers to God asking to Him to provide the daily bread. The daily bread is the "material" needed to live in this world. The material, decided by God, is to inspire us to continue to be faithful to God (through Jesus Christ), and to see through our worldly trials and tribulations (Patai, Raphael. The Arab Mind, 1973).

Religiocentrism and Ecumenism
Islam has yet to adjust the antiquated religious law - shari'a (Patai); as where Christians have Jesus Christ found in the New Testament. The New Testament continues the discussion about salvation and how to obtain through Christ.

One would think Christians could master ecumenism given Jesus Christ is the center of Christianity.