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Lauren is acting like a typical woman in this video. I'm not surprised to see her back though, I figured she couldn't stay away for long. No way she could actually accept being just a house wife even though she spent years educating about it's supposed virtues. That is simply not her nature.

I knew she was a snake the first time I saw her.

The last thing we need right now though is a nuanced understanding inclusive approach. I think we are pretty far beyond that at this point. The only thing that would work at this point would be outright brutal violence.

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It's amazing how she appears to have aged a decade in the past year. She was never stunning, but she looks terrible compared to just 3-4 years earlier.

I clicked on that video thinking it would've been downvoted into oblivion but instead it's 75% favorable. What a bunch of simps.
I recently watched Farmlands, her documentary about the dire situation of whites in South Africa.

To think that she isn't unequivocally siding with us despite a similar environment brewing all over the West...


Imagine expecting women to suscribe to abstract concepts such as loyalty or honor.
It's often said that women are not territorial. In fact single women are anti-territorial. They want to encourage tribal warfare. They have no skin the game, they just get to breed with the winners. Most of us are alive for this very reason. One of our female ancestors sent a smoke signal, or made a little too much noise, and we all know the tales of women getting their their breasts out over the city walls to encourage invaders. Our male ancestors then slaughtered her tribesmen and took her and her tribeswomen. And here we are now.

Unfortunately in 2019 this means encouraging invasions from those who never invented the wheel into lands controlled by tribes who've visited space. Even once the women see that the invaders are shorter and stupider than them, they still vote for it, campaign for it. It's too inbuilt. It's instinct.

Any far-right single women are therefore going to be either very weird, fraudulant, or have aspergers/a male brain and it's safest to simply ban them.

The worst thing about this is LS is a literal 5.5/10 for me. It's all about taste, but I'm pretty sure guys are giving her the blonde halo...


I think this wasn't actually a bad article from Southern and I'm surprised she wrote it. I'd actually like to agree with her that we can all just find the humanity in each other and come together.

Considering the situation though unfortunately it won't work out that way. When you are dealing with the kind of people we are now it's very unfortunate but they won't give you a peaceful choice. They will make it a kill or be killed situation. It's simply the way it is. That's how it works when you are fighting with insane psychopaths who will do anything to win.

If the majority of the masses wouldn't fall for their bullcrap we wouldn't be in this situation, but they do, and we are.

This is becoming the age of the extremists.
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