The fineprint of equality


The idea of "equality" is the bane of our existence. It undergirds all of leftism. And since leftism has unfortunately gained control over our society, for now, it has become the basis of all of our policy, both from the state and increasingly from the corporations. There's the classic liberal conception of "equality" and the leftist revision of equality. The former is a noble idea that espouses all people are created equal by God. In application, this means that everyone is equal under the law. The left sees this as wholly inadequate to satiate their very human desires for material gain and personal pride. Therefore, equality must mean exactly what it means, i.e., all people are exactly the same. This is simply not true. Dismantling this terrible idea of compulsive equality is imperative for our future success. The bad news is, for the moment, this idea remains in power due to the left's control, but, the good news is we'll inevitably prevail because we stand with the truth. And the simple undeniable truth is - equality does not exist.

How do we dismantle this idea? Well, its easy, of course, but, simply stating the obvious has proven ineffective. We should look to be a little more creative going forward. I say take this idea all the way to its endpoint. For if we're all equal in every way and if all disparities in performance and outcome are only due to environmental factors, or better yet, some kind of discrimination then all competitive universities and colleges are nothing more than centers of discrimination, period. Harvard is the single biggest and most egregious offender and is responsible for systematic discrimination whole cloth. Why and how? Because if we're to believe that we're all exactly the same then Harvard is deliberately discriminating by not accepting all the students that apply to it each year. No student can be denied, after all, they're all the same. And if there are measured discrepancies between students then isn't Harvard therefore complicit in perpetuating the environmental factors i.e. prejudice and discrimination, which apparently account for said discrepancies? Take a verse out of their music, isn't Harvard perpetuating "whiteness"?

So long as they remain selective and, basically, don't admit everyone to their institution, they implement discrimination.

You can crack-up academia all day long with such reasoning. Consider the academics themselves. Our apparent overlords and moral superiors, or so they think. Yet, we know that being a professor is only noteworthy because its selective. But, if its selective it is discriminatory. And discrimination of all kinds is the highest of all evils, according to them. Oh, by the way, the irony here is its the "professors" that conjured up this very idea. Make them live by it. For if we're all equal in all ways, then, there is no prestige associated with being a professor. What sets them apart from us, other than their occupation? Under equality, they're no better than a mongoloid.

This will cut deep. At the heart of leftism is pride. Equality is a clever way for otherwise unimpressive individuals to get status. Professors are perfect examples. Whereas they're smart, they tend to lack many other desirable characteristics, such as attractiveness. But, this is all the more reason they latch onto and therefore depend, on their status in life. For most of them its all they got going for them in life. It gives them the ability to look down on others. And they most certainly do look down on others, in fact, they look down on all of us. But, that's another story for another time. For now, equality means a professor is no different than anyone. This nullifies their pride. And that's how you cut deep. Make them take their own medicine. Once they realize they lose everything they worked for, vanity, they'll suffer. And suffer they must.

Once more, we owe this exercise and conclusion to none other than the professor class. They created this and they continue to push it with religious zeal. Therefore, we must demand they live up to this, which they must.

Leftism dissolves very quickly I might add once you apply their own ideas and standards to themselves.


Equality under the law and equality of outcomes are two different things.



If we’re all equal, then we’re all equally easy to control.

“And if the government’s reading this, I have to say as human 4123453257, I can’t wait to be shifted into whatever job you want me in. I hate freedom of choice. I’m also super excited to move into a small cubical I don’t own, filled with surveillance cameras for my own safety. The bathroom used to be dangerous place until government mandated cameras. Oh and dinner choices... Who here has always dreaded choice. Steak and potatoes? Or fish and vegetables? Now I don’t have that problem. Bugs for breakfast, lunch and dinner... Well, only dinner if I haven’t said any bad speak, but I’m a good citizen. My Apple Watch zaps me if my thoughts get too radical. Anyway, human 4123453257 checking out. Once again. Can’t wait for the new normal!!!!”


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Leftism dissolves very quickly I might add once you apply their own ideas and standards to themselves.

Leftism dissolves when you apply even an ounce of logic or reason or basic common sense to any of it. Which is why they apply doublethink and have eliminated logic and reason from every argument.

They'll never allow their standards to apply to themselves because they're double-faced and believe in double standards.

Arguing with them in any capacity is an exercise in futility because they have a dogmatic faith that they are RIGHT and you are WRONG even when clear evidence is presented to them.

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The idea of equality by defenition is Satanic. What did Satan want? Equality with God. The world is created in a hierarchy, hence equality always is a scam.

Equality in a worldly sense just means destroying masculine authority and destroying cultural ties.



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Useful reading on equality's spiritual side:

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To my understanding, when Jefferson wrote "all men are created equal", he was referring to nations, not individuals, in the sense that the proto-American nation (basically Englishmen and the other British nations) in the colonies had, collectively, the same right to govern themselves as the Brits back in Britain. The meaning changed over time, sure, but it was not intended in the Declaration of Independence, as far as I understand it, which may not be as well as I think.
Now it seems the most equal of those among us are those with the most "disadvantages". Being in a chosen "in-group" by the elites allows equality among that group - equal in their ability to claim a victim status. Not all victim groups are equal to them, but certainly being victim-eligible is worth noting. I see self-loathing white people, beleaguered about their "white-privilege", as their own way of claiming a certain type of victim class. It's sort of a self imposed victim class. They've welcomed the victimhood, because they know it affords social, economic, and otherwise, to hate yourself as a white person.