The Female Teacher-Male Student Caught Having Sex Thread


ANYTHING you post on social media (IG, FB, twitter, whats app, snapchat) is kept for a certain period of time. Unless they otherwise state that they do not keep data logs.
The time limit is probably buried deeply within their TOS and still subject to law enforcement requests of the local area.

The worst part about this policy is that you cannot undelete/recover a photo you sent to someone years ago but deleted it by accident, but the police can see every thing youve ever sent to anyone since you made the account years ago.


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Teacher's aides making the list now.

Phx PD: Ex-Teacher's Aide Sent Nudes; Sex with student

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A former teacher's aide in Phoenix is facing charges after police said she sent nude photos and videos to a 15-year-old student.

And a police report now reveals that Christmas White is also under investigation for allegedly having sex with another underage student.
This is what 24yr olds look like now...


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Me, after avoiding this thread for a few months:



estraudi said:
Middle school secretary sends snapchat vid of herself masturbating to 14yr old boy.

At this point they should rename it "Diddle School" instead of middle school.

A vote by the school board to see if she should be suspended... she's not even a teacher, but a secretary.

And what is it with Snapchat? It's become the new Craigslist for catching pervs.
This is amazing. Teacher at a super elite South African Boarding school, daughter of the former principal, belonging to an incredibly elite SA family and directly related to British royalty, former model (appeared in Sports Illustrated), Married to a pretty decent looking fellow she's been dating since 2008 who is a Venture Capitalist.....

Is found to have several sexual liaisons with her students and/or water polo players.

Furthermore... SHE is the one who fucks it up, because she starts going psycho on one of the students she's banging and threatens him when he tries to discretely end things with her, so then he finally reports it. This could have easily ended quietly.

At least the husband immediately separated from her. This one has a particularly interesting tone of scandal to it, since it involves the elites. The article is long and has pictures:


A former schoolboy at Bishops Diocesan College who was taught water polo by the school mistress said: 'Every boy at the school was besotted with Fiona as she looked like a supermodel. (Duh!)

'But the thing was she was never flirty and comes across as a very shy and innocent and very nice girl and to hear these allegations has just blown me and a lot of the guys I went to school with away.
'The Malletts are part of the fabric of the recent history of Bishops and I cannot believe Fiona of all people has been having sex with her pupils as she is the total opposite of the sort of person you would suspect.

Yeah uh - she was coaching the fucking water polo team. Didn't even need to wait till she developed the thousand cock stare to see what she'd be like. Good on the guy for dumping her in short order. Hope he never looks back.


41 year old with a 15 year old girl

Yeah, she's 41, the victim was a 15 year old girl. Happened a while ago but just heard of it. Dad walked in on them. Oops...

t has been a while since we've had a bean-flicker; a Female-on-Female Teacher Sex Scandal; sliz-on-sliz sliding.

I announce to you, Lauren Debenedetta.

It is with no surprise that this story comes out of, non-other than the great Female Teacher Sex Scandal state of Florida. A state that is usually muggy, humid, and sticky. Lauren knows all about those last three adjectives, more specifically, Lauren's fingers knows exactly what I am talking about.

As we all know, Lauren was caught red handed by her 15-year-old female love interest's step-father.

Literally, red handed. Lauren's hand was most likely burning from buff'n that muff'n by the time she had to play 'Hide Your Horny Teacher' with her student.

Garinger HS teacher, 63, accused of having sex with student


CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Garinger High School teacher is facing several charges after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a student, police said.

Emma Neil Ogle, 63, of Huntersville, was arrested around 8 p.m. on Halloween and charged with having sex with a student, crimes against nature with a student and felony indecent liberties with a student.

Ogle is a career and technical education (CTE) health occupations teacher at Garinger, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools officials said she is suspended with pay pending the outcome of an investigation.

Ogle allegedly began a relationship with a 17-year-old in the spring and it turned sexual during the summer.

The student reported her to a staff member at Garinger on Thursday, hours before she was arrested.

Parents of students at the school were startled by the allegations.

“I was in a state of shock. I really was because my child goes here and I’ve had two others come out of here,” parent Tychovia Whitmire said.

Ogle has since bonded out of jail.

Channel 9 has learned Ogle has been with the district since 2005. She started as a teacher with CMS at Vance High School and went to Garinger in 2014, according to a district representative.

“I have been here a total of six years with my kids going in and out of this school, and I definitely want it to be safe,” Whitmire said.

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Cattle Rustler said:
Considering the increasing number of cases of female teacher - male student sex activities it might be better to put them all in one spot.

That way we can keep track of all the juicy developments instead of making 4 threads in a day.

Who knows, maybe you'll find one that lives close to you and is bangable giving you the opportunity of banging her.

Is this a new trend? I'm confused. I think I'm missing something here.


Dr. Howard said:
This is not an actual case, but a prediction of the future ie. We will see this woman here in 3-5 years.

young, thick, high T blonde takes job as high school men's basketball coach. What could possibly go wrong?


I can only imagine her contrived excuses when a video comes out of her getting spit roasted by Chad and Daquan, or when she gives birth to a super athletic biracial baby without a father present.

Interesting how many "progressive" initiatives to make things "equal" simply give women the ability to act like sluts around desirable men without consequences.